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The touching, the clinging, the hugging? Did I mention the touching? Interesting thing was, most of it wasn't in the script directions. It must have been onset stage directions from the director, right? The writers are subtlely working C/A-ness in. Kind of like, "Shh, it's going to be a nice surprise!" But okay, we're definitely onto them. :-D

Just after Cordy tells Wes and Gunn she's amazed that they're not scared of big scary demons but scared of rats...

Cordy: Well aren't you two just the biggest scaredies I ever -

Cor opens the cellar door and -

Cordy: (cont'd) Whah!

There's Angel, bag in hand. Cordy hugs Angel. Angel smiles in a very warm way.

Cordy: (cont'd) You're back -- he's back!

And then I notice she takes Angel's hand and leads him to the lobby. How cute!

Cordy asks if Angel's retreat was all peaceful and meditat-y. Angel says that it was alright, until the monks turned out to be life-sucking Shur-hod demons.

Cordy: Well the point is, you worked on things, it wasn't like a holiday where you'd come back home... to your friends... you know, with some small mementoes of your trip.

Angel: Fishing for gifts?

Cordy: Yes.

Angel digs a shrunken head out of his bag, hands it to her.

Cordy: (cont'd) Ohhh, a small human head.

Angel grabs it, tosses it to Gunn.

Gunn: (re: head) Cool.

Angel hands Cordy a pendant necklace thingy (pretty exotic stone).

Cordy: (puts pendant on) Oh, my gosh. It's gorgeous! And look how it brings out my breasts! (off their looks) Like you weren't al1 thinkin' it. (to Angel) Thank you.

Cordy's last statement reinforces the fact that they might be as close as a little family, but they don't think of each other as a real related family... Close friends, that's it. I think the writers are trying to reinforce the "not-a-real-family" thing because there's going to be lots of romance in the air between the gang. And also, Angel, Wes, and Gunn, looked kinda surprised that Cordelia said that. Maybe they actually were thinking that and Cordelia has a new power to read minds! Then again, maybe Cordy guessed they actually were thinking that, because they're guys. One more thing, Aya at You're Not Alone pointed out that in this episode, James gives Elizabeth a necklace, too. As a symbol of forever love. *g*

Angel: I'll settle in and check on [Fred], then you guys can bring me up to date. It's really good to see you guys.

He heads upstairs. Beat. Cor watching him go, concerned.

Wes: He seems a lot better than when he left.

Cordy: (no he doesn't) Uh-huh...

Cordy knows Angel best.

Angel is trying to convince Fred to come downstairs. Reassuring her that she doesn't have to be afraid.

Angel: There's nothing to be scared of. You're safe here in the hotel.

She gathers strength from him; takes a step and suddenly, from downstairs, they hear Cordelia screaming bloody murder!

Angel: (cont'd) You know, uh, hold that thought -

He tears off. Angel bounds down the stairs to the lobby, where Cor lies screaming on the floor in a doozy of a vision. Wes and Gunn come running from two other directions. The three men converge on her. Angel gathers her in his arms. <-- That stage direction was in the script.

Angel: Easy, baby. What is it, what did you see?

Whoa, a bit of ad-libbing there. That wasn't in the script, but Angel *did* say it and the captions said it, too. I'm sure I heard right. "Easy, baby." Say Angel didn't mean to call her that, but when he's worried, it's possible that how he really thinks of her just... slipped out.

Anyway, Cordelia tells the guys where the vision is taking place.

Gunn is already tossing stakes and weapons to Wes. While:

Angel: (to Cordy) You gonna be all right?

Cordy: I'm fine, go. Go!

We later see that she isn't fine. The visions are really taking it out of her.

Angel's looking at the locket. Cordy's working at the registration desk, glancing at him every once in awhile.

Angel: What.

Cordy: What?

Angel: What do you want to say?

Cordy: Me? Nothing. What makes you think I want to -

Angel: Because I know you.

Cordy: (moving towards him) It's really none of my business.

Angel: And that always stops you.

Cordy: Actually it is my business -- our business --'cause we're trying to do a job here and what affects you affects me and anyway I don't like to see you suffer more than you have to... I don't think you should blame yourself or feel guilty for her death.

Angel: I don't.

Cordy: Good, I'm glad to hear it.

Angel: I didn't even know who she was when I killed her.

Cordy: (re: locket) Not her. Angel.

Angel: Oh, you want to talk about. . .

Cordy: She was the love of your life and she died. (Beat.)

Cordy: (cont'd) And you weren't there when it happened, you couldn't help her fight... you couldn't save her... you couldn't die with her.

Angel just stares, neither admitting nor denying it.

Cordy: (cont'd) This is one of those talks where I'm going to do all the talking, isn't it. (beat) Well, I'm not going to pry, it's not my style.

He looks at her.

Cordy: (cont'd) Okay, it's totally my style, I can just tell I'm not going to get anywhere right now. But you have to tell me one thing -- you owe me this much -- what the hell happened with Holtz?

