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C/A spice: Strong & Tender

Acting coach: "You're on fire, Cordelia. This is exciting work. Lets take it again. And put the focus on how conflicted you... (Cordy's beeper goes off - 911) Cordelia..."

Cordy picks up her bag to leave: "Sorry. Duty calls."

Cordy not only has a newfound sense of duty, but a first priority loyalty and trust to Angel.

Angel is always to attentive to Cordy's visions. He rushes to her side to hold her *every time* she has them.

I liked the urging, yet amused sound is Cordy's voice when she said: "Come on, Angel. I want to hear you sing."

Cordy is *always* the first to worry about Angel, and *always* the first to react when he's hurt.

Cor: I'm getting worried.

Wes: Me too, I can't identify these markings, I thought they were Greco-Roman --

Cor: About Angel.

Wes: And now we each have something to worry about.

Angel walks in the front door. Bloody and battered.

Cor: Angel! Are you all right? What happened?

Cordy tries to comfort Angel, leading to the *tunnel talk*. This is priceless. I give the C/A spice meter a strong just for the last line that Cordy said. Aww....

Cordy: You know, you're not God . . . you can't see everything . . . you're just a vampire like everyone else -- that didn't come out right.

Angel: I thought I was out of the tunnel.

Cordy: Sure you did. Because the tunnel is . . . you know, it's something we all -- are we talkin' a real tunnel or symbolic? Just give me that much.

Angel: I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, that someday I might become human . . . that light was so bright, I thought I was already out.


Cordy: Yeah, we all got a little cocky, didn't we? It's gonna be a long while till you work your way out. But I know you well enough to know you will. And I'll be with you till you do.

Cordy makes it clear again that she's going to be by Angel's side in this cut scene:

Wes: One client at a time, we could call ourselves Vampires Anonymous . . .

He chuckles -- nothing from Cor.

Wes: See, because Angel's a vampire trying not to drink, much like alcoholics . . .

Cor: I get it, Wes. But I don't see Angel joining any group on his road to recovery . . . his situation's pretty unique . . .

Wes: Hard to do it alone.

Cor: That's why he's not.

Extra Quotage

Wes: Good idea, start over with a clean slate.
Angel: Actually we're starting over with no slate. We're gonna throw this thing away...
As he's speaking he's turning this way and that with the big board in hand, looking for the best way to carry it out back.
Cor: Watch out for! --
-- he knocks a lamp over, breaking it.
Cor: -- my favorite lamp.
Angel: Sorry, sorry...
Cor: Just put it down, I'll deal with it.
Angel: We're getting a new office soon, I promise. And I'll pay for the -- it wasn't antique was it?
Cor: No older than you.

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