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Angel: How do I fix this? What do the Powers want me to do?

A beat as Angel waits expectantly for the answer. Finally:

Host: Does it look like I'm hearing voices? Because I'm not. (then) I'm not your link with The Powers, Angel. I never was. You got rid of that when you fired your crew.

This resonates with him.

Of course, itís Cordelia heís talking about.

Wesley: (re: phone) She's [Cordyís] not picking up.

Angel: She wasn't at home before, either. (off Wesley's look) I went by her place before I stopped by yours.

Wesley: Oh. Did you?

Awww, of course Angel would go to Cordyís first.

Skilosh: Two more have been destroyed.

Cordy: What? Oh, no... Wesley, Gunn... you killed them! They were all I had left! You horrible, ugly, three-eyed..! You killed that sweet family, and now you've murdered my only...

"All I had left" after losing Angel...

Angel gets a lecture from Wesley.

Angel: She's not here.

Wesley: That doesn't bode well.

Again those headlight wash into the room. Wesley rolls closer to the door, watches.

Wesley: That's the third time that truck's circled the block.

Angel: (still looking around) Well -- maybe she's just out. On a date, or with friends or something.

Wesley: That's unlikely.

Angel: It is Friday night, Wesley.

Wesley turns his attention to Angel.

Wesley: So?

Angel: So? We are talking about the same Cordelia Chase, right?

I cannot believe Angel still thinks of Cordelia that way! Wesley is definitely right there, Angel hasnít been paying attention to anything the last few episodes. Heís definitely been screwed in the head.

Wesley: That's correct.

Angel: Well, knowing her...

Wesley: (abruptly and simply) But you don't.

This stops Angel.

Wesley: You don't know her at all. For months now you haven't cared to. Otherwise you might have realized that our Cordelia has become a very solitary girl. She is not the vain and carefree creature she once was. Well... certainly not carefree.

Wesley does not break his gaze, his eyes searing into Angel with quiet, steady authority.

Wesley: It's the visions, you see. The visions that were meant to guide you. You could turn away from them. She didn't have that luxury. She knows and experiences the pain in this city -- and, because of who she is, she feels compelled to do something about it. It's left her little time for anything else.

Angel has absolutely nothing to say at this point. His face is saying it all. He {feels} like shit.

Wesley: You'd have known that if you hadn't had your head firmly up your... place that isn't on top of your neck.

A silent beat. Then:

Angel: We have to find her.

Wesley: I agree. She could be in grave danger.

Angel: And even if she's not.

Angel wants to apologize to Cordelia.

At the beginning of the episode, Angel has an epiphany after a night with Darla, he realizes...

Angel: Before tonight, the only thing I cared about was my obsession with you, Darla. And now... you may be the only thing I don't care about.

Angel realizes that Darla is the one who matters least, so who matters most?

Angel: You guys go ahead.

Wesley: What?

Angel: Go. If we don't take them out, they'll flank us once we get to the house. I'll handle this, then I'll meet you there.

Wesley and Gunn exchange unsure looks.

Angel: I'll be there. Get to Cordelia. (then) That's all that matters.

After saving Cordy from the Skilosh, Wesley looks up to Gunn, nods, smiles. It's done. Now Angel joins them. He slips in there, taking Cordelia by the shoulders, concern etched on his face. She blinks, opens her last two remaining eyes, focuses on Angel. A beat as she registers this. Angel breaks into what he so rarely does -- a big ol' David Boreanaz smile.

Only Cordy can get that DB smile out of Angel!

Cordelia: (still a bit confused) Angel... hi.

Angel: Hi.

Angel: You okay?

Cordelia: No.

Angel reacts, smile going away, now.

Angel: You're not?

She looks at him, shakes her head "no," then --

Cordelia: No. You really hurt my feelings.

They hold the look for a moment. She is the one that breaks it, rises. Gunn and Wes help her. She turns and walks away. Gunn and Wesley look to Angel, but only for a moment, they walk out with Cordelia. Off Angel, alone in this devastated room...

As Iíve said before, Cordelia was hurt the most because she was the closest to Angel.

Office at night. Cordelia moves to pick up a ringing phone.

Cordelia: Angel Investigations. We help the helpless... how can we...

She trails off as she spots...

...Angel standing in the doorway. She and Angel meet eyes...

Meet eyes. Meet... eyes. Meeeet eyeees.

Cordelia: you.

Wesley: I should tell you... we've all discussed it and none of us feels we're ready just yet to...

Angel: It's okay, Wesley. I don't want you to come back to work for me.

They react to that, surprised.

Wesley: Oh. I see.

Angel: I want to work for you.

Another beat and more reactions.

Gunn: (dubious) You wanna work for us?

Angel: Yeah, I do.

Wesley: Why?

Angel: (simply) I think I can help.

Cordelia: How do we know we can trust you?

Angel: Guess I'll just have to earn that.

Cordelia: No.

Everyone looks to her --

Cordelia: No... NOOOOO!

Cordy is hit with a vision, various elliptical spooky images culled from existing material, don'tcha know. We come out of the vision very close on Cordelia. She's still reeling, coming out of it. She blinks at Wes and Gunn.

Cordelia: The usual Big Scary. Rising up in a housing project in Topanga. (eyes shifting as...) And... why is it I'm not on the floor this time?

As we zoom out, Cordy realizes that it is Angel who has caught her. He's still steadying her.

Angel: I've got you.

A beat between them. While she is in his arms, this is not romantic. But it's warm, and it's tender. She rights herself. They separate. She looks to Wesley.

Cordelia: (re: Angel) Maybe he should drive?


Extra Quotage

Angel: Guys, guys -- does it make sense that she would go there in the middle of the night without calling either one of you?
Gunn and Wesley: They owed us money--
Angel: (on the move) Let's go --

Oh, Tim Minear. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. He really is the writer who gives back. I seem to remember awhile ago at the C/A board, someone wrote a letter to him saying something about C/A. He replied saying how he knew they had a special bond too and would like to see that more in episodes. Tim doesnít disappoint. I mean, by just looking at the way the script is written, you can see he might be a C/A shipper.

"She and Angel meet eyes".
"They hold the look for a moment. She is the one that breaks it."
"A beat between them. While she is in his arms, this is not romantic. But it's warm, and it's tender."

All script directions from Tim. Warm and tender, the very definition of our 'ship. Sigh. The last one "not romantic", thatís ok. I take it as a sign that the show recognizes the good possibility, but isnít ready to act upon it... yet. Still, tra-la-la, weíve got at least one writer on our side!

Angelís back and I'm counting on absence to make the heart grow fonder.

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