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The first Cordy/Angel training session. Is it just me, because this reminds me of those Buffy/Angel tai-chi workouts?

Hyperion, basement, Angel is standing behind Cordy, leaning in close.

Angel: "Don't stiffen up."

Cordy: "Yeah, you either."

Cordy raises the sword in her hands and they start moving through an exercise with Angel Guiding her movements.

Angel: "Alright. A good defense is about moving the line of attack. When the bad guy comes at you, you want to step off the line (His hands direct Cordy to turn) like this (he jumps back to avoid the sword slicing his belly open) creating a new one. Every time you do, your opponent will be forced to adjust. Always make the other guy work."

Cordy: "Okay. Move the line. Then what?"

Angel picks up a sword of his own.

Angel: "Then - just keep moving the line. You'll be able to keep an attacker busy until... - You know."

Cordy: "What? Until he dies of old age or until *you* swoop in to save me? Angel, I didn't ask you to train me so I could stave. I already know how to stave. *Now* I need to learn how to fight!"

Angel: "You don't think that I would?"

Cordy: "Would what?"

Angel: "Save you."

Cordy: "Men-folk not always around to protect the women-folk, you know? - Besides, what if it turned out *you* were the guy I had to fight? Could happen."

Angel: "Okay."

Angel raises his sword and takes a stance beside Cordy and she copies his movements.

Angel: "When you put an adversary down, you wanna make sure he doesn't get up again. So, like I showed you..."

They move through an exercise parallel to each other.

Angel: "Force the other guy to counter and he'll open himself up something like this. We'll go half-speed until..."

Angel puts his sword away.

Cordy: "No need, I got it. Three years of Varsity Cheer Squad, I only ever had to be shown a move once."

Angel: "You know, Cordelia, handling a lethal weapon is a *little* different from shaking a pom-pom."

Cordy: "Ready! O-kay!"

Cordy comes at Angel with the sword full-speed, ending with him up against the wall the sword inches away from his throat.

Angel: "Easy - Ha, ha - Go team."

This scene is so cute.

Cordy: "We don't live in normal circumstances. - I mean, what are the odds of any of us actually finding someone out there who can deal with the kind of stuff we have to deal with? I don't know. Maybe we *are* meant..."

Wes: "For each other?"

Cordy: "Actually I was gonna say 'to be alone.'

The significance of this moment is that it establishes Cordy's stand on office romances. When the WB summary says that Angel's affections for Cordelia will be unrequited, it might not be because she doesn't feel the same way back. It might be something more complicated. She doesn't want the office romance. But then again...

Cordy: But what the heck - Wesley, if you like her, *tell* her.

Maybe she'll be willing to take the chance.

Another vision scene. Another Angel catches Cordy scene. Later, Wes gets the info about the convenience store murder that she saw.

Wes: "...and I have to caution all of you, the medical examiners crime scene photos. Cordelia..."

Angel reaches out and takes the crime scene photos of the dead elderly woman away from her.

Angel: "Maybe you shouldn't be looking at that."

Got a bit of a protective-y vibe going here.

After Cordy finds out that Billy's the one that caused the murder:

Wes, Gunn, and Fred are in the lobby. Angel is sitting on the edge of Cordy's desk. Cordy is pacing quickly back and forth, holding the photo in her hands.

Cordy: "You're sure this is him? This is the guy?"

Angel: "You pull someone from a hell dimension, you tend to remember their face. Yeah. - That's him."

Cordy slowly sinks down into a chair.

Cordy: "Well, then - now we know why the Powers made me experience that woman's death. - She died because of me."

Angel: "No."

Cordy: "Yes! Angel, if he's somehow responsible - then so am I."

Angel: "You're not the one who broke him out and put him back on the streets. I did that."

Cordy: "For me. You did it to save me."

Angel: "And I'd do it again."

Cordy: "Angel..."

Angel crouches down in front of Cordy.

Angel: "Hey. - Hey, whatever's happening now, you're not responsible for this - and neither am I. - But I know who is."

This reminds me of That Vision Thing A very noble Cordelia being comforted by Angel. It's nice. Hopefully, it won't be used until the point of being cliche or trite.

