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C/A spice: Medium

Angel is apologizing to Merl. Merl claims that Angel is insincere because he's reading off notecards...

Merl: You get a load of that insincere tripe he was readin'?...

Cordy: I happen to know those words came straight from the heart. Okay, so maybe he wasn't exactly selling it. But I hardly think it's fair to blame the writing.

:-) Sounds like Cordy did some speech-writing for Angel. She consistently insists to Angel to read the cards.

Cordy: Angel, read the cards...

Cordy: Ya just couldn't stick to the cards, could you?

In the next C/A scene, Cordy and Angel are in the hotel lobby. It's daytime. Angel's wearing the usual black and leather pants?! Is he trying to make Cordelia drool or the audience??? Cordy's wearing this cute chocolate brown top with a round neckline and earthy, Indian, some kind of tribal-inspired choker -- ok, getting off topic here. Anyway.

Cordy: Some people just need a little time alone... I wouldn't worry about it.

AngeL: She's had time alone. Five years. I think that's the problem.

Now we see Fred outside in the garden, alone.

Angel: She's been back in this world for three months and she still hasn't gone out into it.

Cordy: Right, and it's not like the last time she was out in the world she was sucked into an interdimensional portal and ended up living like a hunted animal in a hostile demon alterna-world or anything. Oh, wait -- kinda is, huh?

Angel: Which is why I'm asking that you talk to her.

Cordy: I'm not sure that's such a great idea.

Angel: You don't like her?

Cordy: Sure I like her. What's not to like? She's sweet and adorable and... (glancing to garden) ...seems to be laughing at something that shrub just said ... (then) Look, it's not that I don't like her... I just don't get her.

Angel: I'm not asking you "get" her. Just... talk to her.

A beat from Cordy, then a sigh. Angel slowly smiles warmly.

Cordy: Fine. We'll chat.

Angel: Thank you.

Ooh, that charming smile *is* irresistible.

This continues from the last scene. Angel is looking at the papers Cordy just handed him. This isn't hugely C/A, just a cute scene.

Angel: What's this?

Cordy: Enemies Of Merl list.

Angel looks at it, reacts to something. Then -- bursting into Wes's office --

Angel: Hey -- ! Why is my name at the top of this list?

Cordy: Uh... "A."

Angel: Merl and I were not enemies.

Cordy: Oh. Okay. My mistake.

Angel: I'm the one that found the body, remember?

Cordy: Oh, and that's not suspicious. The one time you pay Merl a social visit and he ends up dead?

Wes and Cordy speculate on the names, while Angel is still focusing on --

Angel: Oh, sure. I went dark and killed Merl.

Wes: We'll work backwards, end with the "A's," how's that? But we should start tracking down these names.

Angel: Ask yourself this: if I had gone there to kill him -- would I have brought donuts?

After the Hostclub shooting rampage, Cordy is ordered by Gunn's old gang to get Angel there while everyone else in Caritas is held hostage. Cordy puts things in a nice, clear, perspective for Angel. That's always a handy talent.

Cordy: We have to think of a better plan. This is a bad plan, and I'll tell you why -- it's their plan! They want you to walk in there where you can't fight so they can kill you!

Angel: I don't have a choice.

Cordy: It'll be suicide.

Angel: It'll be okay.

Cordy: No. It won't. Angel, you didn't see these guys. They're all (Islamic war cry) La-la-la-la-la-la! Doing the total Holy War thing.

He's paused at the counter, is writing on a notepad.

Angel: Go to this address.

Cordy: What is it?

Angel: Transuding Furies.

Cordy: Gesundheit --

Angel: Three sisters. Lorne hires them monthly to cast a sanctorium spell on Caritas. Ask them to lift the spell. Then I'll be able to fight back.

Cordy: Yes! They'll lift the spell, then you'll fight -- all twenty of them and still get killed! Great idea!

Angel: Cordy, just do it, please?

Cordy: What if they won't lift the spell?

Angel: They'll lift the spell. Just... tell them it's... for me.

Cordy: For you? You know them?

Angel: I did.

Cordy: And they're going to remember you?

Angel: They should.

Cordy: They better! (then, urgently) Angel!

He turns, looks at her.

Cordy: I told her she'd be safe with me ...

Angel: I know.

Their usual concern for each other, and so on and so on. The Islamic war cry? That was either was cut out or censored because of Sept. 11th.

Cordy's at the Furies' place. This a very strange, yet, interesting little scene.

Cordy: So Angel says you and he go way back?

Furies: Mmmmmm. Angel...

Cordy makes a face.

Cordy: Yeah. So about this sanctorium mojo you got working at Caritas. Any chance you could pull the plug on that? Like, now, for instance? Kind of an emergency.

Furies: You would have us lift what has been put in place by mutual consent and contract.

Cordy: If you don't, Angel will die.

Furies: Mmmmm. Angel...

Cordy: (to herself) You're gonna do that everytime ...okay. (then) Look, this is really urgent. I know Lorne pays you to cast the spell - what would it take for you to lift it?

Furies: This is not a debt you can pay.

Cordy: You don't know that. My credit's been very strong this last year.

Furies: Only Angel is equipped to make good on this debt.

Cordy: Angel? I don't know. For a guy who's a couple'a centuries old, not big with the wise investing and when you say "equipped," that's not what you mean, is it?

Furies: Mmmmm. Angel.

Cordy: Got it. And ewww.


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