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C/A spice: Strong

In the first scene, you hear the clinking of coins.

Angel is counting loose change as he puts it into a piggybank.

Angel: "Sixty, seventy, eighty. One, two, three."

Cordy, holding Connor: "Angel..."

Angel raises a hand to stop her as he picks up the piggy and locks it into the picture safe beside the desk.

Angel asks Fred how the AI website she's working on is going. Meanwhile, Cordy is standing over the crib, talking baby talk :-)

Cordy to baby: "You are so cute! Yes, you are. You are just the best little boy in the whole world."

Angel comes up behind her and smiles down at Connor over her shoulder.

Angel: "How's my little man?"

Cordy: "Oh, he wonders where his father's been."

Angel: "Papa's got mouths to feed."

Cordy: "Ah. I have a mouth, too. Always have had one. Kind of known for it and we've fed it fine for years. Yeah."

Cordy puts Connor down in a baby carry-bed.

Cordy: "Angel - I'm glad you wanna take care of your son. I am. I just wanna make sure we don't lose sight of the mission."

Angel: "Well, we have to earn a living. I mean, not just for Connor, but for all of us."

Cordy: "I agree. But first and foremost we work for the Powers, help the helpless. Promise me we won't neglect that."

Angel: "I promise. (Sees Gunn coming in) I promise.

It's nice how they compliment each other. Because of Connor, money has gotten way to the top of Angel's priority list, but Cordy makes sure he doesn't forget to help the helpless, too :-) Reminds me of season one when Cordy's the one thinking about money and their roles are reversed. Of course, the two of them hovering over the baby - it's cute how the camera shows it from the baby's point of view. Connor sees them as his mother and father talking to him!

Meanwhile, Gunn gives Angel one of the flyers he and Wes stuck 6000 of up all over L.A.

Angel: "Nice! (To Cordy) I'd call me, wouldn't you?"

Cordy smiles.

Angel remembers his promise.

Wes: "Sorry about the mix up last night."

Angel: "It's not important. But we can't afford any more mistakes. Making mistakes cost money, and making money right now is our number one priority. (Lorne comes down the stairs.) Hey, Lorne..."

Angel: "Lorne, I need you to use your contacts to find out what Holtz is up to. He's out there somewhere. We can never forget that. Finding him is our number one priority."

Gunn: "I thought you said..."

Angel: "Finding Holtz and making money are our two number one priorities."

Cordy walks by behind him and clears her throat.

Angel: "Helping the helpless, finding Holtz, and making money are out *three* number one priorities."

The hotel is bustling with activity, from girls being stalked by their zombie ex to Nahdrah demons looking to solve a puzzle - they're all come to Angel Investigations for help.

Angel: "Yeah. Go. (To Connor) If this keeps up, little guy, we may have to incorporate, huh?"

Cordy is sitting at the counter, phone in hand.

Cordy: "We're getting stretched a little thin here, Angel."

Angel: "Come on. Nonsense. We can handle it."

Cordy: "Really? Well, then why don't you handle it by picking up lines two, three and four?"

Angel gets on the phone, talks to a client.

Angel on phone: "Great. I'm on my way."

Angel hangs up the phone and picks up the piece of paper from the desk. Walks over to Cordy and thrusts Connor into her arms.

Angel: "Big case. Got to run."

Cordy: "Oh..."

Angel, already leaving: "I think he needs changing. Oh, and bottle, three o'clock."

Cordy to Connor: "Well, hi there."


Cordy reminds Angel again to keep his head in the mission.

Angel: "Is this country great or what? Five thousand smackeroos and all I have to do to collect five thousand more, is clean out a vamp nest downtown. Where's Wes and Gunn? I wanna show 'em this."

Cordy: "Out on a case."

Fred: "There's a young woman whose dead boyfriend is stalking her."

Angel: "That's terrible. Did you..."

Cordy: "I ran her credit. She's solvent."

That bit is cute, too. Cordy knows exactly what's on Angel's mind.

