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I'm wondering if Joss Whedon came up with the Cordelia and Connor storyline, which is pretty dark and twisted, yet also wrote this episode --- which I have to admit showcases better C/A than most of the recent episodes. It's funny, it's cute, it's dynamic. It's C/A. Take this first conversation. Last week in tag of 'Supersymmetry', Cordelia asked Angel if they were in love.

Cordy sits beside Angel on the dry fountain in the Hyperion's garden court.

Cordy: "Were we in love?"

Angel: "Mmm."

Cordy: "Were we?"

Angel: "What?"

Cordy: "In love?"

Angel: "With each other?"

Cordy: "Mister, if you start giving me the run around..."

Angel stands up: "I'm not. I'm not."

Cordy: "Then tell me the truth!"

Angel: "I don't know."

Cordy: "You don't know?"

Angel: "Well, I'm not sure."

Cordy: "Now, I kind of think that's the sort of thing I'd remember. Hey! Maybe you wrote it down somewhere. A note on the fridge maybe?"

Angel: "I had feelings for you. (Cordy crosses her arms and sits back) I thought that maybe you...---But you never told me. You asked me to meet you---to talk and---I never saw you again."

Cordy: "And you think I wanted to meet you to tell you that I was in love with you."

Angel: "I really don't think that you're ready to be dealing..."

Cordy stands up, hands on her hips: "Or maybe I was ready to tell you to back off, buddy. Maybe you were coming on too strong, harassing me in the workplace. Maybe I had a red hot restraining order in my mitts. You ever think of that?"

Angel: "I was never---in the workplace---I---well, there was that one time with the ballet, and-and the stripping, and-and the roundness, but that was a spell! And-and we were meeting in Malibu on the bluffs at night. That's a pretty romantic restraining order."

Cordy: "Don't yell at me! You're yelling at me."

Angel: "I'm not. See, this is why I---I don't wanna answer questions I don't have the answers for.---All I know is that you were my dearest friend. And I---I hope that---It's just---I want that back.---That much at least."

Cordy: "You have no idea how much this is killing me. (Cordy sits back down on the fountain) I know my ABC's, I know my history. I know who's president, and that I sort of wish I didn't. I know the name of every shoe store in the Beverly Center, but (sighs)---I don't even recognize the sound of my own name."

Angel: "We'll get you back. No matter what. (Sits down beside her) I promise you we will get you back."

The restraining order part was pretty funny, and it was sweet be reminded that Angel and Cordelia's relationship is built on a foundation of friendship, and that's one of the most important things to Angel. He wants that much back at least. (Highlight to keep reading, spoiler warning.) Oh my God, I just realized that he didn't get her back even as a friend, not even at the end of this season. It's so heartbreaking.

And the scene continues with Lorne bringing them the memory spell.

Angel: "I don't know. Spells, I don't trust them."

Cordy jumps up: "I'm in."

Angel stands up: "Cordy, I just..."

Cordy: "I don't care. Pain, side effects, this thing turns me into a Mousaka, I'm happy---as long as I can remember I'm a Mousaka."

Shoulda listened to Angel....

The fresh out of the shower scene, kinda like in "Rm v/a Vu", except the other way around. Parallel: in "Rm w/a Vu", Cordelia walks in and Angel's still wet from the shower and dressed in a towel, and she's not uncomfortable at all. Here, Cordelia's in the towel with Angel walking in and he's not uncomfortable with it either. Well, at least relatively comfortable by Angel's standards. You gotta consider the personalities - Cordelia doesn't usually act uncomfortable in any situations. Meanwhile, Angel has been known to be uncomfortable around people in general.

We hear a radio playing softly as Cordy steps out of the bathroom in her hotel room wrapped only in a towel.

Angel: "Hey."

Cordy: "Oh."

Angel: "Oh. Sorry."

Cordy: "I---wanted to clean up. Connor and I not exactly staying at the Mondrian."

Angel: "How is he?"

Cordy: "He is a teen. He is a mess.---There's a lot of pain in him. (Walks past Angel to the closet) I think it helps having me there."

Angel: "Good.---That's good. We're almost ready.---I'll be downstairs."

Angel heads for the door.

Cordy: "So, you're perfectly okay with just wandering into my room any old time. (Angel stops in the doorway to look at her) That fits the 'we were in love' theory and the harassment theory---pretty much equally."

