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C/A spice: Mild/Medium - Cinnamon :-)

In scene numero uno, Cordy brings the others their drinks, including O pos for Angel. That cinnamon bit was quite cute.

Angel brings the glass of blood to his lips but pauses, looks at it. Kind of brown and lumpy on top.

Cor: Something the matter?

Angel: (so as not to offend) I, uh... I think this has gone bad. It's starting to coagulate --

Cor: Huh? No. That's cinnamon. What, I can't try something?

Did Angel ever feel comfortable enough to drink blood from a glass around Buffy? Noooooo.

Several lines showing how well Cordy knows Angel were cut from the final production:

Cordy: The thing Angel's trying to snag some retroactive atonement for -- I'll bet it was a woman.

Later in the last scene when they were at the hotel preparing to raise the Thesulac demon.

Cor: They were like this all the way over here in the car.

Angel: Oh.

Cor: So you can tell me... it was a woman, wasn't it? (re: his uncomfortable look) Thought so.

Angel: I want you and Cordy down here, ASAP.

Thanks to Julia for pointing out that this is the first time Angel calls Cordelia *Cordy*.

Notice how Cordy trusts Angel's decision right away.

Cor: We finished?

Angel: (nods) I think so.

Cor: Good, because I for one will be glad to see the last of this place. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Gunn: No lie. Plus it's got kind of an odor to it, you notice that?

Cor: I think that's charred demon you're smelling. But seventy years of violence, mayhem and paranoia. Bad vibes.

Angel: We're moving in.

Cor: I mean a few throw pillows, what's not to love?

Extra Quotage

Cordy: It's kind of like a puzzle... the "Who Died Horribly Because Angel Screwed Up Fifty Years Ago" game.

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