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C/A spice: Medium

In the C/A scene The Thin Dead Line, Cordy was speaking with her anger. This C/A confrontation was more powerful, because we could see what Cordy is really feeling.

Angel bursts through the door of the new Angel Investigations and surprises both Wes and Cordy.

Wes: "Good Lord."

Cordy: "Angel."

Wes: "May we help you?"

Angel heads straight for the bookcase.

Wes: "Excuse me! That - that area is for employees only."

Angel: "Yeah, you took all the books."

Cordy: "Yeah well, you - you got the waffle iron!"

Cordy walks over and grabs a book out of his hands: "No! You canít take that. Iím - Iím in the middle of that."

Cordy takes a Yellow Pages off the shelf and gives it to Angel: "Here, take this one!"

Angel throws the book down and says in a dangerous voice: "Donít make me move you."

They have a face off, eye to ey. Angel looks dangerously at Cordelia, and she studies his eyes, trying to figure out what heís doing, and whatís happened to him.

Wesley interrupts in a soft voice: "Give him the book, Cordelia."

Cordelia glances at Wes, and then keeps looking at Angel.

Wesley stands up: "Just give him the damn book! Let him get the hell out."

Cordy looks back at Wes, looks hard at Angel one last time. She gives up. Pushes Angel away and pushes the book into his arms.

Cordy: "Here, I donít even know what you are anymore."

When Angel fired the gang, Angelís crew had different reactions. Gunn didnít feel anything particular, except he knew that it was the right thing to do to keep helping people. Wesley was just angry, and needs his own space. If you remember Redefinition, Wesley says: "I won't pretend to understand Angel's reasons. But maybe he needs to be alone right now. And the best thing we can do for him is... to let him be." Wesley also cares about his duty, saying that Angel has abandoned his, but he wonít. Wes is not thinking about trying to understand Angel. He doesn't want to.

Cordelia, who is the one person out of the three with an obligation with the PTB, cares more about Angel himself, than his duty. In this scene, Cordy wanted Angel to stay longer. She wanted to find out what has happened to him. Wesley might have been justifiably angry with Angel, but Cordy might have reached to Angel if Wesley hadnít been there.

Here comes the righteous raging rant, after Angel leaves.

Cordy: "What a jerk."

Wes: "Cordelia."

Cordy: "I mean if it was anyone else, I'd say 'Get Laid' already."

Wes: "Cordelia--"

Cordy: "But, no. Not him. One decent boff, and he switches to - evil psycho vamp! Which, in a way, would be better for everyone. Better for him 'cause he'd get some. And better for us, because then we could (she gestures) stake him afterwards."

Jeez. When did Cordy and Angel get divorced?

Cordy answers the phone: "Good evening. Angphlmn Investigations. We help the helpless, how can we help you?"

Wes on the phone: "What in God's name is Angphlmn?"

Cordy: "Uh, there are just some names I'm not... saying at the moment."

It's ex-boyfriend names that girls don't like to say. Also see Blood Money for a similar line of Cordy's.

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