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C/A spice: Mild

There wasn't much C/A interaction in this episode. More Angel and Fred and Cordy and that Groosalugg guy. Angel does seem concerned about Cordelia in the first scene though.

Angel, Wes, Gunn, and the Host and being presented to the sovereign rule for sentencing. They enter the room, ready to fight off the guards, to find on the throne... Cordy! Reigning supreme.

Wes: Cordelia..?

Gunn: No way.

Host: (gasp!, then:) That look, it's to die.

Angel: You're... safe.

Cordy: L'il bit. (straightens her tiara) They made me ruler.

Cordy plays with the guys a little, to test her royal powers.

Constable: Shall we gut the cows now, that you might dine on their ignoble flesh, oh Most High?

Cordy: You're most high if you think that's gonna happen. (then) Besides, shouldn't there really be some extended grovelling first?

Angel: (serious voice) Cordelia.

Cordy: O-kay... (beat; then) Off with their heads!

The palace guards draw their swords and scythes ready to behead.

Cordy: (breezily) Kidding.

Heh, heh. Cordy orders the guards away in her important voice. The guys hold steady as the guards leave. As soon as they do, Cordy rushes towards them with open arms with a burst of glee.... Wesley, Gunn, and The Host rush toward Cordy with big smiles too -- right past her to:

Wes: Oh, God!

Gunn: Food!

Host: I thought I'd never see food again!

Meanwhile, Angel approaches Cordelia. See, he cares about Cordy more than food. Ok, there is that whole vampires don't need food thing.... What I noticed in this scene, while Cordy is turned around annoyed that Wes and Gunn care about the food more than her, Angel gives Cordy a full once-over from behind in her slinky outfit.

Angel: What happened?

Cordy: What's it look like? They jabbed me with hot pokers for a while (Angel flinches a little), then made me a princess.

Here's the cute litte hair scene.

Cordy: Geeeaaagh!

Angel - has found a full length mirror. He stands before it, examining his reflection... touching his hair.

Cordy: He's reflecting!

Wes: Yes, the metaphysical laws that govern our world don't seem to apply here.

Gunn: He can walk in the sun, too. (Cordy smiles excitedly for Angel.)

Angel: (patting his hair) Okay. This is because of going through the portal, right?

Cordy: No. (shakes her head in a pitying "poor Angel" way") It always looks like that.

Wes: Angel, while we search here for the proper incantation, it might save us time later if you and the Host hit the streets, see if you can document any portal activity --

Angel: I don't get it...

Wes: Well, the Host knows this world. We have to ascertain if...

Angel: (still with the hair) No, I mean why didn't anyone tell me?

Cordy: (rolling her eyes) You look good.

Angel: (still admiring himself) You're not just saying that?

In the scene where Wes and Gunn are prisoners of the rebels, to prove that he is a close personal friend of the princess Wesley shows the rebels a picture of Angel, Cordy, and himself together. Angel and Cordy looked quite cute together in a kodak.

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