Subtlety >> Shroud of Rahmon

C/A spice: Medium

Cordy comes in with a red stain on her shirt, trailed by Wes.

Angel: Cordelia, what happened?

Cordy: It's not blood, it's cocktail sauce, courtesy of Mr. Star Schmoozer here.

Angel: I mean to your head. (she stops) Your hair - it looks great. When did this happen?

Ah-ha. Angel, even in his Darla-obsessed state, noticed Cordy's hair in the same amount of time that Wesley did.

Cordy feels comfortable enough with Angel to change so close to him. And did you catch him peering over the counter???

Ooh! Ooh! I also have the juiciest tidbit from that clothes changing scene. It was a part that was cut out from the final production, but was in the original script:

Wesley: We should find out which museums in the area have recent acquisitions.

Angel: Well, I did a little... I clicked the little... I turned on the computer.

Cordy's head pops over the reception desk (she's wearing a clean BLOUSE), her mouth open.

Cordy and Wesley: You did?

Angel: I know how to turn it on.

Cordy: No, no - that's good. That's really - (she stops) I can't talk to you with no pants on.

Angel: "You have no pants on?"

Cordelia: See, now that you know... it's weird huh?

Notice how Cordelia said it was weird for Angel, now that he knows, but it wasn't uncomfortable for her.

Extra Quotage

Cordy: "Au contraire, his day has been packed; brood about Darla, brood about Darla, lunch, followed by a little Darla brooding..."

Wes: "At any rate, the coffin is sealed now. As long as one doesn't open it, the effects seem to be minimal."
Cordy: "Minimal insane effects. Isn't that nice. Angel's such a balanced creature, maybe he'll only kill a few people!"

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