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C/A spice: Strong

Angel is a little uncomfortable in a public place, but of course he'd go for Cordy's celebratory dinner! The scene in the teaser is the gang is out celebrating Cordy's commercial role in a very normal restaurant talking rather normally. Here's the C/A highlights of the conversation.

Gunn: You're gonna knock 'em dead and make a ton of money.

Angel: What he said plus don't leave us when you get famous.

Guys drink. Cordy smiles.

Cordy: I'm touched... don't worry, I can't leave you guys... not while I'm the proud owner of the mind shattering, ever more debilitating visions.

Awww, it's just like Jenna Kay's fic, "Potholes, Pratfalls, and Passion". Angel is afraid Cordy will leave him once she finds her fame. Anyway....

Cordy: I feel a little guilty.

Angel: (trying to hide his pain) Don't. Nineteen dollars for a sashimi couscous appetizer is money well spent. This is your night. How is it anyway, pretty good? It oughtta be pretty good...

Cordy: It's delicious, but that's not what I feel guilty about.

Angel: Oh. (beat) I'm not cheap, I'm just old: I remember when a few bobs got you a meal, a bottle and a tavern wench.

Angel's still adjusting to the 21st century era. Speaking of endeavors at normal-ness, here's a blunder. Angel sees a women wearing a shawl, comes up to her and grabs it.

Angel: No, your Brahanian Battle Shroud woven from the skin of dead children. You think I don't know a Voctar Witch when I see one?! You think I can't read the markings... (re: designs, he deflates) ...huh, they look a little different up close...

Cordy: (races up) It's a beautiful shawl, M'am... (to Angel) A beautiful thousand dollar Laura Mina original(to woman) My friend just loves beautiful things... so much he can't control himself because... he's from France. We're so sorry.

Saved by Cordy. Then, Cordy links her arm through Angel's and pulls him away. I swear, they looked like the *cutest* couple.

Now this scene, this was the C/A scene of the week. Angel comes to the studio Cordy is shooting her commercial in to ask her a question? Yeah, right. He went all the way, found the studio, to ask Cordy what the Haklar demon ate. < g > Is it possible that was a lame excuse for Angel to check up on her?

Angel walks into the studio. He sees a beautiful blonde in a bikini and walks toward her. She smiles and is about to say hi when he brushes right past her into the beach set, taking in the fake "sunshine". Angel is closing his eyes and soaking of the rays, when...

Cordy: What are you doing here?

Angel: Getting a tan... not bursting into flames.

Cordy: So... what are you doing here?

Angel thinks for a slight second, then, as if it were a rehearsed excuse line....

Angel: I need to ask you something. In your vision--

Cordy reacts as she sees someone approaching.

Cordy: Shut up. Here comes Seth. The Director. (to Seth) Hi. I just wanted to say "Thanks" for casting me.

Seth: You're welcome, lose the bathrobe.

Cordy: Excuse me?

Seth: What's wrong, you don't speak English? (to Assistant) She doesn't speak English? (to Cordy) The wardrobe. I need to see it. Lose the robe, princess.

Cordy: Sure.

And Cordy removes her bathrobe to reveal a string bikini made out of seashells. Angel glances at Cordy and turns back. Then his eyes double over and looks again closer, the full once-over :-) He's surprised, and then annoyed as Seth checks her out.

Seth: Turn around.

Cordy turns around. She's facing Angel now, a little embarrassed as Seth checks out her derriere. Angel just keeps staring at Seth threateningly.

Seth: Nothing wrong there. Okay, turn. (Cordy does.) When is she going to make-up?

Cordy: I've already been to make-up.

Seth: Really? Well, take her back, tell David to get rid of those circles under her eyes. She looks like a refugee from an abused woman's shelter.

Cordy: (weakly) I had food poisoning--

Seth: (amused) Yeah, right. You eat. Good one. (to Assistant) Tell David I'm supposed to want to sleep with this woman. I don't. Do you want to sleep with her? Who am I talking to? Of course you don't.

By this time, Angel's heard enough. He approaches Seth, extremely pissed off. Yeah, defend your girl!

Angel: You're out of line. Now apologize to her.

Seth: Let me guess. Wannabe rocker or part- time male model... I could go either way on this one. Angel advances, gets in his face.

Angel: I said apologize.

Seth: Billy? Get security.

Cordy: Angel... (grabs his arm lightly)

Angel: Who the hell do you think you are?

Seth: I think I'm the director. (to Cordy) And I think you're real smart for bringing your unemployed boyfriend to my set to tell me how to film my commercial. That's really helping your career.

Cordy: I'm sorry. He won't bother you anymore.

