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Welcome to Priceless, a website dedicated to the chemistry of Angel and Cordelia on the television show Angel. I hope you find this site warm, friendly, and full of love-- just like the 'ship. Please enjoy your visit here that will hopefully supply you with everything a shipper needs to savor the sweet taste of C/A... Love, Dianna

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2.7.03 ~ Lost Without You
Who can say that the 100th episode of Angel wasn't 100% a C/A episode? "You're Welcome" has reminded me of everything I've loved about the show and C/A. I still feel like crying. A summary/review and quotes up at my Angel site, To Shanshu in L.A., which is C/A, but the one up at this site will be much more so, of course. I'll have the (not-so-subtle) Subtlety up on this site as soon as I can.

12.29.03 ~ Happy New Year!
Yes! There is hope for C/A after all in Season 5! On February 4th, Angel's 100th episode will be airing with a very special guest star, Charisma Carpenter. That's right, Cordelia awakens for this episode called "You're Welcome" to help Angel. I don't want to spoil it for you, but I've heard that there is some solid, non-subtext C/A shippyness... :) Meanwhile, I have a new Manipulated Image made from pictures taken at the Angel 100 Party. It's actually a picture of Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters... but shhhh... I have also updated the Subtlety for Season 5, however sparse it is, but at least we can look forward to much more in February. Oh, also wanted to mention, please join the [cordyangel] mailing list/discussion group. We should start up the C/A discussions again, and I'll try to post more C/A and site news on the list as it comes :) Hope everyone has a great New Year's! Happy C/A in 2004!

8.19.03 ~ Safe Haven, Comfort Food
Quotes and subtext from the book Sanctuary by Jeff Mariotte.

8.17.03 ~ Tomorrow, Ten Years, or Forever
Finished writing my new story called "Tomorrow, Ten Years, or Forever". Please read and feed me feedback! I've just finished the Subtlety guide for 'Spin the Bottle too.

8.15.03 ~ Goodbyes, but Maybe Not Forever?
It looks like Charisma Carpenter has truly left Angel and will not be a recurring character, although she is "absolutely willing" to guest star on the series to give Cordelia a proper sendoff. The show will go on, but one thing's for sure, it won't be the same without Cordelia.

I want to encourage everyone to think good thoughts. There's still hope that Cordelia will appear again in Season 5 and that her storyline will be redeemed. There's hope for C/A yet :) And if not.... Angel and Cordelia's relationship has been an important part of the past four seasons of Angel and will live on in our hearts and minds forever. If you asked me what my favorite 'ship of all time was, I'd have to say C/A without any hesitation or doubt. This site will continue to be open as a tribute to the 'ship, what it is and what it was. I guess this current version of this site, "Nostalgia", resonates now more than I thought it would when I first named it three months ago.

I have a new page in the Fun section, Trailers -- I know I like to make fun of the WB because they're idiots for switching Angel's timeslot and not showing reruns, but they did make a lot of nice C/A themed promos for Seasons 3 & 4. Check it out.

I'm trying to catch up on the Season 4 Subtlety and have 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem' and 'Supersymmetry' done. I've archived the parody fanfic I wrote awhile about The Deep Down Parody Fic :) Oh, and I am also currently writing a C/A fic that I hope to finish and post here soon!

Just a reminder, the 5th season premiere of Angel is Wednesday, October 1st at 9/8c on The WB.

Be sure to watch C/A in all it's glory this fall as Angel is in syndication on TNT. Starting will Sept. 29th, reruns of Angel seasons 1-3 will air twice a day at 5:00pm and 11:00pm.

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