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C/A spice: Medium - Zippy & Sweet

In the opening teaser, Angel (with Gunn) is breaking into Wolfram & Hart when Cordy (with Wesley) intercepts him.

Angel: What are you two doing here?

Cordy: Um, I'm thinking risking our lives to save yours.

She cares! She really really cares! And...

Cordy: Angel, this is crazy. Listen to yourself. You're all insane and angry and... insane! You need help!

She so concerned, and always the truthful voice of reason in Angel's life.

At the Karoake bar...

Angel: We're going. I don't have to sing.

Cordelia: Oh thank God... (saving it) For your sake, 'cause you don't like to do that.

Cordy's little imitation of Angel, followed by those oh so *amazing* words that everyone wants to hear.

Cordelia: I figure he'll be back pretty quick, though. I mean, this swami guy sounds kinda magic, he can probably just do a spell, zap this obsession out of Angel's head.

Wesley: Intriguing notion. Psychiatry through magic. Instant cures for phobias, compulsions, identity crises--

Cordy: Hey, look at me, I'm Angel!

Cordelia is sitting behind Angel's desk. She spins in his chair.

Wesley: He doesn't generally spin that much.

She stops spinning.

Cordelia: Right, right. This is Angel:

She puts her head on her hand. Sighs.

Cordy: Oh, no. I can't do anything fun tonight. I have to count my past sins and then alphabetize them. Oh, by the way, I'm thinking about snapping completely, maybe on Friday.

Wesley holds up a paper from Angel's desk.

Wesley: Say, look at this. Over and over, "All Work and No Play Makes Angel a Dull Boy." (off Cordy's look) I'm joking.

Cordy: You know, I love Angel and everything, but right now, I'm so glad he's headed the other way.

*I LOVE ANGEL* and she said it so naturally!

Cordy: (referring to Wesley) One day as Angel?! One day, and he's getting some?

Apparently, Angel is very sexual in her eyes. Hmm :-)

Extra Quotage

Cordy: Yes! The point of a gun! He just walked Wesley right out of here. And this whole "I'm Angel" thing is a very, very bad idea. I mean, if I thought that would work, I could've been Angel, because, guess what, pretty much a girly name.

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