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C/A spice: Medium

Angel's all excited about a Charlton Heston movie. He asks if anyone wants to go. Fred does, of course. No one else seems to share his excitement.

Angel: Well the worm certainly has turned.

Fred: Ha ha, yeah, the worm's turning and-- (sudden concern) -- am I the worm?

Angel: No. You may not know this, Fred, but certain friends and co-workers have been known to accuse me of being the quiet, stay-at-home, sulky one. (escorts Fred to door) I guess some people just don't know how to have fun anymore.

The "stay-at-home, sulky one" accusation sounds like Cordy, doesn't it?

Ah-ha. The Fred talk. I *knew* the writers were stealing stuff from C/A fanfic... :-D

Cordy: You need to talk to Fred.

Angel doesn't even look up.

Angel: What about?

Cordy: About the big date you guys had last night.

Now Angel looks up.

Angel: Whoa. "Date?" It was just a movie.

Cordy: That's what you need to tell her. She's in there going on and on about what a super time you guys had.

Angel: She's just enthusiastic. Don't read too much into it.

Cordy: She's got the big puppy love. I mean, who wouldn't? You're handsome. And brave and heroic. Mysterious ...

Angel smiles; faux bashful; not disagreeing.

Cordy: ...emotionally stunted, erratic, prone to turning evil, and let's face it, a eunuch.

Angel: Hey! What -- how can you -- I'm not a eunuch!

Cordy: Angel, it's just a figure of speech.

Angel: Find a better one!

Cordy: I just mean sex is a no-no for you cause of this whole "if you know perfect bliss you'll turn evil" curse. Really no way of curing that, huh? (off his look) Right. Listen, all I'm trying to tell you is, this thing with Fred is going to go bad, unless it's nipped in the bud.

Angel: Okay, okay. Maybe just a short talk.

Cordy nods, relieved.

Angel: So... how soon can you do that?

Cordy: Nice try. It's gotta come from you!

She grabs his hand (more hand holding!) and leads him into the other room.

Wow. Very juicy. If I had more time to superanalyze this moment, I would. Anyway, we're now in Wesley's office, where Fred was prattling on about Angel to Wes.

Cordy: Angel has something to say.

Both Wes and Fred look at him expectantly. Angel starts talking... about the murder case he saw in the newspaper. They get on speculating about that as Cordy protests.

Wes: Tough to say. Worth a closer look.

Angel: I'll say! Cordelia, open a case file! We have to get on this right away!

He hands her the news clippings and a folder and walks away. She looks at the folder, realizing what just happened and stalks after him.

Cordy: Uh -- Angel!

Some more trivial but noticeable details. Angel and Cordy are going to check out the health club.

Angel: Cordy and I can check out the health club.

Wes: My thought exactly.

Angel pulls out his keys, Cordy grabs them.

Cordy: I'll drive.

Fred's parents are in Wes's office with Wes, Cordy, and Gunn. Angel walks in holding a trophy head from a demon killing...

Cordy: I'm not gonna keep harping on this --

Angel: Yes you are.

Cordy: You can't just keep ignoring Fred. You have to speak to her. There's your business life and your social life. And everybody knows you keep those two things sep--

She sees a cute guy.

Cordy: I'm gonna see if he knows anything.

Cordelia peels off.

What I'm seeing in this scene is that Cordelia is not in favor of office romances. So when the WB press release says that Angel has "unrequited" feelings for Cordelia, it doesn't necessarily mean that she has no romantic feelings for Angel. It's very possible that she doesn't want to pursue them because of the co-worker relation.

Cordy's collecting phone numbers from four cute guys for "further questioning" as Angel leans in to tell her...

Angel: There's a retirement home on the street behind us, I'm going to check something out. Maybe when you're done with your "work" here, you can pick me up. (He puts his hands on her shoulders while talking.)

Cordy: Bye.

Angel moves outside. Cordy returns to her dreamy audience.

Cordy: He's just someone I work with.

Hey, maybe that's just denial.

Old Angel calls the hotel.

Cordy on answering machine): You've reached the offices of Angel Investigations. Please leave a message after the tone.

Old Angel: Cordelia! Are you there!? Pick up!

Fake Angel picks up.

