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C/A spice: Strong

Hyperion. Night. Groo and Cor.

Groo: Might I further relieve you by at first gently and then more rapidly rubbing your schlug-tee?

Cor just stares. Then:

Cordy: Uhhh... I don't really, I mean maybe later, at home... (lowers her voice) I'm not that comfortable doing it in the office, Groo.

Groo: Doing it?

Cordy: Sex.

Groo: (loudly) Oh, you wish to have sex?!

Cordy: What? No. Shhhh.

Groo: I was proposing a massage of your schlug-tee -- (indicates) -- your tense neck muscle, but it is always an honor to make sex with you. (leans in) Later, at home, I understand perfectly.

It's those tricky Pylean words, I tell ya.

Cor just stares, mortified.

Cordy: Angel.

Groo: (enough already:) Is not who I am, Princess.

Cordy, looking over his shoulder: No, I know. He's...

Cordy: (cont'd) ... back.

Cor moves past Groo to Angel.

Cordy: (cont'd) You didn't happen to hear... (gestures towards Groo)

Angel: Hear what?

Cordy: Good. So how'd it go?

Angel: I found Holtz.

Cordy: And...?

Angel: I didn't kill him.

Cordy: Well, maybe you're growing as a person. What did you do?

Angel: We talked.

Cordy: About Connor -- Steven.

Angel: Yeah. (looks around) Did he come home?

Cordy: He's still out with Fred and Gunn and -- (cautious excitement) -- you said home.

Angel: I know, I did. It's a long story, but, Holtz wants what's best for him.

Cordy: And what's best for him is living here with us?

Angel nods. Cor throws her arms around him.

Cordy: (cont'd) That's great! I'm so happy for you.

Groo takes a sip of his own Mock-na tea. Watching them hug.

Groo: Yes, it is a happy time.

I'm probably the minority on this, but I didn't like this episode much because the C/A-ism seemed forced. The dialogue between them is tired and yeah, forced. Also, I don't see how the writers can possibly make it so obvious that Cordelia has feelings for Angel, that Groo knows it, Lorne knows it, Fred knows it, everyone who has a brain knows it, it's practically spelled out - yet Cordelia and Angel have no clue! They have to be told their own feelings, by other people. I just can't see Angel and Cordy as that clueless. Then again, if they both are... well, I guess the King and Queen of Oblivious are made for each other :-P

Angel and Cordy are trying out bedrooms. For Connor.

Angel: This one might work better. He'd have southern exposure. Not too close to my room, I don't want him to feel like I'm hovering -- but not too far, I want to keep an eye. What do you think?

Cordy: I think it's just as good as the last five we looked at. It's not about the room, it's about Con-- I still can't get used to calling him Steven.

Angel: Neither can I but it's what Holtz -- it's what he wants to go by.

Cordy: Okay, Steven, Connor, whatever, it's about your son living here, getting to know his father.

Angel: I don't even own a T.V. He's gonna want to watch T.V. -- not too much, after homework and chores -- he's going to need clothes, weekly allowance, what's good nowadays, fifty cents, a dollar?

Angel is kinda stingy, but is he *really* that behind?

Cordy: Yeah, if you're Tom Sawyer paintin' a fence!

Angel: See? I'm so out of touch, he's going to hate me.

Fortunately, you have a in-touch prospective girlfriend to keep you in touch. *cough*Cor*cough

Cordy: No he's not -- he's going to love you.

Angel: How do you know?

Cordy: Because you're you.

Angel: Me. A vampire.

Cordy: You. A vampire.

Angel: Who drinks blood, keeps to the shadows, and is older than everyone he knows put together.

Cordy: You're all of those things, plus tight with a buck, but none of that matters.

Angel: Why not?

Cordy: Because you've got the biggest and best heart of anyone I've ever known. He's a smart kid, he'll figure it out. It's gonna be all right.

A moment between them. He looks at her lovingly:

Angel: You're really...

Cordy: Aren't I? (then:) Feelin' better or do you need to keep lookin' at rooms?

Angel: Both.

Dude, lovingly. A big step up from "warmly", "affectionately", or whatever toe-the-line words the writers have teased us with before.

