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The Season 5 premiere of Angel is the first one without Cordy and it is pretty noticeable. Fred has come a long way; Harmony and Eve are cute, but none of them have the strong female presence that Cordelia did. The show is supposed to be brighter, lighter, and funnier, which is ironic because all of those words describe Cordy. Hello? They are missing the key ingredient to bright, light and funny! She's still in a damn coma. But at least there is one small scene acknowledging Cordelia in this episode, which is more than I can say for the other episodes.

First of all, Harmony is Angel's new assistant. Her role is remarkably shadowing to Cordy's season one role, especially the way she calls Angel "boss". In fact, Spike even calls Harmony Angel's "gal Friday" in Destiny. In season one, all the magazines and promos were calling Cordy Angel's girl Friday. So she's supposed to be like Cordy in a way I guess, except I'm sure we all agree that she's too blonde, ditsy, evil, and not really like Cordelia at all. I thought Harmony was really adorable in Conviction, but I was wondering if she would get annoying. I found out in Just Rewards. See, that's the first sign that Harmony isn't like Cordy at all, because I've never thought Cordelia was annoying. In
Couplet, I was kinda ticked that she kept choosing Groo over Angel. In Apocalypse Nowish, I was ranty about what the writers wrote for her. And sometimes, I got kinda tired of Saint Cordelia like in Tomorrow, but I have never, not even in one scene, thought she was annoying.

Anyway, Harmony doesn't know about Cordy's current condition.

Harmony: We're gonna get along great, boss. The whole gang. I mean, Cordy is gonna lose it when she finds out—

Angel looks saddened and goes to sit on his desk. Wesley is frowning because he's concerned about Angel.

Harmony: I are gonna tell her you're OK with this, right? I mean, I know she was mad at me for trying to kill you all, but she wouldn't—I mean...

Wesley: I thought she knew.

Angel (quietly): Cordy's sick. She's in a coma.

Harmony: (shocked) Oh. God, I—I didn't... What happened? Is she gonna be OK?

Angel: We don't know.

Harmony: (nearly in tears) Cordy was my best friend, like... my whole life. She's my role model. How can she... (breathes deeply, then is chipper again) So, anyway, I really think you should not fire me, and Wes does, too.

Wesley: Harmony, would you ask the men in my office to join us, please?

Harmony: Righty-ho. (nods, exits)

Wesley: If there's a way to help Cordelia, we will find it.

Angel: What's the case?

This reminds me of Over the Rainbow, with Wesley being the logical one, practical one. And Angel just never thinks very clearly when it comes to Cordelia. He's just going by emotions. Here, Angel's trying not to think about her...


One tiny indirect mention of Cordelia by Fred in this episode written by Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft. As much as an estrogen fest as this sounds, believe it or not, Fred and werewolf girl Nina are talking about Angel's love life. By the way, Nina has been marked as a potential love interest for Angel... just like every other girl who appears on the show for more than two scenes.

Nina: So, you two are like a couple?

Fred: Uh, me and Angel? Oh, God, no. He—he was seeing someone, sort of... but she...

Go on, Fred... "but she" what? She's in a coma? Oh?

Fred: Angel doesn't date much—at all. 'Cause of his circumstances.

Nina: 'Cause he's a vampire.

Fred: Kind of. But that doesn't mean—his situation's just complicated.

Okay, honey, here's what you should have told Nina: Head for the hills! Pick up your non-eaten werewolf feet and run! Go live in the mountains. Because if you stay and win the coveted title "Angel's love interest".... it may seem important, it may seem central, but it only means that you are DOOMED for sure. Just look at our poor beloved Cordy.

That would have been very good advice. Now go tell Eve, too.

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