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"You can run away, avoid talking about this, but you know as well as I do that stuff we do in the past usually comes back to bite us in our respective 'assi' and what you did." ~Cordy, The Price

"Well, I'm a champion We do important stuff. Hey, and who's more important than..." ~Angel, Birthday
"How* are *you* a champion? In what *way* are *you* a champion?" ~Cordy, Birthday
"Your aunt Cordy gets visions and your daddy is a... - Well, you won't see him aging whole lot, or catching surf and sun in Malibu. But he is a good man, a champion, and he loves you very much." ~Cordy, Provider
"Cordelia is a hell of a lady. I mean, if I thought she'd like to wear green, I'd be elbowing you out of the way. But she's out of my league. She's a champion, Angel, old school." ~Lorne, Waiting in the Wings
"Up to his ass in demon gore - fine! But ask him to mack on a hottie and he wigs. My champion, ladies and gentlemen" ~Cordy, Waiting in the Wings

"The com-shuk is a mating ritual." ~Silas, Through the Looking Glass
"I guess we could probably 'com' without actually 'shucking.'" ~Cordy, Couplet
"IIn Pylea the visions were supposed to pass to Groo if we ever did the royal com-shuck." ~Cordy, Couplet

"Kyerumption... It's when two great heroes meet on the field of battle and recognize their mutual fate. It's also a kind of grog made out of the ox dung but that's archaic... When I see you and Cordelia sparring Kye-rumption always comes to mind." ~Fred, Offsping
"Can't fight Kyerumption, cinnamon buns. It's fate. It's the stars." ~Lorne, Waiting in the Wings

"We're very different. *Very* different. Obviously (points at Cordy) human (points at himself) vampire. (points a Cordy) Woman (points at himself) man...pire." ~Angel, Offspring

"Moira is the gut physical attraction between two larger than life souls." ~Fred, Offspring

Powers That Be, the Powers, PTB
"I didnít ask for this responsibility, unlike some people, who shall remain lifeless! I donít have anything to atone for. If they know whatís good for them, the PTB better just stay out of my head." ~Cordy, Parting Gifts
"I ever meet those Powers That Be, I am going to punch them in the nose." ~Cordy, To Shanshu In L.A.
"You're a vampire, right? (Angel nods) How come it smells like you work for the Powers That Be?" ~Skip to Angel, That Vision Thing

"The magnificent eyes of a seer. Your very own pipeline to the Powers That Be, folks." ~Barney, Parting Gifts
"Iím really not a seer. I only had a vision once, and Iím pretty sure it was just something I ate!" ~Cordy, Parting Gifts

"Shanshu... It's- it's saying - that you get to live until you die... It's saying - it's saying you become human. The vampire with a soul, once he fulfills his destiny, will Shanshu. Become human. - It's his reward." ~Wesley, To Shanshu In L.A.

"Messages from the PTB. The Powers That Be. Visions of all sorts of stuff: people in trouble, things about to cause trouble, places trouble is happening in." ~Cordy, Parting Gifts
"Ah, what Cordelia means is that she doesn't choose to have a vision. The Powers send them to her when they got info to share." ~Gunn, That Vision Thing
"Sure I hate looking and feeling like this, but - if I lose the visions, I wouldn't be able to help you anymore. You wouldn't need me." ~Cordy to Angel, That Vision Thing
"The fact remains that humans are not strong enough to harbor the visions!" ~Skip, Birthday
"Right up in my face! That's what the visions are like now. No pain, less artsy, sometimes floaty, though not lately, and very often stinky." ~Cordy, Couplet

"I could lose my 'visionity'... Visionity! The visions. When that one hit my last night, it hit me. In Pylea the visions were supposed to pass to Groo if we ever did the royal com-shuck." ~Cordy, Couplet

"I'm just a lowly messenger, you're a warrior." ~Doyle to Angel, I Will Remember You
"He is as valiant and courageous a warrior as I have ever known." ~Landok re: Angel, Through the Looking Glass

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