This is the part when Lorne tells Angel and Cordy that he's leaving for Vegas. We have some nice cut lines.

Angel: Some of this is because of...

Lorne: The not-so-little nipper? I'm not gonna lie, kid's in the mix. Clearly not lovin' the demon kind... (indicates self) I know it's the way he was raised, but I loved that little baby and... why don't we just leave it at that.

Angel: (beat) All right.

Cordy: He'll learn. He'll have to. Angel and I are both part demon.

Lorne: True. And he's gonna look to you guys as mother and father now. I just wouldn't...

Cordy: What?

Lorne: Turn my back on him anytime soon.

I noticed that alone with that reference to Angel and Cordy as Connor's parents, the one in Waiting in the Wings got cut out, too. I wonder why. I hope to God it's not because the writers have planned what Wanda @ E! Online has suggested as a spoiler for season four. Yeesh.

Fred and Gunn are back at headquarters (aka the hotel) to tell Angel that Connor heard them talking. Big oops.

Gunn: Nobody's here.

Fred: Good.

Gunn: Bad. We have to find Angel and tell him how we screwed up -- okay I see your point.

Fred: Where is everybody?

Groo pops up from behind the settee, startles them.

Groo: I am here. Angel and Cordelia are upstairs trying out bedrooms. Fred and Gunn exchange a look.

Groo: (cont'd) For Angel's son.

Fred, Gunn: Ohh.

Hehe, in the shooting script, Fred says, "Of course that's what you meant."

Anyway, we hear voices from upstairs. Angel and Cordelia are walking down the hall together.

Cordy: I'm not telling a sixteen year old boy that.

Angel: Well somebody's gotta make sure he knows the facts of life. And my track record with the whole man/woman thing, it's, you know, I don't want to use the words "tragic farce"...

Farce means "mockery".

Cordy: Why not? (then:) You're still telling him.

Angel: You could help fill in the blanks. He's gonna have questions. Like... what do you do with a woman's schlug-tee again?

Cordy: *You* and your vampire hearing!

She hits him on the shoulder. He grins and she's only playfully upset. None of which is lost on Groo (or Fred and Gunn) downstairs.

Cordy: (cont'd) Next time you eavesdrop, I'm gonna --

She grabs him by the ear, puts her lips close to it and whispers something inaudible.

Angel: Easy there, Sailor, you use that kind of language at home?

In the shooting script, the words "broom handle" are heard from Cordelia's mouth. Ha.

Meanwhile, I think this little display felt really forced. Another chip to ante up the obvious.

Angel training Connor with the help of Fred and Gunn was a riot. That was the cutest scene. They have sort of an obstacle course set up. Connor is the demon hunter fighting Angel, the demon. Fred plays the vampire... cat. Gunn is the innocent bysitter. Cordy's gets to play the mom.

Fred: I wanna be the vampire.

Gunn: I wanna be in a hot tub.

Cordy: I wanna know who's cleaning all this up.

Angel, Fred, and Gunn all point to each other.

So adorable.

Angel: It has been a long day. (to Connor) Had enough?

Connor: No, I want to learn.

Angel: (proudly, to others) Is he a chip off the old block or what?

Cordy smiles: He's chippy.

Angel: Cor, we're goin' to the movies tonight, wanna come?

Cordy: Yeah!... I mean, I'd like to but... (torn) I can't. Groo and I are... supposed to have some one on one time...

Angel: Oh. Right. You should do that.

Cordy: Yeah.

Feel the excitement, yeah. In a cut line, just before Cordy goes, she says sweetly:

Cordy: Have fun, kids.

Cordy enters her apartment to see Groo with a packed bag at his feet.

Cordy: What's wrong?

Groo: I am. Wrong. For you.

Cordy: What?

Groo: I am not the one you love. He is.

Cordy: He is? Who he?

It's obvious what Groo's going to say next. Back at the Hyperion, Lorne is about to say the same to Angel. Lorne gives Angel his CD "Songs for the Love, Lorne" as a going-away gift. And tells him...

Lorne: But that's not my real gift, this is: it's mutual

Zoom in on Angel. Could Lorne mean what I think he means?