See? Cordy and Angel fit each other perfectly. He doesn't do the conversation thing and she can carry on a conversation by herself. Wow, that was a nice long one-on-one talk. I mean, one-on-mute, monologue. The whole "what affects you affects me" part is so "your pain is my pain". It sort of mirrors the chat in Judgement, but the one in Judgement was more profound.

This scene is at the Hyperion and Angel has just found out that James is alive.

Angel: ...I know where he'll be headed.

Angel crosses to weapons cabinet, rifles through it.

Cordy: Here. For you.

Angel: I want you to go home while it's still light out and stay there.

Cordy: No.

Angel: Yes. Where's my hurling ax? (re: cabinet) This is all different.

Cordy: I moved some things to the cellar while you were gone. (off his look) They were dust-catchers!

Angel: Go home.

Cordy: I'm sticking with you.

Angel, a couple of weapons in hand, turns to her, moved by her courage.

Angel: I appreciate your courage, but I don't want to see you get hurt. There was some touching here, and also when Angel turns, Cordy grabs his arm.

Cordy: (seriously scared) I don't either! I go home, he'll come after me 'cause I live alone and that's what they do, they come after you when you're alone. Oh sure, "Cordy go home and be a hostage!" With the torture and the fear and the torture... Angel steadies her with sorta distanced holding... :-D

Angel: Cordy, will you just once do what I tell you without arguing about everything -- hurling ax, basement?

Angel moves to cellar door, Cordy on his heels.

Cordy: I'm not arguing, I just know I'm safer by your side than all alone at home -

Aww, she feels safe with Angel.

Angel opens cellar door and James is standing there, vamp face on.

James hits Angel and Cordy is pushed off to the side.

James: (calm and deadly) Why'd you do it? Because I had something you could never have?

Notice how Angel chooses this point to say...

Angel: (to Cor) Get back!

Some more fighting goes on, yada yada. It was a cool fight, but I hate describing fight scenes. At some point, James has Angel pinned against the wall, and Cordy throws a fire hydrient on James's head, which throws James off Angel.

Angel: (to Cor) I told you--

Cordy grabs a stake out of the weapons cabinet and throws it to Angel.

Cordy: Shut up, and stake him!

In midair, James gets up and catches the stake and charges Angel.

Cordy: Oops.

At some other point, James has Angel pinned down on the floor with the stake almost driven into his heart. Cordy tries to grab him but is hurled back against the wall. Angel throws James off him and drives the stake deep into James's heart. He staggers over to Cordy and pulls her up.

Angel: It's ok. It's all right. It's all right. It's over.

They are holding onto each other in the cutest couple-y way, when...

Cordy: Uhh...

He follows her gaze . James is still standing there, stake in his heart. Just catching his breath. He pulls the stake out. The wound closes right up , Angel and Cor react.

Cordy: (cont'd) Over in what sense?

Angel and James do some more big and fighty stuff. Angel manages to flip James into the terrace into the sunlight. There's no smoke, no fire, no nothing. Angel goes back to Cordy and they do that couple-y holding as described above, again.

Cordy: Shouldn't he be on fire?!

Angel: Let's get out of here.

And then they run out, clinging to each other the whole time!

After they're in the sewer tunnels and hiding quietly from James and catching their breaths, my favorite scene in the episode comes up. This cute exchange between the two :-P

Cordy: All right, I've been doing this a while, don't stakes through the heart and sunshine kill you guys?!

Angel: He seems to have become...

Cordy: Invincible?

Angel: Let's not exaggerate...

Cordy: (shoots him a look) The ring of Amarra, when you had that, you were invincible. Does he have a ring? (Angel shakes his head) Hmmm. Did the Amarra people make cufflinks or belt buckles?

Angel: There was only one!

Cordy: And you had to smash it!

Angel: Why don't we recriminate later, okay? Now be quiet, I think he took the bait...

They listen to the silence for a beat. Suddenly, there's a terrific rumbling. Cordy throws her arms around Angel's shoulders.

Cordy: Earthquake!

Angel: Subway...

Cordy: Right, just the subway.

There's quiet again. Then Cordy cellphone rings.

Angel jumps: Jeez!

Cordy: Sorry, cellphone.

Cordy's trying to hear what Wesley's saying on the phone, and Angel is hover near her in a nice close way.

Cordy: Huh? What? Say that again ... (to Angel, "so there") ...oh, he's invincible is he..? ... he went to a what? (to Angel) Slog Demon, what's that? Some kind of Doctor demon that collects rare organs... cut out his heart! Absolutely cannot be killed... wait, what, how long..? Six what?! (stamps foot) What? Hello? (re: phone) Uhhhh, no signal... (to Angel) Ok, the guy's invincible but it only lasts for so long and then he dies.

Angel: How long?

Cordy: He said six, I dunno, minutes, hours, weeks -- (re: cell phone) I hate these... Come on, give me a signal...

