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C/A spice: Mild - Distasteful

I would just like to say, I was pissed off at Angel *and* Cordy in this episode.

Moment one: Angel walks into the hotel looking sullen. He then walks around a bit and shoves a few papers (left behind from the agency) off the counter. Oh, so now you're feeling cold and alone. And now you're regretting firing your friends. Gee, that took a whole three episodes.

Anne: Angel... this isn't the guy in the long, black, trenchcoat is it?

Gunn: You know him?

Anne: Yeah. He tried to help me out a few weeks ago.

Cordy looks up right away. Then Wesley.

Cordy: (her face lights up) He did?

Wes: Really?

Anne: But it turned out it was just a scam to screw this law firm.

Cordy: (her face falls) Well, he hasn't changed a bit.

Cordy is the quickest to be hopeful, and quickest to have her hopes stomped out again. She's the most vulnerable to the Angel situation.

Cordy and Wes are talking about Gunn's plan to catch the cops in action by letting them attack him.

Wes: "That can't be his plan, can it? I mean, it's - really a dumb plan."

Cordy: "Hey, Gunn graduated with a major in dumb planning from Angel University. He sat at the feet of the master and learned well how to plan dumbly."

Cordy mentions Angel. She's already lost one close friend to dumb plans.

Angel is looking in on Wesley's hospital room. He turns around and sees Cordelia.

Cordy: What are you doing here?

Angel: I heard about Wesley.

Cordy: That's great. Too bad it takes a gunshot wound to make you give a crap. Wesley doesn't need you right now. WE don't need you. You walked away. Do us a favor and just stay away.

Cordelia gives Angel an icy look, and walks away.

This agonizing ending was perfect for this agonizing episode and my whole agonizing day. I mean, I understand where she's coming from, but she can really carry off the ice queen attire. Now I feel sorry for Angel, too. I was heartbroken by this scene, but let's try to shed some light on it. I was watched the ending again. Besides wincing in pain, I noticed some things.

Before Angel fully turns around, Cordy's face looks warm. But she quickly turns her voice cold when talking to him. She's been hurt, and is remembering to be angry with him. Plus, you can just see every word she says is a knife in Angel's heart. That look on his face? I felt sorry for him. Angel stares at Cordelia (and the others too I guess) from the window. He walks away silently.

Extra Quotage

Cordy sees a girl wearing the blouse Angel donated to the shelter in Blood Money coming down the stairs.
Cordy: "Hey! That's my... (The girl looks at her) Sorry. - I have a shirt just like that. (To Anne) The crook at the store said it was one of a kind! Big fibber!"

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