Angel: "Nice. (Crouches to look into the bassinet) Hey, how's my little magnum cum laude, Notre Dame, class of two thousand twenty?"

Cordy: "Angel - I don't think it's such a great idea to be working on so many cases at once. I mean, what if we're all out making money and some poor devil stumbles in here and needs our help?"

After the commercial break, we slowly fade and hear a thumping noise. As if someone is jumping with high heels on.

Cordy is hopping up on her toes and dropping back down in front of Connor's bassinet. She gives up after a few tries and bends down to pick Connor up.

Cordy: "Hmm. Well, I figured it was a long shot. But I really can float, you know. Well, I did that one time during my last vision. Who-ee - somebody needs a change. (Puts him back down) But before that, believe me, there was no floating up piece of mind destiny to my visions. No there was just - killer pain. And unfortunately, that's not an exaggeration. They really were killing me. (She moves the tea tray and puts a cloth down) So, the Powers That Be put a little demon in me, and as far as side effects go (Picks Connor back up) The visions are a breeze now. (Puts him down on the cloth and starts to change him) I don't know what else might be in store. I'm keeping an eye out for horns and a tail. Wow. It just occurred to me what a weird life you're in for, little guy. Your aunt Cordy gets visions and your daddy is a... - Well, you won't see him aging whole lot, or catching surf and sun in Malibu. But he is a good man, a champion, and he loves you very much. Plus, he's quite the natty dresser. (The change done, she picks Connor up) And your daddy is out there right now fighting evil - for money."

Cordy musing about Angel, herself, and Connor's situation. How sweet, the way she says "Your daddy" and the way she describes him!

Cordy gets a vision of Fred in trouble and call for backup, to no avail.

Cordy: "Well. Your uncle Wes and uncle Gunn not picking up either. And your daddy, he doesn't know how to work his voicemail (Picks Connor up) or keep a promise. So we'll go down to the Marina, return the money and explain it was all just a big mistake."

Cordy, holding Connor in one arm, picks up the money case with her free hand and heads out.

Referring to the fact that they really are all out making money and there's no one to help the actual helpless.

In the end, after a whole Nahdrah-wanting-cut-off-Fred's-head fiasco, Angel admits...

Angel to Cordy: "I should have listened to you."

Cordy: "Well, yeah."

Angel takes Connor from her: "I should never have left you and the baby alone like that."

Cordy: "Well - yeah."

Angel makes a somewhat distracted speech.

Angel: "Guys, can I say something? (Angel looks at the spilled money) Money's important but it - it isn't everything. - I got - I got carried away. - I just (looks down at Connor) I never had a life that was totally dependent on me before. (Looks at the money again) But that's no excuse. (To Cordy) Where was I?"

Cordy: "Money's not the most important."

Angel: "No, it's not. What's - important is (looks from Connor to the other) family - and the mission."

Cordy after a beat: "They tried to cut Fred's head off. We earned every penny."

Finally! He gets Cordy's blessing, so it's a go :-P

Angel: "Hold the baby."

Cordy takes Connor from Angel as everyone but her rushes over to the spilled money and starts to stuff it into their pockets.

Hyperion, night, Cordy is singing a lullaby.

Cordy: "Go to sleep, my baby peep..."

She and Angel are falling asleep lying on top of Angel's bed with Connor in between them, feeding from a bottle.

Cordy: "I'm just saying a boat."

Angel: "No. College fund."

Cordy: "Yes. College fund - and pay our bills - and put a down payment on a boat."

Angel: "We're not getting a boat."

Cordy: "Hmm, they're fun."

Angel: "They're expensive. And when would I go on this boat, hmm?"

Cordy: "Moonlight sails. - Okay. - College fund - pay our bills - and rent a ski condo in Aspen."

Angel: "Ski condo?"

Cordy: "There's got to be some fun in our lives."

Angel: "Hmm - I like a ski condo."

Cordy: "Sure. Snow. Trees. Chipmunk robots on ice..."

Angel: "Chipmunk robots... - on ice..."

Just like a very normal, - and very nicely matched - married couple :-P

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