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C/A spice: Mild

In the first scene, when Gunn and Wes mention that they shouldn't just sit around waiting for Angel to call. First of all, notice how they're waiting at Cordy's for Angel to call - she's the one he'd more likely call. Second...

Cordy: "I thought we weren't going to say the 'A' word?"

Oh, she's hurting.

Gunn: "We'll make our own logos."

Wes: "Right. Something sleek but edgy."

Gunn: "Something that says, 'You need help, we're there.'"

Wes: "Exactly! 'Danger is our business.'

Cor: (having a vision) "Ah..."

Wes: (not noticing) "We'll catch you when you fall."

Cordy falls on the ground: "Oh!"

Why did she fall? Because *Angel* is always the one to catch Cordelia when she's about to fall.

Angel brings some clothes to Anne's teen shelter. Anne takes a shirt out of the paper bag. It's one of Cordy's shirts. Actually, it's the one from "Reunion".

Anne: "Well, that's... not what I expected. What's the matter, doesn't fit you anymore?"

Angel: "Cuts me across the bust. A friend, left her clothes at my place. I won't be seeing her anytime soon, so I figured--"

Anne: "Ex-girlfriend?"

Angel: "God, no."

My initial impression of this scene was annoyance that Angel just gave out Cordy's clothes, without caring. Excuse me? What gives you that right? But then the very smart and insightful SealedNFate pointed out at the C/A board: "Watch 'The Harsh Light of Day' Buffy season four episode three. Parker asks if Spike was her ex. She laughs and then says 'Oh GOD no.' Jeepers. That rings a bell. And oh yeah! What couple are getting together this year on that show?? It's Buffy and Spike! Oh the friggen irony of it all."

Foreshadowing much?

Extra Quotage

Wes: I'll tell you the first thing we're scrapping. These stupid calling cards.
Cordy: They are not stupid! I designed them. That's an angel!
Wes: The universal symbol of the one thing we don't have!

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