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From being the mysterious stranger, to the champion with a soul who's capable of saving the wrong girl, Angel has always been one of the most 'shipped characters in Whedonverse. Perhaps it's his soulful eyes, his brooding tendencies, his shades of gray... or maybe it's the fact that there is something so enticing about having what you can't have. For Angel, every love is a forbidden love.

Angel and Buffy
Blurb The relationship that has at least in part made BtVS and Angel what it is today. Their saga of forbidden love even now lingers a devotion from many fans.

Common Lingo "always", "forever", "star-crossed", "Romeo and Juliet", "never ending", "soulmates", "denial", "I will remember you", "BuffyNAngel4eva!"

First Sight 1996 - Brought to L.A. by The Whistler, Angel sees Buffy on the steps of her high school being called for her calling as the Slayer.

First Meeting 1997 - A Sunnydale alleyway.

First Move 1997 - Buffy tackles Angel from a hanging pipe.

First Kiss 1997 - Buffy’s room after he saves her from The Three.

My Standing Okay with it.

Sites Amor Numquam Finit, Remember Me

Angel and Darla
Blurb They were together for centuries, surviviing through betrayals, and souls.

Common Lingo "darling", "my boy", "whirlwind", "the view"

First Sight 1753 - Darla sees Angel in a tavern brawl and is impressed.

First Meeting 1753 - An alleyway in Galway, Ireland, the human Angel’s hometown.

First Move 1753 - Darla turns Angel into a vampire.

My Standing Really liked in "The Trial", otherwise eh.

Sites Absolutely Darling, simply darla & angel,

Angel and Drusilla
Blurb Blood relation never severs.

Common Lingo "daddy", "sire and childe"

First Sight 1860 - Darla shows Angel the human Drusilla in London’s town square.

First Meeting 1860 - Angel poses as a priest as Drusilla goes to confession.

First Move Angel tells Drusilla that her visions are from the devil.

My Standing Like it. *ha*

Sites Know of any?

Angel and Faith
Blurb Haunted souls finding each other in the quest for redemption.

Common Lingo "redemption"

First Meeting 1999 - In Angel’s mansion.

First Move 1999 - Faith tries to kill Angel.

First Kiss 1999 - Angel’s mansion during his facade right after Faith "steals" his soul.

My Standing Like it.

Sites Predators

Angel and Fred
Blurb They saved each other.

First Sight 2001 - Angel sees a picture of the missing Winifred shown by the other librarian.

First Meeting 2001 - In the Pylean town square where Angel is about to swing the "crebil" on Fred’s head.

First Move Angel saves Fred from the Pylean townsfolk and they ride off into the countryside.

My Standing Like it.

Sites Through the Looking Glass, Brooding Confusion

Angel and Kate
Blurb Lonely hearts waiting for the right connection.
Common Lingo "lonely hearts", "connection"

First Meeting 2000 - A club called D’Oblique.

First Move 2000 - Angel and Kate chat it up at the bar.

My Standing Better as friends.

Sites Know of any?

Angel and Lilah
Blurb Carpe noctem.

First Meeting 2000 - At an underground demon gladiator ring/fight club establishment.

First Move 2000 - Lilah drops her ticket and Angel catches before it touches the ground.

First Kiss 2002 - If you count the make out session the time when Angel was possessed by a old man.

My Standing Ok.

Sites shattered reflections

Angel and Willow
Blurb Theirs is a forbidden love.

Common Lingo "forbidden"

First Sight 1997 - Willow sees Angel talk to Buffy at the Bronze.

First Move 1997 - Angel saves Willow, Xander, Giles, from the boiler room and then checks Willow’s pulse and carries her out.

First Kiss 2000 - If you count the hand kiss when Angel was poisoned and Willow was taking care of him...

My Standing Maybe.

Sites - i n e r t i a -

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