Angel: It's good news. All we have to do is wait him out.

Cordy: Right. We'll just wait here until we're sure -

The wood behind them is shattered and James, like the Terminator, comes barreling through.

Cordy and Angel are running. They race up to the subway station and Angel drags (meaning that they're still holding hands) Cordy down the stairs to the subway. James is hot in their pursuit.

They barrel inside a subway car just as the door closes, leaving James. Cordy, still latched onto Angel, sticks her tongue out at James :-P James de-morphs and grabs onto the last car of the subway.

Meanwhile, Angel and Cordelia are inside.

Cordy: (still freaked) Should we get off at the next stop and double back? He won't expect that -- or should we stay put till the end of the line, get as much distance between us as -

Angel: Shhh.

Angel's looking up at the roof, listening.

Cordy: What? He couldn't possibly -

Angel suddenly yanks Cor out of the way as James crashes in.

James: This is a new twist in an old snake, is it possible you care about someone who isn't you?

Angel: Don't worry about her.

James: You've changed... you're not the same man who screwed Darla and couldn't care less what happened to her.. .

Angel: Where'd you hear..? Oh, you mean back in the day, right.

Cordy: (from behind Angel) He has changed, a lot. He has a soul now and he cares about people.

James: (to Angel) So you might feel something when I snap her neck.

Cordy: It's not like he's losing sleep with the caring...

James: Lucky me, now I can kill the woman you love.

I choose to believe that James has perception on what Angel feels for Cordy... :-)

Angel: No, you can't.

James: Are you forgetting who's the invincible one here?

Angel: The woman I love is dead.

Angel, meanwhile, does not have that perception.

James: Who are you talking about? (Beat.)

Cordy: It happened three months ago, we try not to say her name too much.

James: You loved someone? With all your heart?

Angel: (beat) Yes.

James: No. You didn't. If you had you wouldn't be standing here playing games with me. You wouldn't be able to, because when she died -- or when some bastard killed her -- it would have killed everything in you.

This goes to show that Buffy *was* the love of his life, but he's moved past her, moved on.

Angel: I wouldn't be able to go on living.

James: Don't worry. You won't...

James reaches down, grips one of the subway benches and rips it out of the floor.

James: (cont'd) (re: Cor) ...she won't, either.

Well, after the fight James dies. His 6 somethings were up. Now Cordy and Angel are safely back home at the hotel.

Cordy: And how are you?

Angel: I'm o -

Cordy: Don't tell me "okay", Angel, please, I know you and ever since you came back from your grief-trip I can tell something's not right. (quickly) And obviously it's not -- Buffy's dead, I don't mean to diminish that. I miss her, too, we weren't all that close but she saved my life about a kazillion times and I can't even imagine what you... (beat) I just want to say: I know that James with all his Romeo and Juliet madness opened up a lot of wounds for you, but you'll be okay.

Cordy says "I know you." which Angel said to her earlier, too.

Angel: I am okay.

Cordy: Then what's the problem?

Angel: That I'm okay. That losing Buffy didn't kill me, that I could deal with it. In all those years no one ever mattered, not like she did. And now she's gone. Forever.

Cordy: (catching on) And you're still here.

Angel: Yeah. And it feels like I'm betraying her somehow.

Cordy: No. If you were a loser, if you were a sick obsessed vampire, you'd go to a snod demon or whatever and get your heart cut out. But you're not. You're a living, breathing -- well a living, anyway -- good guy who's still fighting and trying to help people. That's not betraying her, that's honoring her.

Angel: Ya' think?

Cordy: I'm Cordelia, I don't think, I know. Okay?

Angel: (beat, smiles) Okay.

Good ol' Cordy.

Extra Quotage

Gunn: When is he comin' back, anyway?
Cordy: Soon as he works through his grief a little.
Gunn: A little? Buh -
Cordy: Don't say the "B" word.

Angel: Place looks good. You guys have a busy summer?
Wes: Not too -
Gunn: Couple a quick cases.
Cordy: What are you talking about? We had a gi-normous summer, I had more visions than a psychic hot line and we were nearly killed a buncha -- ohhhh, we're trying to make Angel feel better about bailing on us all summer -- can we get some hand signals or something for these things?

Cordy: ...James and Elisabeth had the big forever love. If he's still around and he finds out who killed her... (looks to Angel)
Wes: He's going to want revenge.
Angel: If he's still around. If they're still in love. It was a long time ago.
Cordy: Yeah, two hundred plus years and the girl's still wearing the locket. You see me wearing Curt Eisenthorpe's football ring or Xander's Meet Medallion? (All three men look at her. Gunn turns to the guys.)
Gunn: I'd like to take this one. (to Cor) So... what kind of meat did he have that earned him a medallion?
Cordy: Not that kind of meat -- swim meet, he was on the swim team. Get your mind out of the gutter. All of you!

Cordy: (to Angel, proudly) Uh-huh, see? We've got sources now. Angel: Wow. You're almost like real detectives.

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