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C/A spice: Mild

Again, not much C/A interaction. However, it was a masterpiece Tim Minearan A/D centric episode.

Gunn: We don't know that it's the Powers that have been protecting it. I mean, I'm sorry, Angel, but what if what Darla's carrying is the thing in the prophecies? That scourge of mankind that's supposed to plunge the world into ultimate darkness? What if what's happening to Darla now... what if that's the Powers? Finally steppin' up to the plate and doin' something for once.

Angel: How? By killing my kid?

He and Gunn hold the look for a beat, then Angel retreats, back toward the Host's bedroom.

Cordy: (whirling on Gunn) Do you always have to be so damned honest?

This coming from the former queen of tactlessness, Cordy must be feeling a lot of hurt for Angel.

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