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Offspring, the first episode for November sweeps, brings many changes to the show. The Darla/baby arc is put into action and it's also the real, non-subtle start into the C/A ship.

Cordy is arranging some flowers in a vase down in the basement of the Hyperion. Angel walks in to see many flowers around the room.

Angel: "What's this?"

Cordy: "Oh, it's just so dark and lifeless down here, I thought I'd brighten it up a little for you. You can't exactly go out and enjoy the sunny fields of nature, but that doesn't mean we can't bring a little bloom into your darkness."

Angel, smells the flowers: "They're fake."

Cordy: "Yeah. You put something real in this hellhole and it die (snaps her fingers) like that."

Angel puts the flowers down, looking at Cordy.

Cordy: "Thank you, Cordelia?"

Angel: "You know, I've been around a long time..."

Cordy: "Which reminds me. Next birthday, you think we could skip the two-hundred and fifty odd candles on the cake and the inevitable fire marshal and just go and just go with a little song?"

Angel: "And I've never known anyone like you."

Cordy: "Well, duh! Times a wasting, big guy. Can we do it? (Takes on a stance) Hi-yeah!"

Angel chuckling: "Okay. Last time we were working on not pulling your punches and your kicks. Right? Don't worry about me. (Cordy hits him and he deflects the punch with his arm) That's good. (Cordy swipes at him again) Good! Where is your weight? (Angel looks down) Balls of your feet?"

Cordy swings and hits him across the face full force.

Cordy: "Oops! Oh god, you said that... (Angel straightens back up, smiling) Are you okay?"

Angel: "I'm a vampire. You can't hurt me. Good."

Angel turns away from her and makes a face, gingerly feeling his nose.

Cordy: "You're off your game. It's because of the prophecy Wes and Gunn are trying to get their hands on. You think the end is coming."

Angel turns back to face her: "The end is not coming. Someone is always uncovering some ancient scroll, and they're always saying the same thing: that something terrible is coming. Do you know how many of these things I've seen in my very long life?"

Cordy: "Four?"

Angel: "Three. But there's nothing to worry about."

Cordy: "Then way are Gunn and Wesley breaking and entering right now?"

Angel: "Breaking and entering is such a negative term. They are simply retrieving some missing pieces from the Nyazian Scroll. Just to make sure..."

Cordy: "That the end is coming. - Well, all we can do is live each moment to the fullest and be grateful that we didn't throw too much money at the NASDAQ."

Angel blinking his eyes and lifting a hand towards his face: "Am I swelling?"

One, Cordy's hair is short and blonde again (courtesy of those pushy WB execs). Two, the "in my very long life, I've never known anyone like you" is precious!

Fred comes down the basement stairs of the Hyperion and hears...

Cordy: "Ow. That doesn't feel right."

Angel: "Just relax. You have to bend."

Cordy: "I don't bend there. - Okay. Now that's downright unnatural."

Angel: "I know it feels strange, but if an attacker comes at you from behind, you wanna be able to shift all your weight immediately to your other foot so you can spin and kick. Here, you try it."

Of course they're training, what did *you* think they were doing??? :-)

Cordy spins and kicks up against Angel's chest. Angel catches her, one arm around her leg another around her waist to keep her from falling.

Angel: "Whoa! Easy. Alright. That's alright. (Lowers her leg and lets go of her) That's better. We'll keep - working on it. Okay. That's probably enough for today."

Cordy: "Yeah, well, we could do more of it, but then I'd have to ice every bone in my body. See you."

Cordy walks towards the stairs, one hand pressed against the small of her back.

Cordy: "Hey, Fred."

Fred: "Hey! - Kye-rumption."

Cordy walking up the stairs: "Well - back at you."

Angel: "What did you say?"

Fred: "Kye-rumption. It's the one nice word I remember from the Pylean hell dimension."

Angel: "What's it mean?"

Fred: "It's when two great heroes meet on the field of battle and recognize their mutual fate. It's also a kind of grog made out of the ox dung but that's archaic."

Angel: "Oh, ah, that's interesting."

