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C/A spice: Strong - Caring

The scene in the teaser.

At the vision of the man stabbing his own eye, Cordy jerks up with a gasp. She stumbles backwards, crashes against the bookcase, against the cabinet, and finally sinks to the floor.

Angel rushes to her and helps her to sit up. Wesley comes too.

Angel: Cordelia, -- Cordelia. Cordy! (to Gunn) Get her some water.

Angel holds her in his arms as she gasps and chokes. He shares a worried glance with Wesley.

Angel: What is it? What did you see?

Cordelia keeps seeing the flashes of her vision. She cries and continues gasping.

Angel: (quietly soothing) Easy. You're okay.

Cordy puts her head on Angel's knee, closing her eyes and sobbing. Angel cradles her, looking pained.

Cordelia still takes comfort in Angel's embrace. His look of concern was so heartsoring.

Cordy is sitting in her desk. The others are standing in front of her. She is touching her forehead and telling them about her vision.

Cordy: He had to be crazy. But he didn't *feel* crazing. He felt normal. Until he started stabbing himself.

Wes: But you don't know where this occured?

Cordy: (frustrated) I told you. It was in a house. It could have been an apartment. In a kitchen.

Gunn: (gently) We've got to narrow it down a little.

Cordy: A nice kitchen? I don't--

Angel: It's all right. We'll figure it out.

He sees how difficult this is for her, and speaks up.... When Angel and Wesley are leaving, Angel shows more concern.

Angel: (to Gunn) Hey, keep an eye on her, will you?

Gunn: Sure.

Angel walks over to Cordelia who has her head down, still hurting. Angel leans down, touching her hand/knee?

Angel: We'll be back.

Gunn is on the phone. Cordy is busy dusting everything. Angel walks up to Gunn and the first thing he says is...

Angel: How's she doing?

Gunn: She's been pretty quiet. She grunted once around noon, then got on with the maniacal cleaning.

Angel sighs.

The spoilers for this episode said that "Cordy's visions will get painful, leading one of the gang to be especially concerned". I guess it meant Angel. The spoilers also said that Gunn and Cordy's romance would be in full blossom mode by now. I guess that's down the drain. Hopefully. Anyway, when Wesley comes back and the team compare notes, they realize that aren't getting anywhere and need more information.

Angel: Well, you know, we'll just have to (drops his voice) talk to Cordelia. Get her to--

Gunn: Dig a little deeper.

Wes: (to Angel) Go ahead. Probably best not to crowd her.

Angel: Me? You're the one in charge now.

Wes: You're right. That's why I'm assigning this one to you.

Good Wesley. He knows that Angel can talk to Cordelia. They have a special bond.

Wes and Gunn both stand at the other side of the room as Angel approaches Cordelia.

Angel: Hey. (Cordy keeps dusting, he goes on.) Boy, I mean, you could see your reflection in that glass. I mean, I couldn't, because of the whole vampire situation. But a normal person-- (whistles)

Cordy stops: (exasperated, tired) What do you want?

Angel: We need help. We're not getting anywhere.

Cordy: I'm sorry. He's probably dead by now.

Angel: (stepping forward) We don't know that for sure. There could be others.

Cordy: I wish it would stop hurting.

Angel swallows hard, in a "I can't stand to see you in so much pain" way.

Cordy: (turning around) What do you want me to do?

Angel: I'm not exactly sure. Maybe you can look again. I mean, inside.

Cordy: That's all I've been doing, all day.

She touches her head again, seeing flashes of the vision again.

Cordy: A guy in a kitchen. A normal guy. And he picks up a knife. And, oh god. I think he had kids.

Angel: How do you know that?

Cordy: Cereal bowls, on the table. And, um, there was a bookbag. It has a name of a school on it. D-something. Delaney, or Delancey school.

Angel: That's good. That's great. Anything else?

Cordy: (sobs) Ohh. I just keep seeing it.

Angel: Ok. Get some rest. Wesley and Gunn will look into it first thing in the morning.

He can see this is causing her a lot of pain, and doesn't want to pry. He wishes he could do something to help her. Angel's not exactly what to say now.

Angel: Can I get you something?

Cordy: Why does everyone keep asking me that?

Angel: (puts his hands up and steps back) No reason.

How can we forget this scene?

Angel is handed a box by a delivery guy.

Angel: Thanks. Keep the change.

Delivery Guy: Wow, a whole dollar just for me. I'm the luckiest delivery man ever.

Angel scoffs as he carries the box over to the reception counter. He starts taking various things out of it and setting them on the counter.

Cordy: What's all this?

Angel: Lunch. I was hungry.

Cordy: You don't eat food.

Angel: Well, I can. It doesn't keep me alive. But, you know, sometimes I get a hankering.

Cordy: You had a hankering for turkey, ham, and roast beef sandwiches?