Lorne: (cont'd) The way you feel about Cordelia -- that's pretty much exactly how she feels about you.

Cordy's apartment--

Cordy: I love Angel? What are you talking about, I love...

She gestures at Groo but can't bring herself to say "you".

Cordy: know, us.

The hotel--

Lorne: You two are so obviously connected...

The apartment--

Groo: You finish each other's--


Lorne: -- sentences. You laugh at the same --


Groo: -- jests. When he grieves, when he is hurting --


Lorne: -- her heart breaks for you.


Groo: He is a great champion. It is only natural that you would --


Lorne: -- love her. That girl's a full blown champion now. Like you.


Cordy: But.. you're a champion.

Groo: Perhaps. But I am not him.

The next part, the shooting script and the episode as aired are two pretty different versions. Here's the "as aired".

Groo: In my heart I have known the truth for some time. I've just been - struggling - to find the courage to do what is right.


Lorne: Bubeleh, all I'm saying is: stay open. Connor's back. Your whole life is coming together. Sometimes things do work out.


Cordy: I don't know what to say, Groo.

Groo: "Tell me I'm wrong. - That I should stay. - That you love only me.

Cordy blinks away tears but stays silent. She watches as Groo leaves.

The shooting script extends the scene.

Cordy: I don't know what to say, Groo.

Groo: You could say that I am wrong... (beat) ... that I should stay...

Nothing from Cor.

Groo: (cont'd) That you love only me.

Cordy: I... I... am really confused...

Groo: I have often been confused in your world, but how you feel about him is something a blind man could see.

Cordy: Really? A blind man? 'Cause I... I mean I never consciously... you're saying I've been hurting you all this time?

Groo: Not you, Moira.

Cordy: Moira. The check out girl at the market? I thought that little tart had her eye on you --

Groo: Moira is fate.

Cordy: Oh, that Moira.

Groo: And your fate lies with another. I wish it were not so, but... some things are not meant to be.

Cordy: (beat) I don't know what to do... I want you to be happy, Groo.

Groo: I know that, Princess. And it is all I wish for you.

Groo: That is why I must say goodbye.

Beat. She wells up.

Cordy: I... I wanted things to work out for us.


Angel: It could never work out for us. Even if she does feel some of the things you say, she's with Groo now.

Lorne: You don't have to be psychic to see where that's headed. Bubeleh, all I'm saying is stay open. Connor's back, your whole life is coming together, sometimes things do work out.

And the general consensus is: Sometimes, things do work out.

Lots of photos of Angel, Angel and Cor, the gang, laid out on the dining room table.. Many in a box. Cor leafs through them, looks at the one from TTLG, trying to put her emotional life in order.

Cordy: Angel... and me? I don't feel... I mean even if I did, it's impossible.

Beat. Then, she hears:

Cordy, unseen: It's ridiculous.

Cordy: That's right, it's -- WHAH!

She looks over: And sees herself. In a vision.

Vision Cordy: Maybe on some level I've always known it's true.

Cordy: I have? It is?

Vision Cordy: I'm in love!

Cordy: I am? I am! - With Angel, right?

Vision Cordy: With Angel!

Cordy: Just checking.

Vision Cordy: I'm scared. But I know it's right. I know somehow it's all gonna be alright.

Cordy: It is? Really?

Vision Cordy vanishes. Leaving Cordelia flushed with a realization.

Cordy: Thanks for the tip.

The phone rings just as Angel is whistling into the Hyperion, trailed by Fred, Gunn, and Connor.

Angel: (re: phone) Got it! Angel Investigations, we can help you, I *know* we can.

It's Cordelia. Unlike Angel, she's not one to shuffled her feet around. No time wasted.

Cordy: Um, hi. It's me.

Angel: Hi Cor. How are you?

Cordy: I'm good. You...?

Angel: (glances at Connor) Pretty good.

Cordy: Um, Angel... I sort of need to... talk to you. In person. And not at the hotel because we work there and it's... like I say, personal.

Angel: Is it something... bad?

Cordy: No. It's something good. I think. I mean it sort of depends on how you feel...

Angel: About what?

Cordy: Well.... about me.

