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C/A spice: Medium

We had a very C/A WB promo for Slouching Towards Bethlehem and then to make an 180, we had a C/C promo for this episode. "Those closest to Angel share an unexpected secret." Unexpected is right. Angel didn't think of it. We didn't think of it. Only Joss's twisted mind did.

Angel hears sounds of someone moving around and tracks them down to the room they put Cordy's things into.

He slowly opens the door and sees someone rummaging through a box of Cordy's things. Angel lunges and throws the person up against the wall. It's Connor.

Angel: "Oh. Hi. (Lets go of Connor) Sorry."

Connor pulls his shirt straight: "I'm used to it."

Connor picks up one of the boxes and sets it on a table.

Angel: "The front door is always open, Connor. You don't have to sneak in."

Connor putting things into the box: "Cordy wanted some of her stuff."

Angel: "How---is she doing? Cordy. Anything coming back to her?"

Connor: "Nothing about you."

Angel: "Is she alone right now? Because..."

Connor: "She's safe! I can take care of Cordelia.---Can I go?"

Angel: "Sure. Sorry."

Connor moves past Angel, carrying the box.

Angel: "Wait! You should take her fuzzy slippers. (Puts them into Connor's box.) Her feet get cold."

Connor: "I know. She always stealing the covers."

Off Angel's look.


The next morning, Angel is only semi-paying attention to an excited Fred. He's still thinking about Connor and Cordelia. Picturing it no doubt. Oh, my poor Angel. But this isn't even as bad as it gets. I beg you not to look into any windows when Rain of Fire comes around.

Fred: "I've got to practice.---You-you'll be there?"

Gunn: "Cheering you on. Right?"

Lorne makes a face. Angel is looking at the desk in front of him (lost in thought?) Gunn looks at both of their backs, while Fred looks from Angel to Lorne, shifting on her feet.

Lorne: "Ah, the little nipper dropped in for a midnight visit last night."

Fred: "Connor was here?"

Gunn: "I hope you don't wanna kiss and make up, because that..."

Angel: "He picked up some of Cordelia's things."

Over at Connor's museum attic-y place...

Cordy looks through the box Connor brought over from the Hyperion.

Cordy: "Connor?"

Connor: "Yeah?"

Cordy: "How come there is no picture of Angel?"

Connor walks into the room, hair wet, and in the process of pulling on a shirt.

Connor: "Ah---I didn't see any."

Cordy: "Hmm. Well, it's okay. You got all the other important stuff."

She smiles as she lifts up one foot to show she is wearing her fuzzy slippers.

Hey, Angel gets the credit for thinking of the fuzzy slippers!

Most of this episode centers around Fred. While Angel, Fred, Gunn, and Wesley deal with Fred's old prof who sent her to Pylea --- Cordy and Connor are fighting vamps together and making with the non-CPR-mouth-to-mouth. But at the end of the up, Cordelia returns to the hotel.

Angel turns and see Cordy standing just inside the garden court door.

Cordy: "Hi."

Angel: "Cordelia."

Cordy points over her shoulder with her thumb.

Cordy: "Can we...?"

Cordy walks out into the garden court and sits down on the dry fountain. Angel trails after and sits down next to her.

Cordy raises a hand to the wound on the side of Angel's head, but Angel shies away from her touch.

Cordy: "You should have somebody look at that."

Angel: "It'll be okay. Run-in with a Voynok demon. Turns out they have nine lives."

Cordy: "Like a cat?"

Angel chuckles: "Only less stand off-ish."

They are just so great when they laugh together.

Cordy after a beat: "We were friends.---I know that.---Not just from the pictures, but...---And I know that's why you lied before---to protect me.---Well, I---I staked a vamp today."

Angel: "Connor took you..."

Cordy: "And what I realized is---whoever I was before---I'm still her. She didn't need protecting, and neither do I.---So no more lies?"

Angel: "No more lies."

Cordy: "Good. Because---there is something I need to know.---Were we in love?"

So, after living, training, and kissing with Connor, Cordelia comes to realize that she may have been in love with *Angel*. That says something, doesn't it? Let's look at this way, Cordelia definitely has some underlying feelings for Angel, but in her amnesia state, she's getting Angel confused with Connor. Like father, like son. She even said so in The House Always Wins, "Same dark, good looks, same lost boy sweetness, and the broodiness - boy, he's got that down stone cold." Cordy tries her attraction with Connor, but after the kissage, realizes that something isn't right. Cordy realizes she might have gotten the wrong lost boy, oops!

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