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C/A spice: Strong

We're at the Hyperion. Angel hasn't returned from looking for Connor yet. We start off the episode with a crack about Angel and his cellphone. I swear, there's a joke about Angel's inability with a cell phone hidden in almost every episode. In this case:

Fred: Still no answer on his cell phone.

Cordy: That could mean something -- if he actually knew how to use it.

The group discusses going out to find Angel. Cordelia abruptly dismisses the idea.

Cordy: No.

That was sudden and kind of odd. They look at her.

Fred: But... don't we need to warn him? I mean, if something did come out of the portal, and if it is looking for Connor, and if Angel did find him...

Cordy: He did...

It's only now that they realize that Cordy's spotted --

-- Angel at the garden doors, dragging in, clearly hurt. Everyone rushes to his aid.

Groo: Angel...

Fred: Ohmygod.

Gunn: Bro, you're hurt --

Angel: I'm okay.

Cordy: You found him.

She just knows.

Angel: Yeah.

Cordy: (then) And?

Angel: And... we talked.

Cordy: (gently touches Angel's bruises) Looks to me as if he likes to talk with his hands.

Angel: (winces, smiles weakly) He didn't do this to me... well, not most of it, anyway.

Gunn: So it's a for-sure, then. That kid was really Connor?

Angel: Steven. (beat) His name's Steven, now.

That hangs there for a beat with all its implications. Then:

Cordy: Angel -- I'm sorry.

Angel: He's still my son.

Later, the gang is puzzled by Angel's decision not to go look for Connor again.

Angel: He's got to come back on his own. And he will. (almost to himself) Just as soon as he realizes what he needs.

Gunn: What's that?

Cordy: (getting it) A father.

It's the next morning. Cordy and Gunn are in the lobby.

Cordy: So how is he?

Angel, of course. Who else would she be talking about?

Gunn: Still bein' all mature.

Cordy: Really? Where is he?

Gunn: Upstairs.

Cordy: I'm gonna go talk to him.

Up we go. Angel's in his room beating on a punching bag. We have some cute cut lines here, too.

Cordy: So you're up early. For a vampire, I mean.

Angel: Couldn't sleep.

Cordy: Right. You seem better, though.

Angel: Yeah. I think you got most of the buckshot out. Thanks.

Cordy: Sure. (then) So I guess Fred's working on a way to determine if anything else came out of the portal.

Angel: That's good.

Cordy: So maybe, if we're very very lucky, later today we'll be able to kill something. (trying) You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Angel: Sure.

THOMP! Another punch lands.

Cordy: I really think it's great the way you're handling all this.

Angel: Thanks.

Angel continues to work out. Cor's trying to be casual.

Cordy: You know, there was a time when you'd just go running off all action-y guy. This wait and see approach -- very mature.

Angel: I appreciate that.

Cordy: It's making you nuts, isn't it?

Angel: Little bit.

Cordy: You wanna talk about it?

Angel: Not really.

Cordy: You sure?

Angel: Yep.

THOMP! Another punch lands.

Cordy: Okay. Good. Well. Just wanted to check in, let you know I was on the clock... and... tell you that... you're doing the right thing.

Angel: Thanks.

She nods. Starts to move off. He stops her with:

Angel: Cordy?

Angel: (cont'd) What if he doesn't come back?

I loved that "making you nuts - little bit" bit :-)

Here we have a gem of a scene between Groo and Lorne that qualifies as C/A.

Lorne: Something troubling you, bubby?

Groo: Indeed. I am confused.

Lorne: I know. 'bout what?

Groo: Angel.

Lorne: Ah. Right.

Groo: His inaction puzzles me.

Lorne: How so?

Groo: When Connor was taken from him, he moved Heaven and Tarkna to try and win him back... But now that his son is here -- he does nothing.

Lorne: Well, sometimes nothing is the best something. If a thing's meant to be, sometimes it's best to just let it happen rather than trying to force it.

Groo: But... if a thing is meant to be -- how can it be forced?

Lorne: (thinks for a beat) Hmmm. Guess it can't.

Groo: And... if a thing is not meant to be?

Lorne: Well then it really can't. No amount of trying's gonna make it work if fate's against it.

Groo: Even after one has come so far, endured so much?

Lorne: Just because somebody hops a dimension or two is no guarantee things'll work out.

Lorne realizes what he just said, looks to Groo. Groo suddenly seems very wise.

Groo: Yes. I sense that is true.

Lorne: Well aren't you just sneaky with the sub-text.

That's C/A subtext, baby! Still I feel so sorry for Groo, now. Oh, poor Groo.

Groo stands. Looks to the sky.

Groo: It is a beautiful day. If my princess asks, please tell her I've gone for a walk. (then) If she asks...

Aww... that's so heartbreaking. I'm such a softy.

C/A heart-to-heart #152.

Angel: He feels further away from me now than when he was first taken. All that time, I don't think I ever really believed that I'd lost him. Not really. (beat) Then he showed up again -- and I knew I had.

Cordy: It's only temporary.

Angel: Yeah. Everything's temporary. (then) I missed everything. His whole childhood. I can't get that back.

Cordy: Neither can he.

Angel: There's so much I thought we'd be able to do together before he...

Cordy: Grew up?

Angel: Hated me.

Cordy: He doesn't hate you, Angel. He doesn't even know you.


