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Cordy, Wes, and Gunn are unpacking files and papers in the main lobby of the hotel. Angel comes down from the stairs and approaches. Wesley glances up, catches Angel's eye, and with a nod, gestures toward Cordelia. Angel gets the message, engage. He draws a breath, crosses to Cordy...

Angel: Uh-

Cordy: Don't.

Angel: Don't?

Cordy: You're gonna start trying to make small talk. Get all stammery. Don't. You might strain something.

An uncomfortable beat. Angel looks over to catch Wesley watching them. Then, caught, he casts his eyes back down at is work again.

Angel turns back to Cordelia and tries again.

Angel: Just... wanted to know how you were. Are. I mean, we haven't really--

Ignoring him, she picks up the box. Angel, instinctively, moves to take it from her.

Angel: Oh, here. Let me get that...

Cordy: It's okay--

Angel: No, I'm glad to--

Cordy: I GOT it!

Angel withdraws. Cordelia turns and addresses him with cold detachment.

Cordy: Okay, you wanna know how I am? Tired, mostly. With "sweaty" running a close second. But, truthfully, I'm also jazzed. Can't wait to get our business up and sputtering again. Ready to help those helpless... (stepping up to him) But, just so we understand each other... You and I? We're not friends.

Angel stares at her, stunned, unsure what to say.

Poor Cordy, I didn't realize she was so hurt. Poor Angel, *he* didn't realize she was so hurt.

After that exchange, Cordy gets the vision. Notice that Angel catches her but he immediately calls Wesley. After Cordy tells them the vision info, Wes and Gunn rush off, Angel stays behind for a minute longer.

Angel: Are you--?

Cordy: Fine.

Angel: You should... take off. The rest of the night, I mean. Go home. Order- order Chinese.

Hehe, Angel so flustered that he trips over something. That proves it, vampires can be clumsy.

After fighting the vamps in green robes.

Gunn: Cordelia said blue robes, didn't she?

Wesley: It's dark. Perhaps she was mistaken.

Angel: (defensive) Hey, I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt before just condemning her like that, don't you?

How sweet to defend Cordy, but watch your words :-)

Wes and Angel see a symbol on the robes and Wes decides to call Cordy.

Wes: (pulls out a cell phone) I'll put Cordelia on it.

Angel: Um... Actually, I gave Cordelia the night off.

Wes: Did you?

Angel: I just thought... Well, she looked so tired. And that vision really took a lot out of her. And... (new thoughts) You think maybe I should send her something? Flowers, maybe?


Wes: Flowers?

Angel: Yeah. You know, to say 'thanks.' And 'sorry about the migraines.' You know... 'I appreciate you.'

Wes: Yes, by all means. And while you're at it, pick me up one of those "SORRY YOU WERE SHOT IN THE GUT" bouquets!

Ok, Angel didn't shoot you. But I get where Wesley is coming from. I'm admiring Wesley's handling of this whole thing. He's been the most compassionate and mature of them all. While Wes clearly understands how important Cordelia is to Angel, Wesley, and anyone else would feel that Angel is taking his friendship for granted.

Angel: Right. Sorry.

Wes: You can't buy back her trust, Angel. Or her affections.

Angel: She said... She said we're not friends, Wesley.

Wes: (not unsympathetic) I know. There is only one thing you can give her, Angel. That's time. Cordelia's got a lot of pain to work through.

Here's the Wes and Angel burst in Cordy's apartment with weapons pointed at Harmony scene. After a few exchanges about how Harm's a vampire, an EVIL vampire, Cordy defends Harm, Angel and Wes plans to kill her...

Wes raises the crossbow at Harmony. Cordelia is about to protest when Angel gently pushes the crossbow down.

Angel: Wes. You can't. Cordelia feels her friend doesn't pose a threat. I think we should respect her wishes.

Cordelia eyes Angel, warily. As does Wesley.

Angel: I'm just saying...

Ok. Angel's trying to be on Cordy's side. He's trying. Very, very hard.

Some cut lines at the karoake bar. Harmony's singing, Cordy's asking what the Host sees.

Host: I think your friend should reconsider the name "Harmony." So the League of Justice is back together. Must be tinkled pink that Angelfood's returned to the fold.

Cordelia nods with unconvincing enthusiasm.

Host: Hmm. You're positively giddy.

In Angel's car, Angel and Wes are in front. Cordy, Harmony, and Gunn are riding in the back.

Harm: Woo-hoo! This is gonna be great. I'm an evil fighter. That's why I suck at being evil. I was meant to fight evil. It's so clear to me now. Is this what it feels like to have a purpose? Wow. Look at us, working together. Never had a job before. We can meet at the water cooler and gossip.

