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C/A spice: Mild

Well, Cordy's on vacation with Groo at Angel's insistence, so there's not much to cite here. Let's see what C/A mentionables there were, though.

Gunn: I wanna know how he does it. No last name, no bank account -- (to Angel) How you orderin' stuff off the web?

Fred: It's not that hard, really. All you gotta do is hack into the shipping database, find somebody who's ordering what you want, then substitute your information -- (off Gunn's look, meekly) -- except that would just be high- tech robbery.

Angel: I memorized Cordelia's credit card number.

Oh. Low-tech robbery.

The scene continues. It seems like without Cordy's visions, the gang doesn't have as many clients-in-need.

Angel: Okay, okay, I'll admit: things have been a little slow since Cordelia and the Groosalugg went on vacation.

Gunn: A little slow? I can't believe I'm sayin' this, but I'm actually jonesin' for a throwdown with somethin' mean and nasty.

Fred: Cordelia hasn't called once with a vision. (a beat) Do they even have a phone there?

Gunn: If you went all the way to the Yucatan so you could chill at some mango-eatin', skinny-dippin', hammock sleepin' resort, would you want there to be a phone?

Fred's sly look to Gunn answers that question. Angel offers his own explanation.

Angel: Or maybe they're not near a phone. Come one, it's a vacation -- they're not gonna waste it all in a dark room... together... where the food's delivered and there's no reason to go outside... y'know, hockey's a fun game.

Yep, that's right. Focus on hockey.

Sigh. It looks like the next couple of eps are going to be a break from C/A. We'll just have to wait patiently for Cordy to come back.

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