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C/A spice: No Taste

Rant first.

I just so appreciate our brilliant Angel writers. For making my job oh-so-much easier. Since there *are* no C/A moments, I certainly don't have to spend much time keeping track of them, do I? This ep was actually scribed by Joss and David G., who obviously had no appreciation for the C/A specialness the day they wrote it. Thank you, all mighty creators.

Anyway, I'll do my best.

The Host: "Not to mention that Cordelia girl. Ooh! Hot-o-rama! In the: 'Oh my sizzling in my loins!' sense of the word, if you know what I mean.

After that Angel gives him a look. I don't know what the expression on his face meant. The C/A-ers at the C/A board insist it's a "look of death". Like "are you talking about my Cordy like that?" sense of the word. I don't know. Am I stretching it?

I *know* I'm stretching it on this one. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Does Cordelia's hair seem to get blonder and blonder every week? Come to think of it, Angel seems to have a thing for blondes... Personally, I think he should move on to brunettes. But hey, Buffy isn't a natural blond either, k?

Angel: "What is it you want me to tell you?"

The Host: "Everything. What's in your heart, why you stopped caring."

So Angel tells The Host exactly what's in his heart.

Angel: "Now with Wolfram and Hart dogging me, it's too much! 200 highly intelligent law school graduates working full-time to drive me crazy. Why the hell is everyone so surprised that it's working? But no, it's: 'Angel, why are you being so cranky? Angel, you should lighten up. You should smile, you should wear a nice plaid.'"

Doesn't that sound like Cordy being worried about Angel and trying to be chipper?

Extra Quotage

Shall I take this space to rant again? Fortunately, I've calmed down. I can't blame the writers. Let's just hope the team gets back together soon.

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