Subtlety >> The Magic Bullet

C/A spice: Medium

Angel and Fred need Cordelia's blood to break Jasmine's spell. Poor Cordy in a coma. This scene reminded me of the Season 3 C/A feeling.

Cordelia's room. Hundreds of flickering candles surround Cordelia as she sleeps. Two of Jasmine’s followers stand over her, looking down at her with awe. After a moment, they back out of the room and close the door.

When they’re gone, Angel’s face suddenly appears at the window, peering in. He opens the window and start crawls in stealthily, but ends up tripping over the window sill and tumbling to the floor with a crash, knocking candles and knickknacks everywhere.

That was adorable. I half expected Cordy to wake up and say, "Hey, Mr. Breaking-and-Entering, would you mind sneaking in quietly?" Let's face it, Cordy does have a way of bringing out the clumsier side of Angel.

Angel leaps to his feet, listening intently for any reaction from within the hotel. Fred follows him through the window and they both approach Cordelia’s bed.

Fred: I can’t even count all the ways this is wrong.

Angel: It’s not like she’ll feel it. Right? I mean, she’s-

Fred: Brain-dead? The expression doesn’t exactly leave a lot to the imagination, does it?

Angel: It just makes what I have to do a little easier.

He takes out a knife and kneels next to Cordelia. He looks at her for a moment, then kisses her on the forehead.

Angel: (whispers) I’m so sorry--

Awww... I almost cried.

As he raises the knife, Cordelia’s hand suddenly shoots up and seizes his wrist.

Excited, Angel drops the knife and holds Cordelia’s hand.

Angel: She’s awake! Cordy? Cordelia, can you hear me? We’re right here.

No response. She’s still in a deep coma.

Angel: (to Fred) Did you see that? She grabbed my hand.

Fred: Angel, people in comas, sometimes their bodies just do things-- mumble words, maybe even open their eyes. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re waking up.

Angel: But it could, right? I mean, stranger things have happened.

Fred: Like Cordelia giving birth to a beautiful ebony goddess?

Angel: Not the example I was looking for but yeah.

Stranger Things have happened! I loved how Angel got so excited with hope that Cordelia is waking up. There's a big difference between Angel and Fred's reaction.

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