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The WB promo for this episode went something like, "Cordelia's evil planning is threatened by the return of Angel's soul." The gang has just found out that Cordelia is pregnant, so they are double-majoring in trying to find out about Cordy's baby and about the BeastMaster. What they don't know and we do is that the two are one in the same.

Cut to the Hyperion. Angel sits alone, reading through a stack of papers.

Angel: Come on in, Cordelia.

The door opens and Cordelia enters.

Cordelia: You know, that never stops creeping me out.

We know that Cordelia is possessed by an all powerful evil being, and she's just trying to sound like Cordy.

Angel: Yeah? Kind of creeped out myself.

Cordelia: Can we not do this right now?

Angel: Okay by me. Kind of in the middle of something, anyway.

Cordelia: Anything coming to mind?

Angel: Not really.

Cordelia: Nothing?

Angel: Well, to be honest, Iím almost pining for the halcyon days of the Beast.

Cordelia: Right - ícause itís not like he slaughtered hundreds of people with his bare hands.

Angel: No, the Beast was just a flunky.

Cordelia: Who did his masterís bidding.

Angel: Killing Manny, stealing my soul, murdering Lilah- those are surgical strikes. Theyíre not the smash-and-trash style of the Beast.

I swear to God, if anyone else starts *listing* all the things that happened this season...

Cordelia: But if lava-boy didnít do all that, who did?

Angel: His master.

Cordelia: Iím his master. (beat) Iím his all-powerful master and Iím going to break into a guarded room, steal your soul from a safeó not by ripping it open but by using the combinationó then Iím going to hunt and kill Lilah right under this very roof. Sure. Evil geniuses live for that playing-with-fire stuff.

Angel: You donít understand. This thing was in my head. Iíve heard him and heís insane enough to pull those kind of stunts.

Cordelia is offended but tries not to show it.

Cordelia: When you say insane, you mean like diabolical?

Angel: No, I mean like deluded and demented. And he spoke to me in this cheesy self-important voice. I bet he doesnít even have a master plan. Heís just making it up as he goes along.

Cordelia is visibly upset now.

Angel: Hey, donít worry. Weíll figure it out. Come on, anybody as daredevilly as this guy will slip up sooner or later and when he does - heís dead.

Cordelia forces a smile for Angel but sheís seething inside.

We find out later that Angel already knew by that time that Cordelia was the Beastmaster, so in this scene, he was purposely trying to anger her.

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