Subtlety >> There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

C/A spice: Medium

There wasn't much subtext, but the bit that there was, was poignant.

In the first tidbit, Angel is in Fred's cave and a warrior has just attacked them. An exchange between Angel and the warrior...

Angel: What can you tell me of the Princess?

Captain: The filthy cow-bitch that brought you into our world?

Beat. Angel leans in, speaks softly:

Angel: Call her that again, I will remove your face. Slowly.

In this cut line, Angel and Fred are at the rebel camp meeting up with Wes and Gunn.

Angel: Is it true Cordy's supposed to mate with some kind of creature? (Wes and Gunn nod) That seems to happen to her a lot. (Wes and Gunn nod) We have to stop it.

In the final production, Angel tells the guys about the Host. Here, instead, he first asks about Cordy (priorities) and then tells them about the Host.

Angel challenges the Groosalugg to a fight. The evil head priest, Silas, tells Groo that if he loves his Princess then he will kill Angel.

Silas: If this filth should win, he will ravage and defile her. He will use her for his pleasure, again and again, and when she has no more screaming in her, he will kill her.

I shudder at the thought. Angel would never try to hurt Cordelia. But hey, what can you say about evil priests?

Angel and Groo fight. Angel turns into The Beast. Angel wins but backs off, controlling his demon, and not killing the Groosalugg. Groo hits him. Angel makes a remark about what part of me being noble did you not understand. Cordy comes in to intervene. Anyone want to read my take?

Cordy: Stop! Stop the fight! Don't hurt him, I love him, I LOVE HIM!

Angel: (moved) You love me?

The writers say "moved". Good enough. I'd rather like to think "Angel's heart skips an unbeat..."

Cordy: Not you, dumbass, HIM! I love him! (arms around Groo)


Angel: Oh.

Heart sinks...

Cordy: (to soldiers) Lay down your weapons. Silas is dead. All priests are defeated. Any Guard who harms a human from this day forth shall answer to me!

Angel: But you love me too, right?

Cause I love you....

Soldiers put their weapons down. Cor attends only to Groos.

Cordy: Are you all right? Did he hurt you?

Angel: As a friend and co-worker ...

Doesn't Angel already know Cordy loves him as a friend? See Dead End. I think he liked the initial idea of Cordy's love being more than just friends.

Cordy: What did he do to you? Let's get some bandages over here, people!

Does Cordy really love Groo after 3 days? Or does she love being having someone who loves her? Doesn't she realize that Angel loves her, too?

Angel: Maybe love is too strong a term.

'K. Angel looks like he's talking to himself. I love Cordy, but she doesn't love me? Maybe love is too strong a term for my feelings for her. Oh, guys. Why are there doubts?

When they are back in L.A., Cordy seems happy to be back. She *has* accepted her place, her visions... She even says it back in Pylea when the Groosalugg told her that he would receive them after they mate.

Cordy: I knew there had to be a catch! You can't take my visions, I need them, I use them to help my friends (Ahem, Angel's seer) fight evil back home... Groo... I can't give up my visions. I like them. Okay I don't like the searing pain and agony which seems to be getting steadily worse. And lately, until the vision gets solved: anxiety overdrive... but I'm not ready to give 'em up, either. They're a part of who I am now. They're an honor.

Anyway, when they are getting out of the car, Angel holds his hand out to help Cordy get out and she smiles. That was sweet.

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