Angel: "Well, hopefully that'll all be answered soon."

Angel pulls the door shut as he leaves.

'Spin the Bottle' is the "everyone loses their memory and reverts back to their teenage selves" episode. Cordelia has reverted back to the a sophomoric Queen C of Sunnydale, which would be about the age she was right before the first season of Buffy.

Wes: "What's your name?"

Cordy: "I'm Cordelia Chase, dumb-ass. And if this is some sort of sophomore hazing prank where I get doped up and left with a bunch of proto-losers, then my parents are going to be suing the entire population of Sunnydale. Comprende?!"

Gunn: "What the hell are you talking about?"

Cordy: "It's called kidnapping a minor, hair-club-for-men. And if you think for a second that I'll be putting up with this, well then you don't know Cor-de..."

Cordy turns her head to see Angel haltingly make his way back in through the doors to the garden court.

Cordy: "Cordelia. Hello, salty goodness!"

That's a *genuine* teenage CC. Those were the exact same words she used the first time she saw Angel six years ago in 'Never Kill A Boy on the First Date'.

Notice how Cordelia focuses her flirting energy entirely on Angel and none on Wes and Gunn. Although, admittedly, teenage Wesley was a complete dork, lol. I wonder what people who've only seen Season 3 & 4 of Angel thought when they saw StB Wesley. Anyway....

Wes: "It's Wesley, thank you. (Takes a hold of his lapels and sticks his chest out) Wyndham-Price. I am from the Watchers Academy in Southern Hampshire. In fact, I happen to be head boy."

Cordy: "Gee, I wonder how you earned that nick name."

Wes: "A lot of effort, I don't mind saying."

Gunn folds his arms across his chest: "Gunn."

Wes ducks and looks around: "Where?"

Gunn: "Me! That's my name. The short version."

Wes: "Ah! What school do you attend?"

Gunn just stares at him, while Cordy turns away from them with a little huff, and walks over to Angel, still hunkered down on the landing in front of the garden court doors, hugging himself.

Cordy: "So, we've heard from the socially handi-capable. What's your story?"

Tidbit. Wes and Gunn are fighting. "Fighting" is actually a loose word for what they're doing.

Cordy to Liam: "Aren't you gonna go in there and stop them?"

Liam: "It's about time the English got what's coming to him. I'm rooting for the slave."

Another tidbit. Wesley thinks there's a vampire that's after them.

Gunn: "Great. So we go vamp hunting. (Walks to the weapons cabinet and picks up his ax) This place looks pretty big. I say two groups."

Cordy picks a sword: "Great. I'm going with tall, dark, and slightly less pathetic then you two here. (Hands Angel a sword) We'll try the rooms."

This is the Cordy and Liam team.

Cordy follows Liam down one of the hallways.

Cordy: "God there is like a million rooms."

Liam follows the muted sound of a radio playing into Cordy's room.

Liam: "Minstrels."

Liam crouches down in front of the radio watching it, sword at the ready. Cordy pushes the power button. The music stops. Liam looks from the stereo to Cordy, back to the stereo. Straightens up.

Liam: "How did you... You stopped the tiny men from singing."

Cordy: "You really are far from home, aren't you?"

Liam wanders over to the bed: "I tell ya, I get through this I'm gonna have me a great cup of ale. (Sits down) I don't care what my father says is does to you."

Cordy sits down beside him: "Maybe we should just sit tight and let the vampire experts deal with this thing."

Cordy runs a hand over Liam's shoulder and back.

Liam: "Sorry for acting so---womanish."

Cordy: "Oh, you're not... (feels the muscle in Liam's upper arm) Really not womanish."

Liam: "And you're very sweet."

Obviously, this Liam is a lot younger than the one we saw in "The Prodigal" when he was passing out in bars and brothels. He's still pretty cute and clueless here, and not such a drunk womanizer yet. Geez, what happened?

Sorry, sorry, being harsh. The next bit was the clip shown when David Boreanaz was on Craig Kilborn in November 2002. I think C/A scenes are used to promote the show a lot.

Cordy: "You don't know the half of it.---What is it about danger that---(Cordy breathes heavily) makes---(Liam's gaze comes to rest on the side of Cordy's throat) makes your blood (Liam's face morph's to vampire then back as Liam recoils) just (Cordy turns her head and sees the look on Liam's face) What's wrong?"