Angel: Oh. (This could be the moment Lorne was talking about...)

Cordy: Could you meet me tonight?

Angel: Tonight... sure, okay. Where?

Cordy: Well, I've always loved Point Dume. There's a viewpoint, first turn north of Kanan, really pretty spot...

Ooh, romantic lookout. Unfortunate name.

Angel: (writing it down) Poing Dume, viewpoint, first turn north of Kanan. We'll meet there. About an hour?

Cordy: Yes.

Angel: Okay.

Cordy: Okay.

Angel: Yes.

Cordy: Good. Okay then. We'll do that.

She hangs up.

Cordy: (cont'd) Oh god oh god oh god...

Angel slowly puts the phone down. Let's out a long slow breath. Wow.

Angel: (to Connor) I've got to go out for a while, son.

Connor: With Cordelia.

Angel: Yeah. Will you be all right?

Connor: (nods) She's beautiful. And she cares about you. I like her.

Angel: (pleased) I'm glad.

This scene is absolutely priceless. Damn them for cutting it out!

Cor, in bra and panties, pulls sexy see-through blouse or hot red dress from nearly empty closet, holds it in front of her in the mirror, nervouse about her pending encounter with Angel.

Cordy: Angel, I just wanted you to know... I have breasts.

She tosses it, grabs a drab olive/army coat, holds it up.

Cordy: (cont'd) We will live together in chastity for the rest of our lives.

She tosses it. It lands on the bed (where we see an enormous pile of former clothing rejects) as do the following items:

Cordy: Which leaves us raincoat, muumuu and, ahhh, the macrame'd culottes... that settles it, I'm goin' naked.

The next thing we know. Angel's arrived at the bluffs and Cordy's stuck in traffic.

Cordy: I'm late, I'm late... and it's not a date... we're going to talk like two grown up adults. We work together... just want to clear the air... I have some feelings, he may have some feelings, he may not even know I'm insane until he hears my feelings...

Meanwhile, at Point Dume, Angel drops his cell phone down the bluff. I told you, there's some joke about cell phones in every episode! Angel also checks his breath, tic-tac commercial style. Back in the traffic, Cordy does the same :-D Cordy also rehearses in the shooting script.

Cordy: I'm not saying I love you, Angel, I'm saying.... I mean I know you have feelings too, I'm not blind... it's not a pressure thing, we just have to... uh, what do we have to do...?

Cordy: (cont'd) Oh god, I'm late...

Cordy blasts the horn: Woman in love here, slo-poke!

It's hilarious the way she's saying "I'm not saying I love you" and then says "Woman in love here!"

Sometimes things do work out. Sometimes. Occasionally. Very rarely for our heroes. While Angel is getting attacked by prodigal son Connor, Cordelia is being called to a higher plane by Skip - and she has to go now.

Cordy: I don't have enough time, do I. No, of course not. Why would The Powers give me time to have the most important conversation of my life -- I'm on my way to -- I'm in love. With Angel!

Skip: What you're being called to do transcends love.

She wells up, starts to cry.

Cordy: How is that fair? I can't leave without telling him, I won't... he has to know how I feel.

Cordy: (cont'd) Why does it have to be now?

Skip: There's work to be done in the higher realms.

Cordy: Can you at least tell Angel for me?

Skip: Sorry, not allowed.

Cordy: Then I'm not goin'! How can they possibly do this to me now? Don't they know what it means...?

Cordy struggles with her emotions, realizing:

Cordy: (cont'd) This is the last test, isn't it.

In the meantime, Connor has tasered Angel and they're on the boat, along with Justine. Angel is tied up in the box and Connor is welding the lid shut. Back to Cordelia, she's made her decision, just like in her vision before.

Cordy: I'm scared but... I know it's right, I know somehow it's all gonna be all right...

Cordy: (cont'd) What do I do?

Skip: Just say yes.

Cordy: I already have.

Yin and yang. As Cordelia ascends to a higher realm in a glow of white light, Angel sinks to the bottom of the ocean under the cover of darkness. They complete each other. They were *so* close, but are far apart once again. What happens next? Maybe everything will be alright tomorrow.

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