Subtlety >> Never Kill A Boy On the First Date

C/A spice: Mild

This episode is the fifth episode in season one of BtVS. Cordelia sees Angel for the first time and is instantly attracted. After all, Cordy knows a hot guy when she sees one.

At the Bronze, Cordelia is looking on as Buffy and Owen are sitting on the stairs. Cordy's been after Owen, but it seems Owen likes Buffy instead.

Cordelia: (looking on from the shadows by a door) What a disgusting display. Is that really appropriate behavior in a public forum? I mean, I've never seen a girl throw herself at a guy like that. Uhhh!

The door to the Bronze opens and Angel comes in.

Cordelia: Ooo! Hello, salty goodness! (to her friend) Pick up the phone, call 911. That boy is gonna need some serious oxygen after I'm through with him.

She starts to follow Angel, but stops when she sees him go over to Buffy.

Angel: Buffy.

Buffy: Angel.

Cordelia: (to herself) Why is this happening to me?

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