Seth: I know he won't. Because security's going to toss his ass in about two minutes. Now get to make-up and hope they can work miracles. And with that, Seth walks away. Cordy returns to Angel, devastated.

And with that, Seth walks away. Cordy returns to Angel, devastated.

Angel: You want me to rip that guy's head off for you? 'Cause I could, you know. Really. I mean, actually *rip* his head right off his body. I can do that.

He says it in the sweetness, cutest, angry way. Angel is definitely playing the role of the protective boyfriend. Notice how neither Cordy or Angel denied the boyfriend thing when the director said it.

Cordy: Are you trying to ruin my career? Is it, like, a conscious effort on your part?

Angel: No, I just--

Cordy: You have to go now. (barely a beat) Why are you still here?

Angel: I have to ask you a question.

Cordy: (pissed) What?

Angel: In your vision, did the Haklar demon you saw eat his victim whole, or did he just rip out the liver? 'Cause, funny story, according to my informant liver-eating Haklars have different feeding grounds than the people-eaters, and I need to know which kind it was so I can track it down and kill it.

Cordy: (concludes) I hate my whole life.

Angel comes back to the hotel with something on his mind. Wes senses his bad mood.

Wes: Angel? Is everything alright?

Angel: (worried sigh) It's Cordy.

Wes: What about her?

Gunn: The headaches getting worse?

Wes: What happened?

Angel: Nothing *happened*. It's just... acting's her dream job? That's the world she really wants to live in? With people like that? I don't get it.

Angel knows Cordelia's grown. A couple years ago, the showbiz world would have been exactly what she wanted, but she's changed from the superficial girl she once was.

Wes: Who are you talking about?

Angel: Mr. "Hey, I'm L.A. Director Shooting a Commercial, So I Must Be The Center Of The Universe" Guy. Like anyone who isn't making it in show business is just a step or ten down the food chain. I mean, hey, all we do is save the world, right? (before they can answer) And the way he talks to Cordy, it's like she's a commodity, like she's his slave or something. And you know what the worst part is? (beat) She just took it. When was the last time Cordy took crap from any of us?

Gunn: Never and the day after never.

Angel rants. Angel rants adorably on the topic of Cordy. Angel makes some very good points, too. Going on, can we forget....

Angel: Exactly, plus, he's got her wearing this ridiculously flimsy swimsuit that covers... (picturing it with a dreamy-lusty look....) like nothing.

A long pause, as they exchange guilty looks all around. Finally--

Wes: Appalling.

Gunn: Disgusting.

Angel: Right.

To everyone who said Cordy and Angel were family and it'd be incest, they're *like* family. Keyword, like. They care and love each other like family. Doesn't mean they are.

As Angel, Wes, and Gunn return to the hotel to find Cordy sitting on the ottoman, pensive. She's not crying now, but by her looks, she was not too long ago.

Wes: Cordelia.

Angel: Hi.

She doesn't say anything. Angel can only assume that she's pissed at him. He goes to her.

Angel: Look, I just want to say... if I was out of line today...

Cordy: If you were out of line? If? You're comfortable with your use of the word "if" here, are you?

Angel: (chastised) I'm sorry I embarrassed you.

Cordy: (a beat, down) Who am I kidding? I embarrassed myself. I just wanted to act, that's all. For them to like me because I was good. I never wanted to feel like this.

Poor Cordy. Angel was right. She shouldn't want to live in a world like the showbiz world. She deserves better.

Later that day, while the Host is explaining about his Drokken problem.

Cordy is sitting on an otto and moans.

Host: What's with her?

Wes: Food poisoning.

Angel: A very expensive appetizer.

Cordy jerks back now, clearly in migraine pain. Angel and Wes rush over to support her.

Angel: Or possibly a vision.

After the vision, Cordy is still reeling from the pain.

Angel: Are you okay?

Cordy: Why does everybody always ask me that?! Do I look ok?!!!

Angel back off, Cordy's clearly miserable right now and not herself.

Extra Quotage

Wes: We managed to kill the Haklar just as it was about to devour a group of power walkers.
Angel: It was horrible.
Cordy: I know. I saw it up close in my stupid vision, remember?
Angel: Not the Haklar. The Power Walkers. I mean, walking I get. But power walking? Why not just run for a shorter time? (beat) Weird. (re: Wes' cut) Plus one of them hit him.
Cordy: A Power Walker did that?
Wes: Apparently she felt I was disrespecting the Haklar's culture by killing it.
Angel: The "about to swallow her whole" thing... not really sinking in.
Cordy: (shakes her head, defeated) This town sucks.

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