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The self-titled :-) Priceless Award is very first C/A inspired award. This award is given to any site that when I first look at it I think, "Ooh!". Then I dig a little deeper and I delight, "Ahh!" And finally, after my visit is complete, I say with satisfaction, "What a nice site!" Any Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer related websites may apply. Previous winner of this award are:

01. Vision Girl, a unique Charisma Carpenter site
02. Sasha's Online Buffy and Angel Zine, a large BtVS/Angel site
03. Vipez Buffy the Vampire Slayer Site, a very nice BtVS site
04. Cordelia Heaven, a pretty tribute to CC
05. My Best Friend, a lovely new Cordy/Angel site
06. A Whole New World, a Wes/Fred shipper site
07. Earth's Angel, an adorable Charisma/Cordy site

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