Liam: "Nothing. Excuse me."

Poor Liam, so confused.

Liam jumps off the bed, leaving his sword behind and walks away from Cordy. He sees the mirror through the open bathroom door and walk in to take a closer look at himself. Angel steps away from the mirror and back to Cordy.

Liam: "I'm invisible!"

Cordy: "No, you're not."

Liam after a beat: "Oh. Excuse me."

Okay, so Liam figures out that he's the vampire and that means the others are going to kill him. He's quick to leave the hotel.

Liam: "I agree. There is nothing here. This place is evil. (Liam backs away from the group towards the front doors, stumbling a bit as he hits the steps) I think that I should leave now, because of evil."

Wes hurries after him.

Wes: "Don't be a fool!"

Liam: "Good luck all!"

Liam opens the door and quickly hurries through it. The door closes in Wes face.

Gunn: "So, we're all locked in, huh?"

Cordy: "Excuse me? Did I just get the brush off? Did a guy just bail on me?! There really is some sort of horrible spell."

Hehe. Cordy, Cordy. But Liam is also quick to come back after seeing the shiny car demons. He comes running back and sits next to Cordy.

Cordy: "Yep. I still got it."

Flash forward a little later. Lorne accidentally spills that Liam/Angel is the vampire.

Cordy to Wes: "Is this a convenient time to point out that you left me alone with him, genius?"

Wes: "Well, I..."

Liam: "I-I never touched her."

Cordy: "So clearly---deviant!"

Everyone's accusing him of being evil and Liam finally gives in.

Liam: "You want a vampire then? Guess I'm your man! I guess I'll start---feeding on your corpses! Starting with the girls. So, who's gonna be the first course? Hard to choose between you two girls."

Cordy jumps up: "What do you mean it's hard?! (Liam looks at her and Cordy's eyes go wide) I mean, (points at Fred) she's the tasty one. Look at her. Half of her is neck!"


In this scene, Liam makes an fast transition from confused to confident. He's Liam, yet you already see the signs of Angelus in him.

Cordy is running down the steps into the basement and looks around for a hiding place. Liam, back in human face, slowly follows her down the steps.

Liam: "It baffles me. You liked me so much before, and now I can't even get a little kiss?---I can see you."

Cordy runs from where she was hiding in a dark corner. Liam jumps in her way and takes a hold of her by the upper arms.

Liam: "I seem to be strong, too---and fast! It's not so bad this vampire thing."

Cordy: "Well, I got a superpower of my own, hotshot."

Liam leans back slightly, but doesn't let go of her.

Liam: "What's that then?"

Cordy opens her mouth and screams straight into Liam's face. Liam recoils, raising both his hand palms out between them.

Cordy finally runs out of breath and Liam slowly relaxes a bit and peers at her over his hands.

Liam quietly: "That really is inhuman."

Cordy's scream, as previously exhibited in 'There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb'.

Connor shows up, hears Cordy's scream, and "saves" her from Liam.

Cordy steps up to Connor: "Thank you. Thank you, thank you."

Connor: "Why did he attack you?"

Cordy: "Well, who wouldn't? Look, (runs one hand down Connor's arm) you're a wee bit chess club for my, ah usual beat.....

Ah-ha! Did the real Cordy just call Connor a geek? She called Angel "salty goodness". See the difference there? So Angel's her type, but Connor isn't.

Finally, Cordelia gets her memory back, but it isn't happily ever after.

Angel: "Cordy."

Cordy stops and turns to look at Angel, who has also stopped.

Cordy: "I can't... Angel, I-I'm sorry."

Angel: "You remember."

Cordy: "I remember all of it.---All of it. And I have to be alone.---Please? For a while. It-it's too... I-I..."

Cordy turns to go.

Angel: "Cordelia?"

Cordy stops and looks back at Angel.

Angel: "Were we in love?"

Cordy looks at him for a moment, then down at the floor: "We were."

Cordy turns and walks away.

Angel stands there and watches her go. Angel swallows hard, blinks and looks down at the floor.

Mmmmmrrhhhh.... that would be me whimpering. Why can't it be happily ever after??? Instead, we get doom and gloom and bittersweet endings.

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