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C/A spice: Medium

The C/A spice meter was pretty strong from Angel's side, but Cordy only made one tiny addedum-ish appearance! Cordy is still missing, stuck in wispy, floaty place. It's night and Angel is in Cordelia's apartment, in her room.

Fred: "Smell anything?"

Angel: "Cordelia. Maybe some old incense or candles - and strangely enough lemons. Lots and lots of lemons."

Fred: "I might have gone a little nuts with the floor polish. I wanted the place to look nice for when the landlord starts showing it."

Angel: "It does - look nice. Nice and empty."

Fred: "You should have seen the size of the dust bunnies under Cordy's bed! More like dust sperm whales."

Angel, after a beat: "I can't believe it's been three months."

Fred: "We paid the rent for the first couple, but then things got sort of tight and, well, big apartment, no one living here..."

Angel: "Phantom Dennis! Does-does he know anything about Cordy? Where she might be?"

Fred: "He's just ticked we haven't brought her home already."

Angel: "We will, though. Soon."

Fred: "Absolutely."

Angel's not really thinking clearly, of course Phantom Dennis would be the first person Fred and Gunn asks. Meanwhile, Fred is being the reassuring friend, even if she feels hopeless after searching for three months, she knows how much finding Cordelia means to Angel.

Fred: "See that one? With the pictures? That stuff was on the table the night Cordy disappeared. It's mostly personal stuff. Didn't mean much to us, but - you might see something."

Angel looks through the with pictures, the ones that Cordy was looking at in Tomorrow when she was trying to figure out how she felt about Angel. He sees a photo of Cordy and him, and the photo from Through the Looking Glass of him, Cordy, and Wes.

Angel: "Something must have happened to her that night - something big."

Gunn: "Well, you guys were supposed to meet up."

It occured to me that the C/A romance happened so gradually, naturally, and inevitably that no one was surprised by it, not Lorne, not Fred, not Gunn. Well, two people were surprised. Angel and Cordelia. Ha. Everyone else saw the obvious subtext. Anyway, Fred puts some books on the mantle, only to find them gone again.

Fred: "Damn it, Dennis! She is not coming back!"

No one says anything for a moment then Fred turns to almost look at the guys.

Fred: "I-I'm sorry Angel, I didn't... - I meant to the apartment."

Angel: "I-It's okay - Fred. Anyway, we got tons of room back at the hotel. We can keep everything safe."

Fred: "It's just... you count on stuff, you know? Things being where you left them. What happens if you get back and they're not there?"

Angel looks down at the picture of him, Cordy and Wes.

Angel: "You go find them."

In the next scene, Angel goes to Wesley to apologize, but Wes knows that he isn't Angel's #1 priority.

Wes opens the case, takes out a scrapbook and hands it to Angel.

Angel: "What's this?"

Wes: "What you came for."

Angel opens the book, sees a picture of Cordy's car and a map.

Wes: "That is all I have on Cordelia's disappearance."

With Wesley's information, Angel goes to Dinza, the demi-goddess of all things lost.

Dinza: "I know you were lost. I know all the lost things."

Angel: "Really? - City of Atlantis? - Holy Grail? - Jimmy Hoffa."

Dinza: "Lost love."

Angel: "So you know why I'm here. Who I'm trying to find."

Dinza: "She is far from you, champion, and needs you no longer."

Angel: "I need her."

Angel emphasizes that he needs Cordy twice in 'Deep Down', and again here.

The cute Fred with index cards and flip chart scene.

Fred: "The axis is said to have been imbued with many mystical qualities, one of which is finding souls or entities across dimensions."

Angel: "Entities like..."

Angel holds up his scratch pad to show a pencil portrait of Cordy.

Gunn, smiling: "Cordelia."

He can draw her from memory :-) Continuing on, Fred's presentation is done.

Fred: "Okay. I'm just going to take these (Picks up her flip chart) and go over the details and see if I can, I don't know, whip something up, - say, a plan. Okay."

Fred leaves.

Angel: "I'm really strong, if that helps."

Fred: "Okay!"

Gunn: "That's my girl, large and in charge. Okay, teensy-weensy and in charge."

Angel: "Amazing the way she stepped up while I was gone. Kinda reminds me of Cordy."

Gunn: "Angel, say we use this axis thing to find her. What then?"

Angel: "Then - we do whatever it takes to get her back home. Where she belongs."

Angel encounters Gwen, who has gotten to the Axis before him. With no choice, he's pretty much reduced to asking her for it nicely.

Angel: "Please."

Gwen: "Please? Are you kidding me? (Sees Gunn) Hey there, Denzel."

Angel: "I'm trying to find someone. Someone very important to me, and the axis there, it's my only shot."

Gunn: "Come on, he's telling the truth."

Gwen: "Oh, golly, if you say it's true. o what? You just wanna - borrow this thing?"

Angel: "You can do whatever you want with it as soon as I find her."

Gwen: "Her. Of course it's a her."

Gwen: "Two questions then. One: do you really love her?"

Angel: "Yeah. I do."

An admission of love.

After Angel kisses the complete stranger - Gwen - for no apparent reason except the electricity. No, not sparkage, I mean literal electricity from electrogirl. He immediately feels guilty.

Gwen: "You're alive."

Angel: "You felt that? My heart..."

Gwen: "It was beating. It doesn't, does it?"

Angel: "Cordelia. I got to get out of here."


Gwen: "You're really gonna use that axis thing to find her, aren't you?"

Angel just looks at her.

Gwen, quietly: "Figures. Anyone that bad at stealing stuff has got to be doing it for love. - Bummer."

See? Even a complete stranger can see that Angel loves Cordelia.

Using the Axis, Angel finds out where Cordelia is.

Fred: "But she was beautiful?"

Angel: "God. There was all this light around her. And the light seemed to made up of - pure joy - and warmth."

Angel thinks Cordelia is beautiful up there.

Angel: "Tell you the truth it doesn't surprise me. In some small way, maybe it even makes it easier. Knowing the good she's doing up there. Even if I can't see her or talk to her, it's like she's still on my side."

Fred: "Doesn't mean you miss her any less."

Angel: "No. All those months under the water I kept thinking to myself 'I got to get home to Cordelia.' I get back and I find out that she's gone. I keep thinking 'I got to get Cordy back home.'

Aww. So sweet.

Angel: Finally I find her and I realize - she already is home - where she belongs."

The camera pulls back and up, out of the hotel, into the clouds and white light and focuses on Cordy.

Cordy: "What are you? Deficient? Get me out of here!"

She's sweet too, huh?

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