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C/A spice: Mild

After the overload of C/A last episode, this one has almost *nothing* in it. Whenever Darla comes along, she becomes the center of everything.

Angel: "Cordy?"

Cordy steps closer: "You want me to protect the vampire bitch who bit me *and* her evil love child?"

Cordy hauls back and clocks Darla full on the nose, sending her stumbling back against the chair.

Cordy smiles at Angel: "Okay, I'm in."

Cordy is a tough girl, too.

Gavin Park's tech guy is transcribing the surveillance tapes of Angel Investigations. They catch a Cordy/Angel moment.

Gavin, reading off page: "Keee-yiiii, ha, yawaaa, ooow." -- Someone doing an incantation?

Tech Guy: "No. Angel started training Female One in martial arts. I think she got in a lucky punch.

After escaping the vampire cult attack, Angel and crew decide to make a quick stop to the Hyperion for the scrolls.

Angel turns the convertible into a dark alley and brings it to a stop.

Cordy: "Why're we stopping here?"

Angel: "It's only a couple of blocks from the hotel. I'll go the rest of the way on foot."

Cordy slides into the driver seat as Angel gets out and looks up at the surrounding buildings.

Gunn: "Hey, who said you get to be wheel man?"

Cordy: "Who said it had to be a man?"

Cordy is officially second-in-command of the Angelmobile :-)

Extra Quotage

Cordy: Psst. Paging Dr. Angel.

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