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Kingdom Hearts II is the followup to the 2002 PlayStation 2's Disney Interactive/Squaresoft RPG Kingdom Hearts, and its 2004 Game Boy Advance sequel, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The game's story centers around a group of heroes continuing to search for lost friends while trying to decipher and defeat the mysterious Organization XIII with the help of a large cast of characters from both Disney and Square Enix properties.
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There is a level/world within the game named Port Royal, containing a number of locations from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, including Port Royal, Isla De Muerta, and the various pirate ships from the movie. The storyline for the level follows a condensed yet loosely based version of the movie's plot. I suggest you give the game a try, if not for this level and the excellent voice acting, than for the rest of the game which is just as good.