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C/A spice: Mild

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"I could do this," Cordelia Chase said. She walked into Angelís office from his downstairs apartment, waving a glossy magazine in her hand. Angel glanced away from the TV. She seemed to be showing him a society section - dozens of small photos of L.A.ís social elite were flapping at him.

"I really could," she went on. "I mean, what are the qualifications? To be pretty? Look at me."

Angel did. Even wearing a casual tank top and track pants, the brunette was definitely pretty. Angel thought she had, even in the short time since graduation from high school back in Sunnydale and moving here to L.A. seemed to grow into herself more, becoming more elegant and lovely with each passing week.

* * *

"This could be my ticket to the big time," Cordelia said. She threw the blanket off and jumped to her feet. "My break. You get in good with Jack Willits, and then introduce me. Heíll recognize my potential - Iíve heard heís brilliant that way." She crossed the room and threw her arms around Angel, enveloping him a backbreaking hug. "Angel, thank you!"...

"My pleasure," he said.

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