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Angel, Wesley and The Host stand in the empty Caritas, looking at the spot where Cordy used to be. The Host is way wigged. Cordy has disappeared. While Wes somewhat keeps cool, Angel manages to display the key signs of a major trauma in one scene. The director Fred Keller in his commentary on the Season 2 DVD called Cordy Angel's "lady love".

Wes: Cordy? (A beat.)

Angel: (calling out) Cordelia?

Another beat. Cordy's nowhere in sight.

Wes: (stunned) On no. Oh my God, no.

Angel starts looking behind the stage curtain, under tables, or wherever he may happen to be standing. He's freaking out big time.

Angel: Cordy? Cordy!

Wes: How could I let this happen? She's--

Angel: (interrupting) No. She's here. Somewhere. She's just... hiding. Cordy! Cordy!

First reaction, denial. It didn't happen. It couldn't have happened. How could this happen? They can't do this to me.

Wes: Angel--

Angel: What?

Wes: She's gone. (A beat.)

Wes: Cordy got sucked into the portal. She's in the Host's dimension now.

A pause, then Wes and Angel both turn to look at the Host, who is still wigged beyond measure.

Angel: *Where's* Cordelia?

Here we insert the Cordy scene in the other dimension. She realizes what happened and calls out for Angel, then Wesley. No one responds. Then we go back to the Caritas scene where the Host is now pouring himself a drink, rambling nervously. Angel looks ready to kill something. Wes starts...

Wes: Okay. We have to approach this logically--

Angel: You know what? Screw logic. We're getting Cordy back. (flips through the book) We're opening another portal, and we're goin' in after her.

Host: Oh no.

Wes: Angel, I don't think that's a good idea.

Angel: Wesley, I don't think I care.

Whoops. There's anger. Red, hot, impatient anger coming at us. Don't get in his way, he's getting her back.

Host: (sinking below the bar) I'm just gonna, y'know...

Wes: But we're completely unprepared! We should go back to the hotel, do some research--

Angel: I don't wanna research, all right? I wanna jump through the big swirly hole thingy and save Cordelia. (starts reading) Krv Drpglr--

Anger, followed by dislogic. Non level headed thinking. What does that remind us of? Oh, yeah. 'Think with your *heart*, not your head.'

Wes: *We might never be able to get back!*

A pause. Angel looks up. The Host freezes, eyes bar-level.

Angel: (meaningfully) It's Cordy.

After all, that's what it all boils down to, doesn't it? Saving her. Angel reads the incantation again. Nothing happens. He reads it again where the portal appeared before. Nothing happens.

Angel: What, is it out of batteries. Is the thing out of batteries?

Host: I don't know. I don't know how it works!

Angel: (slamming the book closed) Damnit! (sinks into the stage) I just got her back.

That's despair settling in. It's followed by disbelief, and finally defeat. It's sinking it for Angel that he might lose her again. There we have it. In a very Hollywood Access tag style... Wes thinks, The Host drinks, and Angel's on the brinks - of a nervous breakdown.

Back in the hotel, Angel interrogates the Host with a "no nonsense, don't give me any crap, 'cause we have to save Cordy" tone. Here's an excerpt.

Angel: You're saying Pylea is a hell dimension? That Cordy's in hell? (seriously pissed)

Host: Oh, not literally. But it runs a close second.

Angel: ("I've been to hell") I find that hard to believe.

He's frustrated. When Gunn comes and tells Wes and Angel that he's not going, Angel's more frustrated.

Wes: You know, Gunn does have... responsibilities. Ties. People to take care of.

Angel: So do I. And right now you and I have to figure out how to save her.

"Her", being Cordy, being his ties, his person to take care of.

A good scene, that was cut. Why do they have to cut these scene? Yeah, I know, for the time allotted, but still.

Angel: I wanna go. Bad. Just waitin' for Wes to have that "eureka" moment.

If you recall, in the final production, Wes screams "eureka" right away. In an original draft of the script, there's more to it.

Host: Ugh. Waiting's the worst.

Angel: I just... I picture her out there, all alone, standing in a desert, nothing for miles around...

Host: Oh, sweetie, don't picture her there. The only desert in Pylea's made entirely of quicksand.

Angel: Is... this you comforting me? 'Cause you suck.

Host: Sorry. (beat) Angel, there's something I have to tell you.

Angel looks at him. Uh oh.

Angel: About Cordy?

Host: Yeah. It's... not good.

Angel: (bracing himself) Okay.

Host: You're not gonna want to hear this.

Angel: Then don't make me wait.

Host: Point taken. You see, where I come from, humans are... how do I put this? They're slaves.

Angel: Slaves? (grins) Right. I can just see Cordy doin' that. I can barely get her to clean out her coffee cup.

Host: Angel -- it's not a joke. They're slaves, in the very real sense of the word: they're spit on, abused, beaten -- and if they step out of line...

He trails off, letting the implication hang. Angel's grin fades.

Angel: You're kidding. (off Host's face) You're not kidding.

Host: It's total compliance. They only way they stay alive is to keep their eyes down, mouths closed, do their work, and stay invisible. Disrespect is punishable by death.

Angel: Mouths closed? (a beat, Angel stands) We gotta go get her, NOW.


Extra Quotage

(of a worried Angel)

Host: Well then, why not just wait 'til the portal's recharged?
Angel: Because we've already wasted enough time. We have to find another hot spot, and fast.
Wes: Angel, that's not our only problem.
Angel: (frustrated) Of course it's not.

Angel: Then what will work, Wesley? It's been twelve hours since Cordy was sucked through the portal. There's no telling what could have happened by now. Angel: 11:16. Cordy's been gone almost 24 hours now.

Angel: You guys. We'll work out another way to get back. We will. But right now we gotta find Cordy. That's why we're here, right? She needs us

Angel: They're talking about a girl with visions-- A Covenant... a curse... something about testing the girl for the sight-- (beat, pained) They say she screamed.

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