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6.8.03 ~ Foresight
Big changes are ahead for Season 5 of Angel. A lighter mood, less soapy, smaller arcs and more opportunity for standalone episodes. James Marsters is signed on as a regular. Vincent Kartheiser is no longer a regular. Most drastically, Charisma Carpenter is not returning as a regular for Season 5, but she is expected to be a recurring character.

You know how there's this big... I'll call it "debate", that's arisen between the C/A and B/A shippers. Both are obviously very devoted to our respective 'ships. Well, I Googled a very interesting find. It's an essay titled Battle of the 'Ships by Bertha Chinn. A very well-researched, legit sounding essay about the war between C/A and B/A shippers. In fact, it's *so* serious and scientific that it just makes me smile :) Here's a quote:

"This constant struggle inevitably creates a notion of hierarchy among the fans, most clearly exhibited by the antagonistic (non)-relationship between two of the bigger ‘shipper’ groups centring on Angel – the Buffy/Angel and Cordelia/Angel ‘shippers’."

5.11.03 ~ It's a Wrap for Season Four
Subtlety, complete with cut scenes, from the heartbreaking season finale, "Home". I also have the C/A quotes from the Angel novel, "Impressions", as well as a few new Link to Me buttons up.

5.3.03 ~ Version Nostalgia (Main Graphic Thanks to Mary!)
I've noticed that a lot of C/A sites have gone down or not been updated for awhile, Priceless being one of them. I think last year's C/A fever has waned significantly. Season 4 has not been good to C/A shippers. Angel and Cordelia, the real Cordelia, have not spoken since "Tomorrow". Even if Cordelia wasn't evil, she and Angel have both gotten a lot angstier when they're together and I just can't bring myself to be a C/A shipper when the 'ship is about angst, because the main attraction for me to the 'ship was its lighter side. Cordy brought out the human side of Angel. As much as I liked Season 4, I miss C/A, the real C/A, and that's what's behind this new layout for Priceless. Let's hope that next season they'll be able to start fresh :)

As missage goes, the scene in "The Magic Bullet" is what sparked my memory of better times for C/A. However, we have seen a lot more Kisses this season.

Also, thanks to Mary again for the graphic I used to make two new Buttons.

2.23.03 ~ Pretty As A...
Picture. More pictures, including a new Scans Gallery, populated by several large, high-quality images I scanned in from the BtVS Magazine and US Weekly. New images have also been added to the Season 4 Gallery, from "Awakening" and "Soulless".

By the way, for anyone who also frequents To Shanshu In L.A. -- Don't worry, it's down right now due to server problems, along with all of Jackie's Stardust-Dream.com, but will be back very soon. We're in the middle of moving to a new and better hosting company and I'm hoping I can reload everything next week, before new episodes of Angel start!

I'm planning on designing a new layout for Priceless if I have time soon. I'm really starting to get sick of this layout. It's just... too random, color and graphic-wise. I don't know what I was thinking. Almost forgot, I redesigned Tonight, and I'm particularly proud of the layout, because it was nearly impossible to code, but I finally got it to work... tentatively...! I practically pulled out my hair doing it :)

1.19.03 ~ Multimedia Galore
Yep, I'm still alive. And I reorganized the Pictures section because the images were getting too crowded all displayed on one page. Now they're divided into seasons. I uploaded a few new photos from upcoming episodes into the Season 4 gallery, including 2 from 4x9 "Long Day's Journey" and 1 from 4x10 "Awakening". I just got a scanner, so I scanned in a couple of pics from the Angel Casefiles, including a large version of the Season 2 promotional image, and the David/Charisma image from the Casefiles, which is now in Miscellaneous Photos, along with a better quality version of the Seventeen cover from way back in '99. I also added two Manipulated images. In case anyone's wondering when I'm ever going to catch up on Subtlety - I'm stuck on "Slouching Towards Bethlehem" because there is wayyyyy too much C/A interaction to note :-) Priceless has also won the January Star in the Sky award from Earth's Angel. Thanks to Rebecca!

