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Angel's a little... protective of the baby.

Lorne: "I get it. Lookee don't touchee? - I see he's got himself a little scratch..."

Lorne reaches towards the baby's left cheek, but Angel pushes his hand away.

Cordy: "Yeah, during the rush to get out of the alley. (Comes over) Here, let me put a little ointment on it."

Angel takes the ointment from Cordy.

Angel: "I-I I got it. I got it."

Angel goes to lay the baby down on the counter top.

Angel: "Easy. Right there. Alright. (Undoes the blanket a little) Let your arms out. - Okay. Shh."

Angel carefully dabs some ointment on the cut and the baby begins to cry.

Angel: "What? What did I do?"

Cordy: "You don't have a woman's touch - whatever your taste in clothing may indicate."

Cordy wants to be a part of the baby caring, but Angel's still guarded.

Angel: "Ah. (Baby begins to cry) What, what, what? What is it? You can't be wet again. I just changed you. Ah-hmm, are you hungry? I got a bottle all ready for you."

Walks over to counter and looks around.

Angel: "Where did I put his bottle? I had a bottle all ready for him!"

Cordy hurries over, picks up the bottle to feed the baby. Angel, instead, takes the bottle and does it himself.

Angel: "Okay. (To baby) Here's your babba. (Baby cries) Take your babba. (Gunn grins.) You just take it like this (Angel lifts the bottle and makes sucking noises) and you drink, and you're happy."

Witness the togetherness of parenthood. Yeah, that was sarcasm there.

More baby talk.

Cordy: "Well, we'll have to use it. The baby needs to see a doctor."

Angel: "What? He's not sick! Does he look sick?"

Cordy read in baby book: "No. But he needs his newborn checkup. The baby book says that he's supposed to have a vitamin K shot and a PKU test after he's born. Uh - are you gonna circumcise?"

Cordy "daylights" some sense into Angel. Goodie, another heartfelt talk. I really liked this scene.

Fred and Cordy look up from the laptop and sees Angel coming down the stairs carrying his son.

Fred: "Oh-oh, we still haven't traced the websites."

Cordy pats her on the back: "Relax."

Cordy smiles as she watches Angel with Connor. Cordy walks over to meet Angel.

Cordy: "Get any sleep?"

Angel, never taking his eyes off the baby: "Nah, I was up all night watching him."

Cordy: "You know, if you'd let us take shifts we could..."

Angel: "No, I wasn't watching him like that - I was just - watching him. (Cordy smiles) He - looks a little bit like me, don't you think?"

Cordy: "Oh, yeah. Look at that brow. He's a miniature you. Why don't you hand him over for a while, catch some shut eye."

Angel: "No. I'll sleep - when I know he's safe."

Cordy: "Which will be when? Around never? - Angel, I understand you wanna protect him - but you gotta let go a little. Share part of the responsibility. You can't be everything for him."

Angel: "I'm his only family. My job now is to be everything for him."

Cordy: "Really? - Okay. Follow me. Come on."

Cordy takes a hold of Angel's elbow and leads him towards the garden court.

Angel, never taking his eyes off the baby in his arm: "Where are we going?"

Cordy: "Come on."

Cordy leads him out of the Hyperion. Angel stops before they leave the shadows of the building.

Angel: "Cordelia..."

Cordy: "We're going outside, where your son is gonna wanna go play. Where you have to rush him to the hospital if he gets sick in the daytime. But I see your point. You can't go outside during the day like other parents because - you're a vampire. And even if you weren't - you can't do everything for him."

Angel, looking down at the baby, stretches one hand out into the sunlight.

Angel: "If he has to get to the hospital at noon (Smoke starts to rise from his hand) on the sunniest day of the year, he'll get there (Looks at Cordy, his hand still smoldering in the sunlight) even if I don't."

Cordy: "Angel, (Pushes his hand down into the shadow) stop, Angel..."

Angel turns away and walks back into the Hyperion. Angel talks with Lorne. Cordelia glares as she walks past Angel. Angel looks at her, unhappy that he's made her mad.

Cordelia reminds Angel that he can't do everything alone and he doesn't have to. She reminds him that she's there for him and Connor, and so is the rest of the gang. As always, Cordy is to tell Angel exactly how it is, yet still supporting him.

Angel and The Host's plan go into action. Angel's "This plan isn't working so I'm outta here" performance fooled the gang *and* me. While his acting was good, there's just one "blooper"...

Cordy steps into his path as Angel shoulders the bag and heads for the basement doors.

Cordy: "I'm sure tripping over our dead bodies will slow them down. You really didn't hear anything I said to you earlier, did you?"

Angel looks down at the baby in his arm then walks past Cordy.

Angel: "I heard you."

Angel deceives everyone else, but he just can't bare to lie to Cordy about the talk, which obviously did mean something to him.

After Angel goes, and the gang fight off and try to delay some of the monsters and cults, Angel's crew seem to react to Angel's "abandonment" similarly to in Redefinition. Wesley hopes that they at least can do something good. Gunn doesn't think it's his problem. Cordy thinks and worries about Angel.

Cordy lowers her weapon: "Now they're all after him."

Wes: "Hopefully we stalled them long enough."

Gunn sits down: "Whatever. Running away was his call."

In the hospital, Cordy's the one holding Angel's baby as she waits for the nurse's checkup. So of course, Cordy's got the mommy vibes and the doctor thinks she's the mother.

Doctor: "I'm happy to report you have a healthy baby boy."

Cordy: "Oh, great. But I'm not the mother."

Angel arrives at the hospital to see his baby, now named Connor. He's appreciative of the gang.

Angel: "I don't know what to say."

Cordy: "How about thanks. I appreciate it. You guys rock. Way to go?"

Angel looks up from Connor's face: "What she said."

And then -

The double doors behind them open and Gunn comes in pushing an empty stroller.

Gunn: "Got the best one a very small amount of money could buy."

They all 'ah.' Angel hands Connor over to Cordy who puts him in the stroller.

Cordy: "Hey, you wanna go for a ride? Oh, goodness..."

Angel and Cordy look so cute together handling their baby.

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