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C/A spice: Medium - Jambalaya

Strong on Cordy's site, but nothing from Angel. So I gotta take the average :-( When Angel fires (canned, let go, axed, shown the door, booted) the whole team, Cordy seems most upset and shocked. Gunn doesn't seem to care much. Wesley is just angry. But Cordy is hurt.

Cordy: What just happened? Can someone explain to me what just happened here?

Wes: I believe we were fired.

Gunn: Canned.

Wes: Let go.

Gunn: Axed.

Wes: Shown the door.

Gunn: Booted.

Cordy: All right! I get it. (beat) But what just happened?

I also really liked this cut line. It was... unrequited love-ish.

Cor: Fired? Angel fired us?

Wes: Looks that way.

Cordy: I can't believe this. I gave him the best months of my life.

Cordy's hurt, angered... and jealous?

Cor: "Darla. It's all about Darla. One thing you can say about Angel, at least he's consistent - it's always some little blonde driving him over the edge."

Gunn: Hey, this was a side gig for me. The extra cash was nice while it lasted, but Angel wants to go all Commando? No skin off my nose.

Cor: Well, my nose skin is angry. And hurt. And -

Wes: Disappointed?

Cordy nods in a sorrowful way.

Wes: I won't pretend to understand Angel's reasons. But maybe he needs to be alone right now. And the best thing we can do for him is... to let him be.

Cordy: Alone.

The hopeless, sad way she said alone. Cordy tried so hard to make Angel understand he's not alone, that he has people who love him (like herself!), that he has a place in this world. She feels like she's failed.

Cordy: This is all Angel's fault. I hope he's happy now, all alone in his demon world with no one to talk to.

Again accenting "alone".

In the November draft of the script, Cordy, Wes, and Gunn are singing "I Can't Live If Living Is Without You." for their karoake. Cordelia is crying and singing at the same time. Why did they have to change the song???

Cor's been through a lot of stuff, but she's never been prompted to get drunk before, until the Angel troubles.

Extra Quotage

Cordy: And how am I supposed to find another job? I mean, sure, I can audition 'til my tongue falls out, but day jobs? Hello? What do I put on my resume? "I can type 40 words a minute and, oh, by the way, I once killed an empath demon with a Tak horn? And what about the visions? Do the Powers That Be even realize I've been fired? Just taking a wild stab in the dark here, but I'm betting they don't have a severance package. And what if they keep sending 'em? I'm gonna have these flashes of poor, suffering people I can do nothing about for the rest of my life. God! Talk about your downers. (then) Angel is so selfish. He gets the urge to play Greta Garbo and Wesley and I have to file for unemployment.

Cor: But see? That's what I'm saying. If Wesley hadn't been all shaking-his- finger and no-no-no, maybe this whole Darla thing would have just… you know, blown over.
Wes: Blown over? Angel is obsessed with Darla. Obsessions don't just blow over.
Cor: Well, you certainly didn't help things by making him feel guilty about it. You shamed him into firing us.
Wes: You're blaming this on me?
Cor: I'm not blaming - yes I'm blaming you. You get the blame.

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