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"Not going well for your guy, is it?"

Cordelia spun. A woman - slim and fit, with shiny brown hair pulled back into a ponytail - stood looking at her from the top of the stairs...

"Donít worry about my guy," Cordelia replied. "He can take care of himself."

[Etc. etc. & etc.]...

"Do you like seeing your boyfriend get his head handed to him?"

"Heís not my boyfriend.," Cordelia replied.

"I can see why," Barbara said. "Seems to have a good build, but those facial deformities kind of spoil the look."

"For you information," Cordelia snapped, "heís... well never mind what he is. Why do you care?"

[Etc. etc. & etc.]...

"Okay, heís a vampire, all right? Cordelia said. Barbara looked at her, eyes like saucers. "Oh, like you arenít hanging around with a dead guy of your own."

"I guess we do have that in common." Barbara said. "Dead guys."

"Older dead guys, if you want to get specific." Cordelia pointed out.

"But you donít..."

Cordelia made a face. "Of course not! Not that heís not hot. But still."

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