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We used to love to hate her and now we love to love her. The loves, likes, and friendships, of Cordelia Chase isn't all too different. From vain to vision girl, Cordy has always made a unique impression those she meets. Whether it's her beauty, charm, or tactlessness, Cordelia's bright characteristics shine.

Cordy and Doyle
Blurb This is a face I can learn to love.

Common Lingo "denial"

First Meeting 2000 - As Angel and Cordy run from gunshots into Angelís car that Doyle is driving.

First Kiss 2000- Right before Doyle sacrifices himself to save everyone on the ship.

My Standing Ok.

Sites Gaelic Storm, Sweet Delusions

Cordy and Groo
Blurb Not your everyday fairytale romance.

Common Lingo "comshuck"

First Meeting 2001 - In the palace in Pylea.

First Move 2001 - Groo kisses Cordyís hand.

First Move 2001 - Right before Cordy leaves Pylea and gives the throne to Groo

My Standing Nah.

Cordy and Gunn
Blurb First impressions are an important thing.

Common Lingo "First Impressions"

First Sight 2000 - Gunn sees Cordy in bed at the hospital, when Angel asks him to watch over her and Wes.

First Meeting 2000 - In Cordyís apartment.

First Move 2000 - Cordy thinks that "Gun" is a street name which he corrects that itís with 2nís G-u-n-n.

My Standing Eh.

Sites A Walk On the Wild Side

Cordy and Lindsey
Blurb Cause she likes his singing.

First Sight Lindsey sees Cordelia in as Russell Winters notices her in a tape of Margoís party.

My Standing Ok.


Cordy and Xander
Blurb Passionate despise turned passionate lust.

Common Lingo Common lingo: "love/hate"

First Kiss In Buffy's basement after a heated argument about how to deal with a man made out of maggots.

My Standing Like it.

Sites Bucky's Fondue Hut, Take On Me

Cordy and Wesley
Blurb Thatís class. Recognize it.

Common Lingo "so classy"

First Meeting 1999 - In the Sunnydale High Library.

First Move 1999 - They introduce and shake hands.

First Kiss 1999 - An awkward one right before the Ascension.

My Standing Like it.

Sites True Happiness,

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