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My favorite writer and director, Tim Minear's seminal season finale. It's looks like we're back to subtext onscreen, but there was a bit more to the C/A-ness of this episode in the shooting script. Remember that one scene toward the beginning when Lorne comes back to the hotel, and Angel is buttoning his shirt? I wondered about that and it turns out there was a scene attached to that, that was cut out.

Angel's shirt is off or open. He's got evidence of the several battles over the last few (non-stop) episodes. Fred's giving him some medical attention.

Angel: I shouldn't have let him go.

Fred: Angel. You'd been through like five major battles, in two dimensions without a single night's sleep! What you need to do is rest.

Angel: Can't rest. Not yet. Too much has gone wrong.

Fred: Angel, if we really did end world peace, you might as well nap.

Angel: That priest, in the other world, he said... things. Fred -- he knew I'd lost Cordy.

Fred: Angel --

Angel: I was hoping once Jasmine was destroyed, Cordy would wake up. But she'd have contacted us by now.

Fred: Cordelia's going to be okay. Connor won't let anything happen to her.

We find out the reason why Angel decided to take the tour when he was so vehemently against it earlier. First, Lilah offers him info about the "final battle" in Sunnydale, but that's not what Angel's looking for. Then...

Angel: Keep your intel. Not interested.

Lilah: Not in this, maybe. How 'bout one on open homicides? Ectoplasmic malfeasance? Missing persons...? (off Angel's reaction) Knew there had to be a reason you took the tour. Dead, not stupid.

Angel: What do you know?

Lilah: About where Cordelia and your son are?

It's always about love.

Connor is holding people hostage at a sporting goods store. Angel arrives.

Angel: Son -- ?

Angel takes a step forward. KA-BOOM! AN EXPLOSION goes off nearby Angel. The hostages whimper.

Connor: Might not wanna move. Everyone's rigged.

Angel looks to the frightened faces peering back at him. He dare not move.

Connor: Can't save 'em all, dad. You don't know who'll be first.

Connor looks to all the wires and various batteries arrayed before him.

Connor: Hell, I can't even remember who's attached to what.
Could be any one of them...

Connor turns to Angel -- he's got the same kind of jerry-rigged explosives strapped to himself. Connor's face holds no anger. Just pain and sadness. Maybe a tear rolls down his cheek.

Connor: (cont'd): Could be me...

Connor steps a bit to his side, now revealing, behind him, looking peaceful in sleep, and rigged with a bunch of explosives...

Connor: (cont'd) ...could be her.


Off Angel's horror...

And that was a *very* horrified look. Fred was wrong about Connor taking care of Cordelia.

Angel has made the deal with Wolfram and Hart, on his grounds, and part of it was for Cordelia to be taken care of.

Angel: (to Lilah) Is it taken care of?

Lilah: (nods) Cordelia's safe and sound. (glances at her watch) Probably getting a manicure and a blow dry as we speak.

Fred: You found Cordy? And she's--

Lilah: Still in a coma. But, hey, doesn't mean she can't look her best. She'll receive the best of care -- medical and mystical. If there is a way to bring her back, we'll find it.

Lilah looks at Angel when she says this, as assurance.

Angel: Good.

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