Fred: "When I see you and Cordelia sparring Kye-rumption always comes to mind."

Ah, so Fred's a C/A shipper. Hehehe.

Angel after a beat: "Me and Cordelia."

Fred: "I know. She's such a hero, with the visions and the courage. It's only natural that you and she would be drawn to one another. - Oh! Plastic flowers! (Hurries over to one of the vases) My favorite! They never fade, you know."

Angel: "Oh, whoa, wait a minute. There's nothing going on between me and Cordelia."

Fred: "Nothing but Moira."

Angel: "Who's Moira?"

Fred: "Moira is the gut physical attraction between two larger than life souls."

Angel: "Ha. No, there is no attraction. Cordelia is a friend. Someone I work with. That's all."

Fred grinning: "See? You're being chivalrous. Because you 're a hero, just like her. You got Kye-rumption!"

Angel: "Stop using that word! I've known her for years and believe me if there was any kind of romantic... whatever, I'd know it. You know these kind of things and there isn't any. At all."

Fred: "I'll keep your secret."

Angel: "Stop saying that!!"

I'm thinking Angel's getting all huffy because Fred has caught him with kye-rumption and moira redhanded. Anyway, later Wes asks Angel where he got all flower and Angel gets huffy again.

Wes looks around: "Who gave you all the flowers?"

Angel: "Nobody."

Denial denial. Angel's either afraid that someone else sees the feelings he has for Cordelia, or just realizing that he does have feelings for her.

After the last scene, Angel goes upstairs to find Cordy, Wes, Gunn, and Fred working on the prophecy. Angel walks into the lobby, he sees Cordy sitting at her desk and stops before anyone notices he's there. Angel hears them talking about the shanshu and him turning human prophecy.

Fred: "That he would be like a normal man?"

Angel slowly lifts his head and looks at Cordy working at her desk.

Wes: "Yes."

Fred: "Wow. What would we do if that happened?"

Cordy: "I'd buy him some plaid shirts and take him to the beach. The boy needs some color."

Angel reacts to that. Then he goes to the Cordy's desk.

Cordy: "Hey."

Angel: "Hey."

Cordy after a while: "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Angel: "Ah, no reason."

After a moment Cordy gets up and walks past Angel to pour a cup of coffee.

Cordy: "Okay. It's getting creepy now."

Angel: "I was just thinking about things. - People. You know. How they relate. Take you and me for instance. We're very different. *Very* different. Obviously (points at Cordy) human (points at himself) vampire. (points a Cordy) Woman (points at himself) man...pire."

Cordy: "Has someone been putting vodka in your blood?"

Angel laughs: "See? You're funny! And I, well I get off a good one every once in a while, but you..."

Cordy, sipping her coffee: "Angel, are you trying to say you love me?"

Angel: "What?"

Cordy: "I love you too."

Angel: "You do? When did this..."

Cordy yells towards Wes open office door: "Angel loves me. I love him."

Angel: "Oh, my god!"

Cordy: "You guys love us and we love you."

Fred, Wes and Gunn chorus: "We love you Angel."

Cordy: "They were all saying it earlier. Just in case this prophecy comes true and we all die. - You're not gonna wanna hug, are you?"

Angel clears his throat and sits back shaking his head: "No."

Cordy goes back to her desk: "God knows we've been through a lot together."

Angel: "That's really all I was trying to say, that we've been through so much together, you and me, as *friends.* You've seen the - good, - and the not so good."

Cordy: "Just like you have in me. And for the record: the good I've seen far outweighs the bad."

Angel after a beat: "Thanks. You, too."

Cordy: "Hey, what are friends for?"

A heartfelt talk with a very flustered Angel.

The look on Cordy's face when Darla ala pregnant comes in says a lot.

Cordy: "Angel - did - you and Darla...?"

Angel: "Uh..."

Cordy turns to look at him.

Angel: "This is impossible."

Darla: "Tell me about it - daddy!"

Cordy: "You slept with her?"

Angel: "Vampires can't have children. Wesley?"

Wes: "Ah, no, he's right. It's not possible."

Cordy: "That's not what I asked."