Angel: You missed the vegetarian.

Cordy: Soup and salad, too? (little laugh) What is going on here?

Angel: I forgot what you liked.

Cordy looks at him: Why didn't you ask me?

Angel: Well, you said 'Why is everyone asking you if they can get you anything?' and I didn't want to do that.

Cordy: So you did this instead?

She looks angry. Angel looks worried that he had upset her and ready to apologize at any moment. *He looked so cute just then!*

Angel: Yep.

Cordy, looks down at the food, then up at Angel.

She concludes: I love you.

Angel's worried look turns into a big smile. Cordy smiles too.

Cordy: And you ought to do that more often.

Angel: Buy you food?

Cordy: Smile.

La-la-loved this scene, a C/Aers dream. It's very definitive of the C/A ship.

Cordelia is sitting with head down on her desk, occasionally sobbing quietly, while Wesley and Gunn watch her. Wes tells Gunn that last year a demon released a slew of visions on her, putting her in the hospital, out of her mind.

Gunn: She's been a little crankly lately, but it's not like she's--

Cordy: (from the other room) Angel? Where are you? I can't-- Are you there?

Gunn: Crazy.

Oh, poor thing! She's delusional. She's calling out for Angel. Awwww....

Wesley and Gunn burst into the room to see.... Cordy on the phone. With Angel. Oops. Cordy gasps.

Cordy: (exhales, then to Angel on the phone) Nothing. I'm fine. It's just Gunn and Wesley are playing with the doors. (to Wes and Gunn) I'm trying to work here. (to Angel) Ok, we'll wait here. I'm fine. Just, get it done.

When Angel and Lindsey are working together, there's a whole bunch of Angel talking. Here's a Cordy concerned bit that got cut.

Angel: We gotta wrap this up.

Lindsey: What, you get a gold star if we do?

Angel: One of my people needs it to be over -- oh, speakin' of chipper? (chipper) You screw this up in any way that hurts her, I'll stick your new hand in a wood chipper. And that'll be yucky.

The last C/A scene in this episode, including half the scene which got cut out of the final production. The scenario is in the hotel, Cor, Gunn and Wes, some of them with Starbucks-like coffee cups, are talking in hushed tones.

Gunn: He seemed fine last night..

Wes: I think you're worrying too much.

Cordy: All I'm saying is, the last time he got all tangled up with Wolfram and Hart he fired us and went on a rampage. If he wakes up all weird again...

They hear footfalls on the stairs.

Wes: Shhh, it's him, act normal.

Angel descends. It's hard to tell his mood.

Cordy: (very friendly) Morning!

Wes: Hey there big guy.

Gunn: How you doin'?

Angel: (so dark and grim) How am I doin'? How am I doin'? How's it look like I'm doin'.

The three exchange a look: uh oh.

Wes: Angel... you need to get a grip on yourself.

Angel: No, I need to get a grip on (grabs Wes) ... you!

I'm not saying Wes hollers exactly like a girl as Angel bursts out laughing.

Angel: (cont'd) That was so great, the look on your faces!

Cordy: That was not great. There was no greatness there!

She hits him with a book or something.

Angel: What, I can't have any fun?

Gunn: Didn't fool me.

Gunn slips the stake he had in his hand back under the reception desk.

Ok, I can understand why that got cut 'cause of the time limit. Plus, I can't really imagine Wes saying "Hey there big guy"???? or Angel grabbing him and playing that joke. It's not them. Anyway, this scene continues to what actually aired....

Angel: How's everything in your head?

Cordy: What?

Angel: Any vision aftermaths?

Cordy: It's better.

Wes: (turns to Cordelia) What?

Cordy: Ugh. It's just, they're starting to take their toll. (shrugs, weak smile) It's part of the job, right?

The camera turns to Angel, who looks at her with respect, seeing how much she's grown.

Extra Quotage aka Cordy pokes fun at Angel's singing

Gunn: We're at a dead end.
Wes: I thought we had more than that.
Angel: There's only one thing we can do now.
Cordy: (the first to realize) Oh, god. Oh, no.
Wes: The Karaoke bar.
Gunn: Angel's going to sing?
Cordy: Isn't there some other way?
Wes: There has to be. Think, damn it!
Angel: Hey!

(They're at the Karaoke bar.)
Cordy: You should pick something short.
Angel: I was thinking Stairway to Heaven.

Angel: You know, sometimes you just gotta follow your -- (gestures to his nose)
Wes: So, how did your -- (gestures to his nose) -- get you into the N.C.I.C.?
Angel: The what?
Wes: The National Crime and Information Center.
Angel: Oh, that. It's kind of a long story. (starts to walk to Cordy)
Gunn: We got time.
Angel: You know, when I was in charge here, no one questioned my methods or my singing.
Cordy: You're half right.

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