Angel: It's true. I really gotta stop making plans.

Cordy: But he will. He's gonna come back, Angel.

Angel: How do you know?

Cordy: Because -- he has to. Because he's family.

Connor does come back, yay. The whole gang is in the hotel lobby when he shows up. Angel introduces everyone. Fred, Gunn, and Lorne make their respective exits. Cordelia moves to Angel.

Cordy: So I'll make sure to hold all your calls. You just... you guys take your time.

Angel: Thanks.

Notice how Angel gaze lingers after Cordelia for awhile. Notice that Connor notices this. After Angel turns back to Connor, he and Connor make small talk for about 20 seconds before...

Cordy reenters: WHAT?!

Angel: Cordy.

Cordy: "Angel! It's a bar! Vampires. A gang of them!"

We see that she's actually *in* her vision. It's loud, thus the yelling.

Angel: "Cordy..."

Cordy: "Angel, can you hear me?! I can see her. A woman. Angel! She's all alone. She doesn't see them. Angel, you have to hurry!"

Angel: Slow down.

Cordy is suddenly zoomed out of her vision.

Cordy: There is a woman at a bar. There is a gang of vampires that are after her. You have to help her.

Angel: So much for holding my calls, huh?

Cordy: Sorry.

Angel and Connor go to the club. They make a good tag team. Afterwards, Angel is back up in his room at the Hyperion. Cordelia is lounging on the bed. She's got her chin in her hand, beaming as she listens to him recount his evening to her. He's so relaxed he's practically liquid.

Angel: The kid was born for it... The way he anticipated. I'm telling you -- it's in his blood.

Cordy: You don't say?

Angel: There we were, and it was like we'd never been apart. He felt it too. I know he did. You should have seen us together.

Cordy: I did.

Angel: What do you mean, you did?

Cordy: After you left... I went back into my vision.

Angel: You went back in?

Cordy: Don't ask me how. I don't know if it's part of my new semi-demon-ness or if, you know, they just let me... go back in. But I was there, Angel. I saw the whole thing. You and your son. It was beautiful.

They share this moment utterly.

Several things happen. Connor is hostile towards Lorne because he's a demon. Cordelia steps in to explain to Connor that not all demons are bad. Out of the blue, psychotic-eyes Connor attacks Cordelia with a knife. In the WB promo, the tagline was about Connor attacking the one closest to Angel. But Cordy's got an undiscovered ace up her sleeve. Cordelia starts GLOWING and holds Connor's arm.

Cordy: Let it go, honey. You don't need that. You don't need any of that. That's right. Just let it go, baby.

Connor is in shock, and now he's also covered with the white light. Slowly, the knife dissolves and Cordelia cradles Connor's head. She looks up to see Angel, who has witnessed all this from the balcony.

Connor is sitting in the lobby. Angel and Cordelia are in the office.

Angel: How do you feel?

Cordy: Okay. A little drained, but okay.

Angel: (to both of them) What happened out there?

Lorne: In my professional opinion -- ? Miss demony-britches here gave that child some kind of soul colonic. Flushed him out but good.

Angel: Flushed what out?

Cordy: It was that place. Quor-toth. It'd crept into every part of him. He was sick with it.

Angel kneels down in front of Cordelia, puts his hand on hers.

Angel: Thank you. Thank you for doing this for him.

Angel talks to Connor.

Connor: (unsure) I might have tried to kill your friend.

Angel: Yeah, well... she's used to it.

:-) Yep, we're all veterans of that.

Angel plans to have Fred and Gunn distract Connor while he goes to see Holtz.

Cordy: Wait, Angel -- before you go we have to do that thing.

Angel: What thing?

Cordy: The thing we do. You know, that thing where I say 'are you sure you know what you're doing' and 'Angel, please think about this' and then you ignore me and rush head-long into trouble?

Right! That thing. See Reunion, TOGOM, Billy.

Angel: Right. That thing. (after a beat) 'kay. We done?

Cordy: Angel -- please think about this. In fact, don't go there at all.

Angel: I have to.

Cordy: I know. But don't.

Angel: I'm not going to kill him, Cordelia. Even though he deserves it.

Cordy: Oh, I don't care if you kill him. He stole Connor's childhood. So kill him. But don't lie to your son. He's been back like a day. Way to build the trust.

Angel: I'm not lying to him.

Cordy: No. You're just sending him off to be distracted while you go confront the man he thinks of as his father.

Angel: (stony) I'm his father.

Shoulda listened to Cordelia...

Awhile later, Cordelia is getting ready to go home.

Cordy turns to go but stops as an Angel-shaped figure appears coming out of the shadows. She's visibly relieved, drops her bag, lights up.

Cordy: Angel! Ohmygod! Do you know how happy this makes me? I asked you not to go and you didn't go!

She rushes to him, is about to throw her arms around him...

Cordy: (cont'd) I am so glad to...

...and stops short as she sees it's Groo.

Cordy: (cont'd) ...see you. (then) Hi.

Groo may be dumb, but he's not stupid. He knows what just happened.

Groo: I am not Angel. But I see you know that.

Behold the power of Minear. Everything's came together in a stunning climax with Justine killing Holtz to set up Connor and frame Angel. Amidst it all, Cordelia and Angel bounded closer and Groo and Cordy's relationship is hastily coming apart.

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