panic euphoria blackout!

Written by Ellen Maddow, produced by the Talking Band, 2011
Directed by Katie Pearl

Three traders sit at a table swapping objects with increasingly encoded values.

With Mary Shultz, Randolph Curtis Rand, and Paul Zimet. Designed by Lenore Doxsee.

More on the project here.

The Wrestling Patient

Created in collaboration with playwright Kirk Lynn and actor/producer Anne Gottlieb. Co-produced by Speakeasy Stage, Boston Playwright’s Theatre, and 49 Magnolias Productions, 2009

Directed by Katie Pearl

Based on the life and writings of Etty Hillesum. Selected as finalist for the Outstanding New American Play competition administered by Arena Stage and sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) New Play Development Program (NPDP).

Read more on the project website.

The cataract

By Lisa D’Amour, produced by The Women’s Project, 2006
Directed by Katie Pearl

Two couples, one waterfall, and a dam that can’t hold back a flood of mystery, longing, and despair. A stark and poetic drama about what happens to one week in the lives of Minneapolitans Cyrus and Lottie Finch when they take in two vagabond lovers from the South.

anna bella eema

By Lisa D’Amour, produced by New Georges
Directed by Katie Pearl

A Trailer Park Odyssey: 3 women sit in 3 chairs, speaking and singing a story where mothers turn into werewolves, little girls are made out of mud, and Department of Transportation officials show up at the door as Frankenstein.

See the New Georges production scrapbook here.

Visit the 2001 premiere production, produced in Austin, TX by Physical Plant Theater here.

Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Written and performed by Kristina Wong
Directed by Katie Pearl

A startlingly hilarious one-woman show about anxiety, depression, and mental illness among Asian-American women. For more on the show and the startlingly extraordinary Kristina Wong visit Read an article about the development of the show in the Utne Reader here.

kneeling down at noon

Produced by St. Edward’s University, 2006
By Steve Moore and the writers of the Islam Project
Directed by Katie Pearl

Set in both Syria and the United States, the play follows a handful of Muslims as they struggle to find, share, and live their daily faith.

Read a nice review of the show here. Watch a video excerpt here.


Produced by the State Theatre, 2004
By Steve Moore
Directed by Katie Pearl

Winner Best Director, Best Drama, Best New PlayAustin Critics’ Table 2004

Performed by David Stahl as ROY BEDICHEK (role originated by Hank Cathey), Douglas Taylor as J. FRANK DOBIE, Robert Faires as WALTER PRESCOTT WEBB, and Lowell Bartholomee as X.

Designed By Christopher McCollum (Set),  Matt Frey (Lights), and Lindsay Jones (Sound).

More on Nightswim here.

Early Work

1414 Fairyland

Conceived and directed by Katie Pearl
Text by Asenath Avinash

In this one-day-only performance, audience members roamed at large on the grounds of an enormous art house in East Austin. Armed with a hand-drawn map, they exchanged bottle caps with the score of performers for pieces of a tale in which Snow White falls too deeply in love with the evil Queen.

The Parking Project

Conceived and created with John Walch and Lisa D’Amour
Directed by Katie Pearl

Audiences pay 25 cents every 15 minutes during their stay in a 3-level parking garage, where they encounter a cast of characters who are stuck parking purgatory.

Dress me Blue/Window me Sky

Created by Katie Pearl and Lisa D’Amour, 1997
Directed by Katie Pearl

Pre-PearlDamour, this is Katie and Lisa’s earliest piece, made for an empty boutique in Austin, Texas.  Lisa performs as the Blue Dress Lady. Ten years later, we re-imagined this piece as Bird Eye Blue Print in empty suite of offices in the World Financial Center in New York City.

Early Work - Physical Plant Theater

More on Austin’s fantastic Physical Plant theater company here.


From Physical Plant,  produced at the Off Center in Austin, Texas
September – October 1999

By Steve Moore
Directed by Katie Pearl

Featuring Ron Berry as The LECTURER and Carlos Treviño as The PIANO PLAYER, with Sam Randall as RED and Jeff Sims as DISK.

This super-8 film and editing by Jeff Sims.



The Whimsy

From Physical Plant

By Steve Moore, with music by Carlos Treviño
Directed by Katie Pearl

A puppet-and-human play with live music where the artifacts of dreams arrived in the pockets of the wide-awake, where hearts attached on the outside of the body, where the yard-bird spoke and the Moon sang. Pink letters from the past and telephones in the present prompted a search for fish, a longing for fishermen, and an articulation of the ancient urge to die. The live band with original music, the puppets, and the mixture of a conventional plot (in the puppet world) with our more standard cavalcade of images (in the human world) appealed to audiences of all ages.


From Physical Plant

Written by Steve Moore
Directed by Katie Pearl

Alfred’s obsession with the platypus leads him toward and away from a gazebo (which is ever on fire), where he meets and falls in love with Agnes who gathers up the fallen pieces of the sky in her wheelbarrow. In an old Hyde Park toolshed for seven weeks, never for more than fourteen people each night, and always for free, we performed this strange, quiet, lyrical play.

With Carlos Treviño, Kara Dittmer, Hank Cathey, and Anjali Malhotra. Claude Bernard on accordian.