Fake Angel: Hey Angel! How's my head? Hope you put some ice on it. Sweet deal you got goin', love the hotel, and Cordelia, whoo! that's how I spell w-o-m-a-n.

Old Angel: Where is she?

Aww, Angel's obviously got problems of his own, but he's still worried about Cordy, ya know.

After the "Angel"/Lilah kissage and breaking Fred's heart thing, the whole gang minus "Angel" is in Wes's office contemplating this.

Wes: This isn't like him.

Cordy: What? It's totally like him! Doing the mystery dance with some cheap blonde

Fred: Brunette. She was a cheap brunette.

Cordy: You're right -- this isn't like him.

Ha. An blonde in-joke.

In the showdown scene between Old Angel and Fake Angel, the gang comes in with bats to beat down Fake Angel. Cordy zaps him with an Initiative-styled zapper. Cordy then runs over to Old Angel.

Cordy: Are you alright?

Angel and Fred are out in the garden. Fred tells Angel that she knows about the whole curse thing.

Fred: Cordelia explained it all to me. She said you'd probably just screw it up.

Angel: Oh she did, did she... (then, smiles) She's probably right.

Then there's ending.

Cordy: Angel! Willow's on the phone. (barely getting it out) She's alive. Buffy's alive.

Cordy and Fake Angel Interaction

Albeit fake, it's fun to watch "Angel" and Cordy.

Cordy: Yeah. Well I'll take you back to the hotel.
(He looks at her shapely figure behind the wheel.)
"Angel": All right ... (gets in car) You and me, goin' back to the hotel. Nice.
Cordy: Are you all right?
"Angel": Honey, I've never been better.

(Arriving at the hotel.)
"Angel": Nice.
(She ignores him, goes behind counter.)
"Angel": You supposed to be back there?
(Fake Angel rings the bell, calls out:)
"Angel": Ding ding! Payin' customers! Hello! (to Cor) Slow night.
Cordy: Yeah, but maybe Wes or Gunn found out something.
Angel: Wes or Gunn... they're a... great part of our investigatin' team. Workin' here with us ... in this old, abandoned hotel.
(Angel flips through their business cards, finds one that says "Cordelia Chase, Senior Associate, Angel Investigations".)
"Angel": Cordelia..? (she looks over, bingo) Have I ever told you you're a very beautiful woman? (she stares at him, deadpan) It's your eyes, I just get so lost in 'em.
Cordy: Ha, ha, very funny. I know you never said anything that tacky and overt to Fred. But you're still going to have that talk whether you want to or not.
"Angel": The talk with... Fred.
Cordy: Yes. Just keep it simple: one, you're not like other men; two, there's no room in the workplace for romance.
"Angel": Romance with Fred. So I'm a ... oh yeah, obviously.
Cordy: Get some rest. See you tomorrow.

It's a little weird how Cordy doesn't really notice anything wrong. Maybe she's surprised by "Angel"'s advances and brushes it off.

Cordy: Angel? What happened?
("Angel" wakes with a start, nearly falls out of the chair, quickly recovers.)
"Angel": Hey, doll. (Cordy reacts to that with a look.) I was, uh, working on the case. Musta dozed off.
Cordy: You were too tired to make it up to your room?
"Angel": My room! Which I have upstairs! Yeah, I was just givin' a hundred per cent, like I always do, can't find the darn case file anywhere ...
(Cordelia holds up the case file.)
Cordy: You gave it to me yesterday.
("Angel" hits himself in the head.)
"Angel": Ha! Must be getting old.
("Angel" reaches for file, she shoves it behind her back.)
Cordy: Not until you have your talk with Fred.

"Angel": The "no romance" talk. (sighs) Okay, let's get this over with.

The usual concern thing from Cordy, again. Concern and caring is pretty much ANGELrighted to Cordy and Angel.

"Angel": (mouth full of burrito) Hey, is that legal? Don't these guys deserve a little privacy? (they all look at him) What?
Cordy: Why are you eating?
"Angel": I'm hungry?

This next part is when Gunn and Wes are fighting over who gets to interview the "escorts".

Cordy: (grabs paper) I'll interview the hookers. (to Angel) Are there any men who aren't just dogs?
"Angel": Not very many, I'm afraid. (pats Cor's hand; to Wes and Gunn, stern:) You know, a woman is more than a piece a meat -- I'm sorry, but that's how I feel.

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