Subtlety >> Some Assembly Required

C/A spice: Medium

This is the second episode in season two of BtVS.

Cordelia goes to her own car as the others get in theirs. They drive off before Cordelia reaches her car. She hears something by the fence and stops to look around.

Cordelia: Hello?

She continues to her car and starts to dig in her pack for her keys. She gets them out and runs the rest of the way to her car. She nervously fumbles with the lock.

Cordelia: Xander Harris, if this is some kind of joke...

She drops her keys and they roll under the car. She kneels down and reaches for them frantically. On the other side of her car she can see someone in black shoes approaching. She quickly gets up and starts to run. The man follows her. He walks past a dumpster. When he's gone the lid opens, and Cordelia checks to see if the coast is clear. She pushes the lid up all the way, then turns around again to hop out, but is startled by Angel.

Angel: Cordelia. This is the last place I expected you to hang out.

Cordelia: (quietly) Oh, God! God, it's you. Why were you following me?

Angel: I wasn't sure it was you at first. I'm looking for Buffy.

Cordelia: Buffy? Well, she's, uh... big shock, she's at the graveyard.

Angel: She said she'd be home.

Cordelia: Well, she lied. Isn't she a rascal? Well, you're in luck. It just so happens that my night is free. (tries to get out) Uh, hold on, my skirt is caught.

She reaches behind her and gets her skirt loose.

Cordelia: There.

She picks up what was holding her skirt and sees it's a hand. She drops it and screams.

Later, everyone gathers in the library for recon. It's so cute how Cordy's hanging on Angel's arm. Ooh, the C/A clinging starts this early.

Angel: (to Buffy) I thought you were takin' the night off.

Buffy: I, I was, um, but something came up.

Angel: Cordelia told me the truth.

Xander: (chuckles) That's gotta be a first.

Giles: Um, as long as you're here, perhaps you could be of some help. Hmm? (to Buffy) Hmm?

Buffy: We were investigating. Somebody's been digging up the bodies of dead girls.

Angel: I know. We found some of them.

Buffy: You mean, like, two of the three?

Angel: I mean, like, some of them. Like parts.

Cordelia: It was horrible. Angel saved me from an arm. God, there were so many parts, they were everywhere. Why are these terrible things always happening to me?

Cordy has to go home.

Cordelia: No. I have to go home now. I have to take a bath and burn my clothes.

Xander: (in mock disappointment) You have to go? Aw, too bad. Keep in touch. Buh-bye.

Cordelia: I don't wanna go alone. I'm still fragile. (to Angel) Can you take me?

Angel is in open-mouthed shock, and looks at Buffy. She gives him a stare of disapproval.

Cordelia: Great! I'll drive?

She leads the way out of the library as Angel gives Buffy another helpless look.

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