Cordy is really hurt and feels betrayed. After all, Angel did lie to her face in Disharmony. So hurt that she takes Darla's side of all peop-- vampires. Deja vu from Disharmony?

Darla: "What did you do to me?"

Darla hits Angel across the face and he stumbles back against the weapons cabinet behind him.

Cordy steps between Angel and Darla: "Stop that!"

Angel: "It's okay. It's alright. I'm okay."

Cordy: "You'll hurt her! Haven't you done enough? (Turns to Darla) Here, sit down. You should get off your feet."

Cordy leads Darla over to the round settee, then looks back at the others.

Cordy: "Can we get her some water?"

Fred turns to go get it.

Angel: "Cordy that's *Darla.* Maybe you don't want to..."

Cordy: "Did you or did you not look me in the eye and say that you would *never* do a thing like this with her?"

Darla: "Oh, he lied? What a surprise."

Fred carrying a glass of water: "Hi. I'm Fred. Is water okay, or did you want some blood?"

Darla takes the water as Wes gently pulls Fred back away from Darla.

Angel: "Cordy. I'm sorry - I lied. It was just - it was a very dark time."

Cordy: "Oh! You used her to make *you* feel better during *your* dark time. Well, that makes it *all* heroic."

Angel: "It wasn't like that. It just - happened. It wasn't like I went *evil* or anything, I just..."

Cordy: "You just went male.

The gang, plus Darla, is at Caritas for some guidance. The Host is remodeling and he has a couple of repair guys and the three Furies from That Old Gang of Mine there doing the sanctuary spell.

Furies: "Mmm, Angel."

Cordy: "And here we have three more of Angel's chippies. You girls are on the pill I hope."

Ooh, bitterness. Anyway, after Cordy and Darla leave the room...

Angel: "How's she doing?"

Lorne: "Well, she's weary. The poor thing looks like she's about eighteen months pregnant. Hope they're not twins."

Angel: "Not her. Cordelia."

Lorne: "Oh, ah, I sense that she's - hurt and *pissed* what with the lying and deception and etcetera. You should probably stay out of her way for a while, huh?"

In the next scene, Darla bites Cordelia and she gets a vision as it happens. Angel pulls Darla back and throws her across the room and through a wall.

Angel: "Get away from her!"

Angel picks Cordy up and carries over to the bed.

Angel: "You're gonna be alright. You're gonna be alright."

Cordy holding the side of her neck: "Ouch!"

Angel presses a cloth over the neck wound.

Angel: "Cordy, you're gonna be all right. I'll kill her for this."

Cordy panting: "You're gonna have to find her first."

Angel looks around. Darla is gone.

Out in the club the others are just picking themselves back up, when Angel comes out, carrying Cordy in his arms.

Angel: "She bit Cordy."

Lorne: "Oh, sweetie, are you alright?"

Angel: "No. Where is she?"

Wes: "She got away."

Gunn: "We tried to stop her by hitting her fists and feet with our faces, but..."

Angel: "We'll take Cordy to a safe place and we'll take care of Darla."

In the shooting script, Angel tears off a piece of his shirt and uses it to stop the bleeding.

Hyperion, night, Cordy is lying on a bed with Angel sitting beside her.

Angel: "Are you feeling any better?"

Cordy: "Yeah. You don't have to stay with me."

Angel: "Gunn's gonna be right here."

Cordy lifts her head to look at Gunn: "Thanks."

Angel: "I'm not gonna keep telling you how sorry I am. I'm gonna tell you - that she'll never do it again."

Cordy: "It was my fault, Angel. I felt sorry for her. She looked so helpless - like a mother. - I forgot what she really was. - I'm starting to feel the pills."

Angel gets up and backs away from the bed as Cordy's eyes drift closed.

Cordelia is very, very, important to Angel.

A cute moment amidst the madness.

Fred: "Angel's not answering his phone. Should I leave a message on his voice mail?"

Cordy: "He doesn't know how to use his voice mail. Just try his pager."

Quickly summing up the episode.

Cordy: "So, I guess you're gonna be a father."

Angel after a beat: "Guess I am."

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