Arnie Louis and Bob

Premiered at Trinity Repertory Theater, April 2016. Cast: 3 m, 2 w

69-year-old Louis is a life-long depressive and failed writer. His younger brother Arnie is a lawn-mowing devotee of the spiritual guru Maharaji. Their cousin Bob is obsessed with beautiful blonde pop stars. When these three bachelors end up as roommates in Arnie and Louis’s childhood home, Louis becomes convinced he is being visited by Peter Pan while Bob believes just as passionately the same visitor is Taylor Swift. Arnie attempts to maintain the status quo while their playwright niece jumps in to help, enlisting an unwitting stage-hand along the way.  A painful and hilarious family drama about the impossibility of helping those you love and the complex reality of getting what you want.

A sweet and funny animated marketing video is here.

You are the Circus

A performance experiment written for undergraduate women and their audiences, premiering in the Brown/Trinity Consortium’s festival Writing is Live, June 2015.  Cast: 6 w, 1 m

YOU ARE THE CIRCUS interlaces two forms of exchange—a play, and a conversation—to ask: can a play actually be a conversation? To conduct this experiment, the play text is suffused with questions and prompts for conversations that the actors will initiate with the audience throughout the play itself. At times scenes will consist entirely of questions the actors ask the audience. These conversations— their paths and scopes impossible to predict— become a major part of each audience member’s narrative experience of the play. An audience member may find herself watching a scene, conversing with a character, or even hanging out talking with the friend they came with or a stranger they don’t know while the “play” goes on in another room.


(in workshop)

Welcome to dry and dusty Oklahoma, where mothers breath fire, girlfriends become monsters, and jack rabbits give blunt advice.

OK OK  is performed in intimate spaces by Katie and one or more assistants using a variety of small hand props and object-based puppets.  As Katie lists everything she knows about the Great State of Oklahoma, she opens up the pandora’s box of her own suburban Tulsa childhood. Turns out, the violence, catastrophe, and disconnect simmering throughout Oklahoma’s history is also simmering in her.  OK OK is a biting, hilarious and radically honest show about finding a way to put down roots in a home state you were raised to reject, accept heritage, and move forward with purpose — encountering, along the way, a dizzying array of boyfriends and girlfriends, dragons and dust storms.

short works


Scanning Reaching Dreaming

A brief 3 acts for 2 lonely people.


Play for 5 Windows

A confection of abbreviated longing and intellectual ennui, performed in the windows of a house during a party thrown by a combination of art grad students and PhD candidates.


Today is a Good Day (After Orlando)

In memory of the Pulse Nightclub murders, Orlando FL 2016. A curated piece in the After Orlando collection of short plays, produced and edited by No Passport and Missing Bolts Productions and performed in cities including Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and London.


Today is a Good Day (After Station Nightclub fire)

In memory of the people who died in the Station Nightclub fire, Warwick New Jersey 2002. Performed in Providence, RI in a community event produced by Erik Ehn.


Our Prom

A participatory monologue and couples dance to the soundtrack of Madonna’s “Crazy for You.”