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Angel: I'll think about it, all right?

Cor: No think! Pay! That's an order!

Angel: Hey! How 'bout we pretend YOU work for ME.

Cor: You are really unpleasant when you -

Angel: Well then how about we pretend you DON'T.

Cor: You can't fire me. I'm vision girl.

She sticks her tongue out at him. Angel takes a deadpan beat, partially charmed by Cordy, despite himself. He tries to hide a smile.

Angel: Well, I'll think about asking him. Maybe on a case-by-case.

Cor: My hero.

That was an adorable scene. Angel and Cordy debating about paying Gunn. I *love* how she said "my hero".

Angel rushes to Cordy's side again during the migraine vision. See, visions really are good.

Cordy is vision girl AND bandage girl. This bit is so cute.

Cordy is patching up Angel's puncture wounds, front and back. Wes sits in a chair, looking thoughtful.

Cor: I can't get the bandage to - (to Angel) Stop moving.

Angel: I'm not.

Cor: Well, stop breathing.

Angel: I don't breathe.

Cor: (agitated) Then stop flexing your manly boob muscles or whatever.

Did I mention Cordy also buttons Angel's shirt and pats his on the knee? Domestic-ality much? *Sigh*

Angel: (to Cordy) You should stay at your own place tonight. In case she...

That must mean Cordy stays with Angel overnight at the hotel a lot. She even had clothes there for Bethany to borrow.

Angel: Well?

Cordy: Top of the middle of the day to you too, and no, no leads worth mentioning. Of course, we lost a little time during my 45 minutes of sleep. Good thing I left some clothes here, or you'd be smelling me even now.

Gunn: "So, what kind of scaly Pus-monster you all want me to slay this time?"

Angel: "Actually we were hoping you could do some leg-work for us."

Gunn: "Leg-work? That kind of leaves me high and dry with my cool new ax."

Angel: "I'm trying to find a girl. (Cordy touches Angel's hand and rubs her fingers together as if she was counting money. Angel pushes her hand down and keeps right on talking) She smashed a couple of would-be rapists with a dumpster."

Gunn: "Must have been a hefty kind of girl."

Angel: "We think she did it psychically."

Wesley: "Telekinesis, the power of moving things with..."

Gunn: "Yeah, I have heard the word. So, what you all need me to do?"

Angel: "I'm interested in the guys. The got..."

Cordelia: "Smushed?"

She's finishing sentences for him. Ahh. Sigh.

Angel: "Not far from your neighborhood, around Hollywood and Wilcox. You think you could find out who they are?"

Gunn: "You got it. (Starts to leave) But if I come back here on the end of a spatula, I'm expecting some serious workman's comp!"

Cordy touches Angel's hand again: "See? Workman's comp - he wants to get paid!"

Cordy just keeps patting/touching Angel's hand/arm! It's so cute.

Angel: "Cordelia..."

Cordy: "The poor man can't even afford a real ax!"

Angel: "Okay. Okay. I'll bring it up."

Cordy then gives Angel a big sweet grin and *bats her eyelashes*. That was so cute! (I don't know how many times I've said cute on this page.)

Angel walks toward the stairs: "I'm going to bed. - It's been a long day."

Cordy: "You've been up for three hours."

Angel stops but doesn't turn around.

Angel: "Cordelia - find the girl."

Some teasing.

Angel encourages Bethany to try floating the scarf. She snakes it up Angel's body and around his neck. Cordy's response...

Cor: Nice look.

Angel pulls the scarf off and gives Cordy a raised eyebrow look.

Cor: That was Gunn. Wants you to meet him at this address.

Angel: Brentwood?

Cor: I'll look after Bethany. We can hit the plaza shops.

Bethany: Uh, sure. Sounds nice.

Angel: I'll be back soon.

Cor holds up the scarf as he goes.

Cor: You're not gonna wear this?

See how well Cordy knows Angel and how he thinks.

Bethany: You were right. This is great.

Cor: It's the vanilla that makes the mocha less latte-y.

Bethany: Yeah. Where I'm from, you know, there's still just "coffee". Everything else is "that L.A. stuff".

Cor: Yeah. Don't bone my boss.

Bethany: (thrown) What?

Cor: Angel. He's strictly a no-bone.

Bethany: I'm not - Cordelia, I don't want to sleep with Angel.

Cor: Thing about Angel, he's old fashioned. OLLLD fashioned. Like, age of chivalry. He sees you as pretty much the damsel in distress. I think it's a little more complicated than that.

Bethany: So, are you and Angel...

Cor: Oh, no! I like my men less broody and more spendy.

Ah-ha. It's the famous "Oh, no!" line. Remember in Buffy season 3 episode 3 "The Harsh Light of Day" when Parker asks Buffy if Spike went out with her? Her reply is "Oh, God no!". And who's the big couple this year on BtVS? It's Buffy & Spike! Also see Blood Money when Angel replies similarly to a similar question.

Extra Quotage

Angel: Is there coffee?
Cordy: There was, in the morning - it's ten o'clock at night.

Angel: She's powerful. I wanna be prepared when we find her. We need to find out everything we can about her.
Cor: Like, oh, say - her NAME?
Angel: (defensive) I was impaled at the time.
Cor: Of course, perfectly understandable.
Angel: You know how hard it is to think straight with a rebar through your torso?
Cor: Actually, I do. Benefits of a Sunnydale education.

Angel: She's just a girl.
Cor: Just a girl who can kill your ass by blinking.

Cordy: How is she?
Angel: Settling. (to Wesley) You're gone.
Cordy: You can't fire Wesley. I'll quit too. Unless you're firm.

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