Here's another trademark C/A brand. Angel's all headstrong and "I've got to go and fight this evil." Cordy's all worried and "Angel, you're crazy. What if something happens?"

Angel: "Well, I took him out of one cell, I can take him out of this one, too."

Cordy: "Wait! Angel, you can't barge into a police precinct and go all Terminator."

Angel: "I'll be okay."

Cordy: "It's dangerous. He's dangerous. What if he lays his whammy on you?"

Angel: "He won't be conscious long enough to try."

Point to note, Cordelia's little errand aka barging into Lilah's apartment and taking things into her own hands shows that she's not another damsel in distress for Angel to save.

Angel: "So can you explain something to me? - How come you invited me in after I told you I wanted to kill your cousin?"

Dylan: "You're Angel, right?"

Angel: "Did Billy mention me?"

Dylan: "No, no. There was a chick here. She was cute, brunette. Well, she said that a melodramatic guy named Angel would eventually show up."

Angel: "Cordelia... - thinks I'm melodramatic?"

Dylan: "Well, you did say that you were gonna kill my cousin."

Angel: "That's not melodrama, melodrama (Grabs Dylan by the shirt front) She was here?!"

Dylan: "So you're saying that melodrama is exaggerated emo..."

Angel: "This isn't a demo, this is real! Where did you send her?"

Angel seems to care about what Cordelia thinks of him a lot lately, i.e. in Fredless.

At the airport, Cordy has a crossbow aimed at Billy's throat, ready to fire.

Suddenly the crossbow is being pushed away and Angel steps between them, pushing Cordy away.

Angel: "I can't let you do it, Cordelia."

Billy: "You saved me again! I knew that you would."

Cordy: "Angel, you know what he is!"

Angel: "Yeah, I do. Which is why I'm gonna waste this piece of garbage myself."

Angel turns to hit Billy, but Cordy catches a hold of his arm and holds him back.

Cordy: "Angel! He can't hurt me."

Angel turns away Billy takes a hold of Angel's face with both of his hands.

Billy: "No, I won't hurt her. *I* won't hurt her at all!"

Angel pushes Billy away we see the imprints from Billy's hands on Angel's face their bright red glow.

Angel: "Cordy, get out of here."

Cordy: "No."

Angel: "Cordelia?"

Cordy: "I can't."

Angel turns to look at her: "GET OUT!"

Cordy jumps a little, but doesn't budge.

Cordy: "Angel - you can fight this!"

Billy steps closer to Angel: "Don't fight it - feel it! You can, can't you? All that rage, all that hatred bubbling to the surface? I actually never done this to a vampire. Should be pretty entertaining."

Angel to Cordy: "Please - go."

Cordy: "I can't. I have this problem. This is happening to you because of me. Because of *me.* So, I can't leave you - Angel - I won't."

When Cordy told Angel she'll be by his side until his redemption in Judgment, she meant it. She has faith in Angel.

There is a huge different between the Buffy/Angel training sessions and the Cordy/Angel sessions. The B/A ones were wordless, angsty, and lustful. The C/A ones are conversational, occasionally smiling, and sort of a "get to know each other better" time.

Day. The Hyperion. Cordy and Angel are back in the basement training.

Cordy: "I don't get it."

Angel: "I don't get it either."

Cordy: "I mean, you're a man."

Angel and Cordy are moving side by side through the same sword exercise.

Cordy: "So why didn't Billy's touch affect you?"

Angel: "Well, maybe because - I'm not human."

Cordy chuckles: "Oh, right. And a *vampire* could never be turned into a monster."

Angel: "Well, that thing that Billy brought out in others? - The hatred and anger... (reach the end of the sequence) that's something I lost a long time ago."

Cordy: "Even when you were evil?"

Angel: "I never hated my victims, I never killed out of anger, it was always about the - pain and the pleasure."

Cordy: "Huh. - So I guess you could say that your demoness makes less petty than humans. Almost noble - I mean, in a twisted, dark and *really* disturbing kind of way."

They get into position to start another set.

Angel: "Thanks."

Cordy: "Hm-mm. (They start the set) It's weird!"

Angel: "What is?"

Cordy: "I'm starting to get used to being creeped out and comforted at the same time."

Angel: "I get that."

They smile at each other before continuing with the set.

They've come to some sort of understanding of each other.

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