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This book had some pretty nice C/A friendship and subtle shippy moments.

"There's a kind of demon called McDonald?" Angel asked, surprised.

"Apparently they've blended almost completely with the human community," Cordelia informed him. "But I know a certain fast-food chain I'm keeping away from for a while."

"Okay, good work, Cordelia," Angel said. "Of those, the only one I saw at Cartias tonight was a Skander, I think. Did you notice any of the others?"

Cordelia hesitates for a moment. "There might have been a Klakivan," she said. "But it coul hdave just been a badly dressed Davric. I get those mixed up sometimes."

"Who doesn't? Keep at it, Cord. You're making progress."

"I'm on the case, ex-boss," she replied. He could hear the smile in her voice, and as he hung up the phone he pictured it in his mind's eye. Cordelia's ready smile could keep him going through the long night.

Awww. That last bit was definitely some subtext, not just friendshippy. One little discrepancy, never once has Angel called Cordelia "Cord" on the show. "Cordy", yes. "Cor", probably. But Cord, like telephone cord?.....

Here, Cordy's just found out that Angel has agreed to a tradeoff deal with some demons who are holding Fred hostage.

"Lorne, it's Cordelia." She sounded terrible, frantic.

"What's up, Princess? Take a deep breath before you answer. Maybe two of them."

She didn't listen to him. Like anybody does, he thought. "It's Angel. He just called me. Again. I mean, he called me before and now he called me back."

"Well, he is kinda sweet on you, you know," Lorne offered.

Can we have a "Yay Lorne!" for pointing out the kyerumption.

"He talked to them. The ones who have Fred."

"He said...." Her breath caugh. Lorne thought she sounded like she'd been crying, and maybe still was. "He said they offered him a deal. They'll let Fred go if he shows up in the middle of Pershing Square, at sunrise."

"Let me guess. There isn't a big umbrella or a gazebo or anything in the middle of Pershing Square."

"No such luck," she said. "Just open space. He'll be friend."

"But he hold them to forget it, right?" Lorne asked. "I mean, he can't do that."

This time he distinctly heard a sob before she answered. "He told them okay. I mean, he still wants to track them down before morning. But he agreed to the deal."

"Well, sure," Lorne guessed. "To keep them off guard, right? But he doesn't really intend to go through with it."

"I asked him to tell me that," Cordelia said between sobs. "He.... he would'n't. Or couldn't. Oh, Lorne----"

There's some more, but I'm going to skip to the Cordy's insight into Angel part.

"Darlin', he's saved the world more times than I've made my bed. And I'm a pretty neat housekeeper, considering the hours I work. He 's got to see the big picture."

"Only, Angel's not so much the big picture kind of guy, I think. He's more the 'oh no, Fred's in trouble, got tos ave her' kind of guy."

Like in 'That Vision Thing' when Angel did whatever to save Cordelia, even if it meant helping Wolfram & Hart free Billy.

"No doubt," Cordelia said, squealing around a hard right. She drove the Jeep well, but faster than Gunn was quite comfrotable with. Gunn thought she had probably been riding with Angel too much before she'd gotten her own L.A. wheels.

Cordy's picked up some driving habits from Angel.

Angel's talking to a Kedigris demon who's accusing Angel of killing his kind.

"I've killed some Kedigris in my time," Angel admitted.

"Because they're evil!" Cordelia interjected.

"There's that," Angel agreed, still adressing the Kedigris.

Cordy comes to Angel's defense!

Another tidbit.

"There was a door with a letter on it," she said. "I didn't think it was important, at the time. It could have been any demon, anywhere. But I remember the letter now. It was the letter H."

"Suite H." Angel squeezed Cordelia's hand. "Good job, Cordy. I'm going to go get Fred."

Angel's been half paralyzed by the demon and has to drink an antidote to cure the paralysis.

"Man," he said, handing back the mpty flask. "I've had some bad drinks in my time, but nothing like that."

"Angel, you live on pig's blood," Cordelia pointed out. "How bad can it be?"

"You don't want to know," he wheezed.... "Stuff works fast," he said.

"Good thing," Cordelia told him. "Because that half-paralyzed face thing? Doesn't work on you. Mona Lisa you're not."

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