12.29.02 ~ Slowly, But Surely
I'm working on the Subtlety section, little by little. 'The House Always Wins' is up. Hope everyone is having a good holiday so far! Also, for my spoiler-friendly visitors, check out this C/A picture from Episode 10. A new episode of Angel airs on Wednesday, January 15th.

12.08.02 ~ 'Tis the Season
I have the C/A quotes up from the latest Angel book, The Longest Night, which is a collection of Christmas-themed short stories. Princess Twilite has written a beautifully haunting Cordelia-centric fic, Ugly Duckling and D-Day.

12.02.02 ~ Tide-Over Ficcage
Read Lara's intense post-'Rain of Fire' story, Pain and Ashes. Have a good cry. Curse the WB for pulling Angel off air until January. Also be sure to take my new C/A 'Ship Quiz - it's kinda hard, if I do say so myself. Plus, check out an brilliant new Manipulation by Mary and a new one in "By Others". I made two cute new link buttons, too.

12.01.02 ~ CIC, Chick in Charge
Cordy goes into CIC mode in the Angel novel Endangered Species, which I just wrote up the subtext for. Lots to transcribe in ES!

11.30.02 ~ The Curiously Strong C/A 'Ship
Wacky new page - C/A Ad Slogans, hehe. Subtlety for 'Ground State'. The Relationship page now has visual aids. Also, please sign my Guestbook - tell me what you think of the new design, etc... :-)

11.28.02 ~ Revival!
Priceless is back and back with a brand new layout! I'm happy to be hosted at Stef's new domain, Deep-Down.net. Let's go right to business. Check out about dozen new pictures, several new season four promotional images, plus a few random season three episode screencaps. Kisses have been updated and Links have been cleaned up.

10.25.02 ~ In Love with Angel
Subtlety for 'Deep Down'.

10.22.02 ~ Fanfic Submission Policy Change
"Policy" is a nice, official-sounding is word, isn't it? Basically, I'm trying to re-enliven my [cordyangel] list. So now, if you have a submission for my archive, you can post it on the list if that's more preferable, instead of directly emailing me.

10.19.02 ~ Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound of weekend! I finally have the 'Tomorrow' subtlety up, complete with many-a-cut-lines. I also have an image from 'Tomorrow' up and two pics from the upcoming episode 'Slouching Toward Bethlehem'.

10.04.02 ~ Thank God It's Friday
Subtlety for 'A New World' and 'Benediction'. One new season 4 promotional picture of the cast, including Angel and Cordy looking very gorgeous together. Only two more days!!!

9.21.02 ~ 15 Days and 15 Nights
'Til the season premiere! Mmmm, Angel looks good in the new promo. As updates go, I have the Subtlety for 'The Price'.

9.08.02 ~ Worship Sundays
I just read this TV Guide article on favorite returning shows and under Angel, the comment was something about the show deserving more than being put into the Sunday 9pm deathslot. Deathslot? Yee, scary. Nonetheless, I think Angel viewers are very loyal. I'd follow the show any night. I watch it religiously. I think the WB's "Worship Sunday" campaign is ironic that way. Speaking of, check out this 4 new manips one of which is a "worshippy" one. Three of them are under "by others". One is by me. I also uploaded some new Photos from season one episodes and this season three image from the over of a magazine and this season two promo image. I added several new Links C/A links. I don't remember all of them but the one I know for sure is new is 'Imagic'. Finally, there's the Subtlety guide for 'Double or Nothing'. I'm in the middle of 'The Price' right now. I'm determined to finish the season three guides before season four starts October 6th.

9.01.02 ~ How's the Water For Ya?
Only 1 month and 5 days to go 'til the season premiere! Whoo-hoo! Then again, still 1 whole month and 5 days to go 'til the season premiere. Drat. Is the glass half full or half empty? I just saw a promo for the WB's Big Sunday last week, very C/A. I don't want to spoil you but if you like spoilers, you can visit To Shanshu In L.A's spoiler section. Meanwhile, check out this pic that makes me smile from the season four premiere! I also just read the book Vengeance and added it to Subtlety.