Cordy: Harm, I'm trying to concentrate here.

Harm: Ooh, sorry. (beat, to Gunn) So how long you been fighting evil?

As she continues blathering on...

In the front seat, Wesley looks over at Angel. They keep their voices down so as not to be heard.

Wes: Angel...

Angel: It's your place to tell her. [Cordy]

Wes: She's not listening to me.

Angel: Welcome to my world.

Referring to the fact that Cordy is not giving him the time of day to explain himself.

After a whole debacle with Harmony about guarding the car and not killing or maiming people, Cordy says she'll talk to her. Wes and Gunn head off leaving Angel and Cordelia with Harm. Here's the scene, plus some cut lines.

Cordy starts to move toward Harmony. Angel takes her arm and pulls her aside.

Cordy: Touching... with the hand.

Angel: Y'know, I've tried not to say anything... Tried to step back and wait for things to sort themselves out but... (pointedly) Harmony can't work with us.

Cordy: (begrudgingly) I know. It's just temporary. I mean, look at her. She's loving this. Giving her a reason to go on--

Angel: I don't want her going on. And neither should you. She's the enemy.

Cordy: Now you're sounding like Wesley.

Angel: Because he's right. Look, I know how painful this is. Believe me. But you're letting your personal feelings cloud your judgment...

Cordy: (cannot believe him) Said the pot to the kettle.

Angel: Yeah, okay, irony not lost on me. I screwed up. Difference is, I never, once, lost sight of what Darla was... or what she was capable of.
Harmony will turn on you.

Cordy: Why? Because you did?

Angel: Because it's her nature. She's a vampire.

Cordy: So are you.

Angel: She doesn't have a soul.

Cordy: Oh. That's it, isn't it? You're better than her because you have a soul.

Angel: (not defensive) Well... yeah.

Cordy: I noticed yours didn't get in the way of betraying the people you work with. Who cared about you.

Angel: I never--

Cordy: And you didn't just betray me, Angel. You didn't just hurt me... You gave away my clothes!

Angel: (hopes this helps) To the needy...

Cordy: I am the needy. Do you know how scared I was you were on your way to becoming Angelus again? Imagine what could've happened it you'd gone nuts and slept with Darla.

Angel looks at her a moment, then, with convincing earnestness:

Angel: You know I would never do that.

Cordelia of course feels betrayed but underneath that she was more worried about Angel.

Harmony betrays Cordelia. In a fight, Cordy is ready to kill her with a crossbow.

Harm: Okay, you're angry. I don't blame you. But, you know it wasn't personal. I'm evil. We're still friends, right?

Cordelia glares at her for a few moments. Harmony squeezes her eyes shut. She carefully opens her eyes. Cordelia's still in her face.

Harm: We're still friends right?

Cordy: No, we're not friends. Now get out of here.

Angel warned her. Harmony betrays Cordelia, and Cordy see it's not the same way that Angel did. We're not friends, Cordy says, mirroring the same words she said to Angel. But she realizes who her real friend is.

After Harmony runs away, Angel comes up behind Cordelia. Without turning, she says: "Not a word."

The previous scene was really the moment of understanding for Cordelia. She knows what Angel means now and knows that he's truly sorry. Of course, the gifts helped, too. :-P

Cordy: (to Angel) Oh, my god! These are gorgeous! You have the most amazing taste! You have, like, a gay man's taste! And that's saying something. I love them so much!

Cordy has two red dresses in her arms. Wesley glances past them to Cordy's workspace where more such items are piled.

Cordy throws her arms around Angel in a big hug and a kiss on the cheek: "Mwha!" Angel's has a huge smile on his face as he hugs her back.

Cordy: Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the best! (another kiss) Mwha!

Wesley frowns disappovingly. His look and slight shake-of-the-head says "you are such a whore."

Cordy: I have to go try these on. (she turns to Angel) La-la-la-la-la-la-la!

She does a happy dance, and Angel dances along for a few seconds.

Cordy: New clothes! I have new clothes!

She breezes out, singing her little "new clothes" song again.

Wesley stands stunned for a moment then looks at Angel, who offers a shrug and a smile.

Angel: I got her clothes.

Angel crosses out the room happily leaving Wesley frowning.

My god, did that scene make my day :-)

Extra Quotage

Angel: The red bird sculpture you saw in your vision - Was it an eagle... a hawk... a falcon...?
Cordy: What am I, the Bird Lady of Alcatraz? It had wings and a beak. For all I know, it was a duck. A big, red duck.

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