8.18.02 ~ Colors of the Season
I have just archived a wonderful fanfic series by Dazzle, which you can find in the Fanfic section. Urge... I urge you to read it. Yes, yes, yes! It'll leave you satisfied. I've seen one too many Herbal Essences commercials :) heh. I updated Subtlety through 'Loyalty', 'Sleep Tight', and 'Forgiving'. Also, please sign my new guestbook. The old one was crappy. This time, I've come crawling back to good ol' Bravenet.

8.11.02 ~ Back from the Orient
The fun, the food, the freedom to do whatever - my vacation was fantastic. Now I'm back and updating! The site was offline for awhile because of a server bug, but it's reuploaded - no hassle. There is an update to Subtlety, the guide for the episode Couplet. I'm still trying to repress that memory. Not one of C/A's best times. The Fanfic section is back up with a few of my favorite stories.

7.10.02 ~ Fastest Growing 'Ship in Angelverse
I just added 6 new C/A Links, making the links total 38. These are all decent sites with good content - and I didn't count any sites that are only part C/A. Wow, a few months ago, this number was 12 at the most :) The new links are Belonging, Blood Roses and Wine, Connections, Glitter and Shine, Life is Bittersweet, and There For You. Also news, I will be going on vacation to China this Friday until August 4th. This site will probably not be updated during those three weeks, unless I get extremely bored in Beijing. Don't think that'll happen, though... until then!

7.08.02 ~ Touch-Ups
Sorry for the drought between this update and the last one. I just moved to Iowa from Maryland. Iowa, yeesh, right? Ah well, I'm still adjusting. Some little additions today: A new Manipulation which I think is pretty good. Do you know how hard it is to put David Boreanaz's head on someone else's body? CC is a breeze next to him. Actually most of the girls are easier to accomplish for manips because of - god's gift - hair, tresses and locks that cover up any imperfections made during the manipulation process. Anyway, this picture was originally a promo pic from a cancelled WB series, Hyperion Bay. Ha-ha. There are 3 new Award winners. Also, I added a Gift that Cordy gave to Angel that I skipped over before. Thanks to Mel for pointing it out!

6.20.02 ~ An Evening of Classical Dance
I spent half the morning working on the Subtlety for Waiting in the Wings. It's a biiiiiigggg file :-P Also added some subtle from BtVS Misc and some C/A-ishquotes from the Angel novel #13, Stranger in the Sun, in Angel Books. There's a new section I came up with called Vocab - as in Cordy/Angel lingo.

6.17.02 ~ The Years Pass Before Our Eyes
Literally, for Angel and the C/A ship. It's already been three years of Angel Investigations. Though it seems just like yesterday Cordy, upon seeing Angel at a Hollywood party, put up her infamous line, "So, are you still... GRR?". Get a little nostalgia in the section I just put up again, Priceless C/A Moments. I've added some moments up to Tomorrow. I've also did the Subtlety for Provider.

Also be sure to check up my new affiliate site, Laura's My Best Friend which has a pretty new design!

6.16.02 ~ Home Sweet Home
Priceless has found a new home with the lovely in-these-arms.net. Stef is the sweetest for offering to host us :-) Be sure to visit her rockin' C/A sites Disharmony and Unrequited. With a new start comes a new layout and here it is - tada. I didn't exactly spend countless hours on it but I think it's kinda neat. Headline! I went back to the good ol' frames navigation. It's so much easier to redesign with a frames layout. Version Snapshot is already the 7th new design for Priceless. Please give me lots of feedback...

All the sections have had a makeover and some have new content, especially in photos and manips in Pictures, poems in Read, kisses and gifts in Fun, and links in Misc. The Subtlety section is still only updated through 'Birthday' but there are some new quotes from Angel books. Enjoy!

I'm very excited to move into ita.net - this is a new beginning :-) Please try to get the word out about Priceless's new location!

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